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51 Information seeking, screening and health behaviors of cancer survivorsir_etdText
52 Automated collection of infusion pump data: nurse usage and perceptionsir_etdText
53 Computer model of cardiac activation and recovery times for evaluating indirect electrocardiographic measures of cardiac propertiesir_etdText
54 Multipurpose software utility to provide access to medical imagesir_etdText
55 Factors influencing conjugation of steroids by mouse liver and kidneyir_etdText
56 Factors affecting absolute CD4+ T-cell counts: a comparison of three mehodsir_etdText
57 Isolation and metabolism of liver glycogen phosphorylase under normal and fasting dietary conditionsir_etdText
58 Auto-inhibition of DNA binding in the transcription factor Ets-: a mechanistic and structural studyir_etdText
59 Effects of testosterone and estradiol in vivo on the metabolism of cortisol by liver in vitroir_etdText
60 Regulation of Ets-1 DNA bindingir_etdText
61 Preformatted report generating system: optimized real-time clinical information retrieval for the HELP systemir_etdText
62 Effects of acute and chronic administration of psychopharmacologic drugs on experimental seizure thresholdir_etdText
63 Studies of the E; Coli Gronb geneir_etdText
64 Physiological and neurochemical differences between audiogenic and nonaudiogenic seizure miceir_etdText
65 Abuelas : traditional and transitional involvement in childbirthir_etdText
66 Polyamine stimulation of antizyme frameshiftingir_etdText
67 Study of fertility in the tumorous head strain of Drosophila melanogaster with emphasis on the differential effects of the IIIA and IIIB chromosomesir_etdText
68 Epidemiology of necrotizing enterocolitis at the University of Utah Newborn Intensive Care Centerir_etdText
69 Anxiety levels of hospitalized psychiatric patients throughout total hospitalizationir_etdText
70 Knowledge, attitudes and practice of contraception in multiparous womenir_etdText
71 Patterns of father-child and mother-child interactions in married families with preschool children: a comparative studyir_etdText
72 Power and robustness of model-free multipoint linkage analysisir_etdText
73 Comparison of image quality measures in cerebral magnetic resonance angiographyir_etdText
74 Patterns and relief of discomfort following ureteral reimplant surgery: the effects of parent coached relaxationir_etdText
75 Clinical decision making within the nursing process among Utah nursesir_etdText
51 - 75 of 21,717