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51 Emissions Testing of Pressure Assisted Flare Burners2014-09-08uu_afrcEvent
52 Flameless Combustion Safety2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
53 Oxygen Enhanced Biomass Combustion2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
54 PM Emission Factors: Past, Present, and Future2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
55 Evaluation of Electric Power Generation from Sugar Cane Waste2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
56 My 60-year History of Fuel Dilution Technology2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
57 Oxy-Coal Power Boiler Simulation and Validation Through Extreme Computing2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
58 Practical Flameless Combustion2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
59 Efficient and Reliable Use of the "Bottom of the Barrel" for Steam/Power Generation2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
60 Oxy-Fuel Combustion with preheated Oxygen-Natural gas (HeatOx) for small and medium size glass furnaces2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
61 Low NOx Retrofit on an Existing Heater with a Small Radiant Section2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
62 LoTOx for NOx Reduction2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
63 Know the Secret of Fired Heater Design and Operation with Ultra Low NOx Burner2014-09-09uu_afrcEvent
64 Chemical Looping Combustion-Research for Power and Process Heat Applications2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
65 Objectives for Optimizing Combustion Systems in Refinery and Petrochemical Applications2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
66 Development and Demonstration of a Fuel-Flexible Burner for Fired Heaters2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
67 Advanced Design Optimization of Combustion Equipment Using Sculptor with CFD Tools2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
68 Evaluating the NOx Performance of a Steam Generator for Heavy Oil Production: Impact of Combustion System Design2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
69 Demonstrated Implementation of Detailed Chemistry into CFD Simulations for Tailored Commercial Evaluation of Industrial Combustion Equipment2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
70 Modelling of Combustion, NOx Emissions and Radiation of a Natural Gas Fired Glass Furnace2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
71 Impact of High-Emissivity Coatings on Process Furnace Heat Transfer2014-09-10uu_afrcEvent
72 Progress and Recent Advances Using Electrodynamic Combustion Control (ECC)-Colannino, Joseph2014-09-23uu_afrcEvent
73 Emissions Testing of Sonic Velocity Flares Validates High Destruction and Removal Efficiency2015-09-10uu_afrcEvent
74 Physical Testing of a Multipoint Ground Flare Burner Utilizing Low BTU Flare Gas2015-09-10uu_afrcEvent
75 Radiation Effects on Surrounding Structures from Multi-Point Ground Flares2015-09-10uu_afrcEvent
51 - 75 of 173