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51 Lawn sign, congratulating class of 2020 [1]2020-05-10uum_uc19Image
52 Sign congratulating Cache High School class of 20202020-05-09uum_uc19Image
53 Narcotics Anonymous meeting sign2020-05uum_uc19Image
54 Lawn sign congratulating Judge Memorial Catholic High School class of 20202020-05-06uum_uc19Image
55 Lawn sign supporting teachers [2]2020-05-06uum_uc19Image
56 Lawn sign supporting teachers [1]2020-05-06uum_uc19Image
57 Lawn sign supporting teachers [3]2020-05-06uum_uc19Image
58 "Do not touch" sign, Hogle Zoo [1]2020-05uum_uc19Image
59 "Do not touch" sign, Hogle Zoo [2]2020-05uum_uc19Image
60 Closure sign, Natural History Museum of Utah2020-03-13uum_uc19Image
61 Sign instructing people to not congregate, Vernal, Utah2020-05-23uum_uc19Image
62 Memorial Day Cemetery Sign, Taylorsville, Utah2020-05-24uum_uc19Image
63 Sign by Ute Indian Tribe, outside Roosevelt, Utah2020-05-23uum_uc19Image
64 Crush the curve sign on left, Vernal Utah2020-05-23uum_uc19Image
65 Lawn sign, Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind2020-05-01uum_uc19Image
66 Lawn sign, congratulating University of Utah graduate2020-05-01uum_uc19Image
67 Lawn sign, thank you MPJH teacher2020-05-01uum_uc19Image
68 The Grub Box social distancing measures [2]2020-05-17uum_uc19Image
69 Signs for graduating seniors of Emery High School2020-05-17uum_uc19Image
70 Art sale, homemade crafts by children [2]2020-05-03uum_uc19Image
71 Sign at trailhead2020-05-03uum_uc19Image
72 Sign, mosque closed2020-05-02uum_uc19Image
73 Sign, senior center closed2020-05-01uum_uc19Image
74 Street closed for pedestrian use [2]2020-05-02uum_uc19Image
75 Street closed for pedestrian use [3]2020-05-02uum_uc19Image
51 - 75 of 166