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51 Parunuweap Canyon near east boundary of Zion Park, Utah, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
52 Cliffs, mouth of Parunuweap, Utah, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
53 Chinle and above, near Springdale, Utah, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
54 Moenkopi and lava, Little Creek, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
55 Elkheart Cliffs, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
56 Source of the Virgin River. Looking northwest along Cascade Falls Trail. Spring issues from Wasatch limestone cliffs of Markagunt Plateau. Garfield County, Utah, 1937.1937uum_mapImage
57 Table Cliff Plateau, looking northeast from Bryce Point. Paria River and town of Tropic in middle distance. Bryce National Park, Utah, 1935.1935uum_mapImage
58 View southwest from Brian Head, showing head of Cedar Canyon, the northern Kolob Plateau, and Pine Valley Mountains (in distance). Iron County, Utah, 1937.1937uum_mapImage
59 View southeast from top of Brian Head. Hancock Peak in center middle distance; Paunsaugunt Plateau on left horizon. Iron County, Utah, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
60 Roots of limber pine exposed by erosion, north rim of Cedar Breaks. Iron County, Utah, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
61 View north along the rim of Markagunt Plateau from Brian Head. Iron County, Utah, 1937.1937uum_mapImage
62 Rim of canyon at Cedar Breaks, Wasatch formation, Iron County, Utah, 1937.1937uum_mapImage
63 Brian Head, volcanic mass from the north rim of Cedar Breaks, Iron County, Utah, 1937.1937uum_mapImage
64 View of the Springdale member of the Chinle, on the west end of Smithsonian Butte. Kane County, Utah, 1936.1936uum_mapImage
65 Chinle formation: Petrified Forest member capped by thick sandstone beds, Paria Canyon. Kane County, Utah, 1938.1938uum_mapImage
66 Chinle formation,upper part; Paria Canyon, viewed 1/2± miles along strike.1938uum_mapImage
67 Chinle formation, upper part; Paria Canyon 1± mile above mouth of Kitchen Canyon, Kane County, Utah, 1938.1938uum_mapImage
68 Limestone near base of Timpoweap member of the Moenkopi formation, Alkali Wash. Washington County, Utah, 1938.1938uum_mapImage
69 Wingate sandstone, head of the upper south branch of Kitchen Canyon, east of White Cone. Kane County, Utah, 1938.1938uum_mapImage
70 Contact Wingate and Kayenta formation, branch of Kitchen Canyon east of White Cone, Kane County, Utah, 1938.1938uum_mapImage
71 Windsor formation just below Dakota shown at top, branch of Muddy Brook. Kane County, Utah, 1938.1938uum_mapImage
72 Windsor formation, banded sandstone, Dakota at top. Muddy Brook. Kane County, Utah, 1938.1938uum_mapImage
73 Basalt flow from Bald Knob Volcano, upper Johnson Canyon. Kane County, Utah, 1938.1938uum_mapImage
74 View looking across Colorado River at mouth of White canyon. Trees mark location of the abandoned settlement of Hite. "Frey" (Organ Rock) strata at rives edge: Navajo sandstone at left top Henry Mountains in middle distance, San Juan County, Utah, 1932.1932uum_mapImage
75 Floor of White Canyon and tributaries looking northeast from point near Owochomo natural bridge. "Kachina" (Cedar Mesa) sandstone (foreground), "Frey" (Organ Rock) (first mesas), Moenkopi, Shinarump and Wingate (background). San Juan County, Utah, 1932.1932uum_mapImage
51 - 75 of 116,958