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51 Large-Eddy Simulations of Wind Farms under Different Atmospheric Stratification Conditions2018ir_etdText
52 Parental opinions regarding protective services for the mentally retarded in Utah, 19711971ir_etdText
53 Attitudes of administrative and professional staff personnel at the Utah State Training School towards sterilization of the mentally retarded1973ir_etdText
54 The Flin Flon Open Cut Haulage1929ir_etdText
55 The predictive validity of on-the-job performance of policemen from recruitment selection information1970ir_etdText
56 A comparison of Gosiute material culture and the archaeology of Western Utah1952ir_etdText
57 The Syrphidae of Utah1952ir_etdText
58 An analysis of Anton Bruckner's symphony number seven in E major1972ir_etdText
59 Analysis of Schubert symphony no.8 in B minor1955ir_etdText
60 Ground-water hydrology of Emigration Canyon, Salt Lake County, Utah1966ir_etdText
61 Ierokleous philosophou Ypomnēma eis ta tōn Pythagoreiōn epē ta chrysa1583uum_rbcText
62 Ek tōn Diōnos tou Nikaeōs Rōmaikōn historiōn, apo Pompēiou Magnou mechris Alexandrou tou Mamaias, epitomē Iōannou tou Xiphilinou1551uum_rbcText
63 Commentarii secvndo avcti : in libros sex pedacii dioscoridis anazarbei de medica materia ; Apologia adversvs Amanthvm Lusitanvm1558uum_rbcText
64 Fundamental Studies of Catalytic Dehydrogenation on Alumina-supported Size-selected Platinum Cluster Model Catalysts2018ir_etdText
65 Changing Agricultural Suitability: Model Development and Applications in the Past and Future2018ir_etdText
66 Terahertz Metamaterials and Plasmonics Using Two-Dimensional Materials and Highly Conductive Transparent Oxides2018ir_etdText
67 Entrepreneurial Value Creation: Three Essays Examining How Entrepreneurs Create Value Under Conditions of Uncertainty2018ir_etdText
68 Mechanical Properties Investigation of Additive Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Cellular Structure2018ir_etdText
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75 10608dha_uhbrText
51 - 75 of 61,788