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51 Regulation of cardiac autophagy in response to lipid overloadir_etdText
52 Modeling the surface radiation and energy budget inside Arizona's meteor craterir_etdText
53 Gender disparity in engineering fields: an analysis of historic data, and school counselors' knowledge, values and attitudesir_etdText
54 Contentious politics and political stability in contemporary China: an institutionalist explanationir_etdText
55 Exploring the edge: searching for wilderness in Desolation and Gray Canyonsir_etdText
56 Infrasound signal characteristics of small earthquakesir_etdText
57 Unzipping kinetics of duplex DNA containing lesions in a nanopore and its application in monitoring an enzyme reactionir_etdText
58 Uncovering the realities of prostitutes and their children in a cross national comparative study between India and the U.S.ir_etdText
59 Improved model generation and property specification for analog/mixed-signal circuitsir_etdText
60 Constructions of engenderment: the changing definitions of the feminine ideal in iconic twentieth century representations of Indian womenir_etdText
61 The impact of exercise on hematopoietic stem cell patientsir_etdText
62 A relational approach to the moral value of privacyir_etdText
63 Development banks in economic development: two Latin American experiences: (nacional financiera and the banco nacional de desenvolvimento economico E social)ir_etdText
64 Stage peacocking: the amplified self in performanceir_etdText
65 Towards the theory and practice of verifying visualizationsir_etdText
66 Justice in health care: beyond the treatment/enhancement distinctionir_etdText
67 The creation of the doubleday mythir_etdText
68 Integrating mind and body healing into primary care: a team approachir_etdText
69 Fat bias and weight-related teasing prevention among adolescentsir_etdText
70 Title V of the Indian Health Care Improvement act 36 years later: an interpretive policy analysisir_etdText
71 Profit rate, balance of payments, and economic growth: three essays on the Thai economy from 1970 to 2010ir_etdText
72 Clay mineralogy and chemical variation in uranium roll-front deposits in the Gas Hills Uranium District, Wyomingir_etdText
73 Phase equilibria between iron and slag in CO/CO2/H2/H2O atmospheres relevant to a novel flash ironmaking technologyir_etdText
74 Hierarchical control and drivingir_etdText
75 The politics and poetics of airport (in )security rhetoric: materialism, affect, and the transportation security administrationir_etdText
51 - 75 of 21,725