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51 2013Last March of the DodosLast March of the Dodos is a tower defense game with a few unique twists. First, the artificial intelligence of the enemy units (the Dodos) allows them to learn the types of traps that block their way to the exit, and they then reroute to avoid the player's schemes (they're not much brighter than th...Real-time; StrategyPC; Windows
52 2011The Last Pod FighterThe Last Pod Fighter is an arcade shooter. The player controls a space ship (the camera is fixed behind the ship's back) and shoots down attackers which appear in waves. Movement is unrestricted in all six directions within the boundaries of the current level. After the countdown runs out, the boss ...Action; ShooterXbox
53 2019Late City RidersThe streets of Late City never stop, and neither do you. Cruise, leap, and fly from car to car through impossible cityscapes to make it to work on time and show your boss that you mean business.Arcade; Free to Play; Automobile Sim; Racing; ActionPC; Windows
54 2018LogoutQuinn is a citizen of the social media obsessed society of Outpost 72. It is protocol that every citizen has a chip implanted in their brains that connects them continuously to the social network, known as the neural net. However, Quinn has found a way to hack into the neural net causing her to log ...Free to Play; Adventure; ActionPC; Windows; Xbox
55 2019Lonely SkiesPilot a rickety airship through unknown and hazardous airspace, stealing parts from other ships to keep it running along your journey.Action; AdventurePC; Windows
56 2018Lost BorderlineThere have been rumors of strange creatures lurking in the woods. Creatures no one has seen, only heard of in legends. A lone huntress uncovers the mysteries of an ancient civilization deep beneath the ground where the rules of reality don't apply.Action; Adventure; Free to PlayPC; Windows
57 2013Magnetic by NatureMagnetic By Nature is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle platform game with magnetism as the main mechanic. It is a reworked version of the Xbox 360 XNA Indie Game Magnetic By Nature: Awakening. The game is set in the ruins of an ancient civilization where a little robot is by itself. One day it discovers t...Action; Adventure; Puzzle-platformerPC; Windows; Mac; SteamOS + Linux; Xbox
58 2016MauiMaui is a free action-adventure game based on Hawaiian mythology. The game features an innovative "stat grid" that lets you switch stats on the fly to face any situation.Action; Free to Play; Adventure; SurvivalPC; Windows
59 2018MavrickMavrick is a western pinball bullet hell game where with the power of Infinium, the infinite fighting resource, the player rocket punches through baddies around the town of Mavrick. With Mavrick's core mechanic, the rocket punch, the player swipes to zoom around the wild west town of Mavrick and bla...Free to Play; Western; Action; Pinball; CombatAndroid; Google Play
60 2019Meaty McSkinBonesMeaty McSkinBones is a single-player puzzle/platformer where the character is split into three separate bodies. They each have unique abilities or can work together to solve puzzles and traverse the environment. It's quirky, hilarious, and a ton of fun!Free to Play; Funny; Puzzle-platformerPC; Windows
61 2019MecromancyMechromancy is a 3 player cooperative game where players find, defend and extract valuable resources while wielding the power of lightning to hold off hordes of insectoid enemies. Players use a Tesla Sphere and a room scaled alternate controller to pilot their mechs.
62 2017MegamixMEGAMiX is a rhythm-action-platform game. Move to the beat to clear platforms, fight enemies, and save the world! Did we mention it's free-to-play?Action; Platformer; Free to Play
63 2015Melter ManMELT STUFF! SUCK STUFF UP! MAKE NEW STUFF WITH THE STUFF YOU VACUUMED UP! DO OTHER COOL STUFF. The Toys have taken over! MELT their cute little faces, VACUUM them up, and SHOOT them out to rebuild the environment and SAVE the Toy Factory.Action; Adventure; CasualPC; Windows
64 2011Minions!From the trailer: "The release trailer for Minions!, an Xbox Live Indie Game created by Turtle Toss Studio. Visit www.minionsgame.com for more info. Now available on the Xbox 360 to download for 80 Microsoft points."ActionXbox
65 2011Mr. GravitySimple gameplay trailer demonstrating the uniqueness of the Student-Made Xbox Live Indie game, Mr. Gravity. The game can be found on Xbox Live! Indie Games for 80 MS points($1)PuzzleXbox
66 2020Mya of the DesertEmbark on a journey to restore life to a world plagued by entropy. Traverse the landscape as Mya, a desert wanderer, in order to return the spirits of the Geomancers to their sacred mosaic. Gifted with the power of the Geomancers by the mosaic's guardian spirit, Mya will elevate pillars of earth and...Action; Adventure; Casual; Free to Play; Puzzle-platformerPC; Windows
67 2019Neon KicksIn Neon Kicks, you'll take down a border wall or die trying. Using teleporting light-up shoes, shut down as many of the border wall defenses as you can.ActionPC; Windows; Mac
68 2018OreORE is a couch-cooperative twin stick shooter where you and your friends are space miners draining a hostile alien planet of a volatile resource that's corrupted the planet's inhabitants. Fight through a handful of levels and navigate the planet's varied surface to collect as much ORE as you can bef...Action; AdventurePC; Windows
69 2014Origami KamiGame developer blog: https://sheikahmoon-blog.tumblr.com/ActionPlayStation Vita; PlayStation Mobile
70 2018Overclocked: The AclockalypseOverclocked:The Aclockalypse is a roguelike bullet hell following The Keeper's time-twisting battle to reclaim The Eternal Sands from Greenwich and her clockwork army. Use The Keeper's ability to slow time to weave through impossible waves of cogs; then blast them with timesand to tock some sense in...Free to Play; Action; Twin-stick shooterPC; Windows; Mac
71 2019PathosPathos is a stealth game where you control the enemies' behaviors using emotion-altering drugs to get vengeance for your brother.Action; Free to PlayPC; Windows
72 2020Personal SpaceThis video game is intended for anyone who has experienced social anxiety, or wants to know what it's like to experience social anxiety. Escape the clutches of friendship and social expectations in this top-down puzzler about living with social anxiety. Go to social gatherings and try to complete yo...Casual; Free to Play; Avoider; Puzzle; SeriousPC; Windows; Mac; Android
73 2015Point And ThinkOur thesis game titled, Point and Think, is an experimental point and click adventure game, where the player progresses through an interactive story, by manipulating NPCs' thoughts--rather than their environment. Team introductions: https://youtu.be/3p5t-K31QJkAdventureAndroid
74 2018PorcuballPorcuball is a physics based puzzle game where players take the role of Quill, the porcupine. Roll up items left behind by lazy campers to get past obstacles and maneuver through the woods to your ultimate goal...their coolers. Every stage will give players unique challenges to solve for in an open...Free to Play; Casual; Adventure; Cute; Puzzle-platformerPC; Windows; Mac; SteamOS + Linux
75 2014Princess RevolutionVideo game produced by students in EAE's 2014 cohortActionPlayStation Vita
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