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51 Redox photochemistry of oxidatively modified nucleobasesir_etdText
52 Management perceptions of audit quality: a qualitative and quantitative investigationir_etdText
53 Subterranean thermal energy storage using thermosiphon arraysir_etdText
54 The (em)placed vernacular: rhetorics of transgression and control in new york cityir_etdText
55 The impact of representation format and task instruction on student understanding in scienceir_etdText
56 Terror or treasure? an exploratory study of telecommuters' assimilation in the workplaceir_etdText
57 Medical personnel's perceptions of the use of treatment roomsir_etdText
58 Removal of arsenate and arsenite by calcined nanocrystaline layered double hydroxidesir_etdText
59 Cardiac tissue discrimination using fiber-optics confocal microscopyir_etdText
60 Evolution of plant defenses and herbivore host selection in the neotropical genus of trees inga (fabaceae)ir_etdText
61 Stress mindset, cognitive appraisals, and sport injury: a test of the stress-injury modelir_etdText
62 Memory politics: social media memory practices in the korean ferry sewol memorial websiteir_etdText
63 Intensity-only imaging with waves, restarted inverse born series, and analysis of coarsening in polycrystalline materialsir_etdText
64 Bounds for nearest neighbor algorithms and embeddingsir_etdText
65 Multiemployer defined benefit pension plans' liability spillovers: important connections in U.S. unionized industriesir_etdText
66 Impact of youth gardening on emotional wellbeingir_etdText
67 Nutrient dynamics in the Jordan River and Great Salt Lake wetlandsir_etdText
68 Approximation and blow-up problems in stochastic differential equationsir_etdText
69 Reading's effect - a novel perspectiveir_etdText
70 Trichotillomania: a journey of personal empowerment: a qualitative study of women who engage in chronic hair pullingir_etdText
71 Dynamic mapping of human brain function and behaviorir_etdText
72 Test-retest stability of discourse measures in individuals with aphasiair_etdText
73 Using quasar composite spectra to constrain models of quasar spectral diversityir_etdText
74 Log minimal models for arithmetic threefoldsir_etdText
75 Muon borehole detector development for use in four-dimensional tomographic density monitoringir_etdText
51 - 75 of 21,726