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51 On territoriality in hunter-gatherers1983ir_uspaceText
52 Cathedral cave fishes2000ir_uspaceText
53 Pleistocene population X-plosion?2000ir_uspaceText
54 Detecting positive selection from genome scans of linkage disequilibrium2010ir_uspaceText
55 Population differences in quantitative characters as opposed to gene frequencies1986-05ir_uspaceText
56 Prearchaic Adaptations in the Central Great Basin: Preliminary findings from a stratified open-air site in Grass Valley, Nevada2016ir_uspaceText
57 Alyawara plant use and optimal foraging theory1981ir_uspaceText
58 Prehistoric human impacts on California birds: evidence from the Emeryville Shellmound Avifauna2004ir_uspaceText
59 Sociobiology of sex and sexes (comment)1984-04ir_uspaceText
60 Evolution of time preference by natural selection1994-06ir_uspaceText
61 Patterns of genetic variation in native America1992ir_uspaceText
62 Group selection by selective emigration: the effects of migration and kin structure1990-03ir_uspaceText
63 South from Alaska: a pilot aDNA study of genetic history on the Alaska Peninsula and the Eastern Aleutians2010ir_uspaceText
64 Mismatch distributions of mtDNA reveal recent human population expansions1994ir_uspaceText
65 Genetic variation at the MCIR Locus and the time since loss of human body hair2004ir_uspaceText
66 Evidence for assortative mating and selection in surnames: a case from Yucatan, Mexico1985ir_uspaceText
67 In search of homo economicus: behavioral experiments in 15 small scale societies2001ir_uspaceText
68 Terminal Pleistocene fish remains from Homestead Cave, Utah, and implications for fish biogeography in the Bonneville Basin2000ir_uspaceText
69 Ascertainment bias for non-twin relatives in twin proband studies1982ir_uspaceText
70 Unangan past and present: the contrasts between observed and inferred histories2010ir_uspaceText
71 Hunting and nuclear families: some lessons from the Hadza about men's work2001-10-24ir_uspaceText
72 New methods in quantitative ethnography: economic experiments and variation in the price of equality2007-12ir_uspaceText
73 Shared norms and the evolution of ethnic markers2003-02ir_uspaceText
74 Environmental productivity predicts migration, demographic, and linguistic patterns in prehistoric California2013-09-03ir_uspaceText
75 Homestead cave Ichthyofauna2000ir_uspaceText
51 - 75 of 149