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51 Veterans Administration Nursing AcademyBarnett, Gerrie2013
52 Advancing Toward Electronic Exchange of Poisoning InformationCummins, Mollie; Nelson, Scott D.; Butcher, Ryan2015
53 Grading Rubrics and Other Online Teaching Tips Part DeuxRichards, Donna2014
54 How to Lead an Effective MeetingRunolfson, Kevin2015
55 Cultivating Community Partnerships for Developing Cultures of Health and Well BeingSanchez-Birkhead, Ana2015
56 Top Ten Pedagogies for 2014Tripeny, Patrick2014
57 Faculty Creations Using the Multimedia Creation StationBlack, Andrew2014
58 Active Learning Considering Why and What to Choose to Increase Concept LearningColeman, Darrell2010
59 BirthCare HealthCare Innovations in PracticeThomas, Celeste; Latendresse, Gwen2012
60 Medication Safety Molecular to Health System and Birth to SenescencePepper, Ginette2009
61 Biomeasures and People with DisabilitiesClark, Lauren; Pett, Marge; Cardell, Beth; Eldredge, Alison; Wilcox, Barry2010
62 Tales from the Hypoxic Side High Altitude Scientific Adventures in the HimalayaRodway, George W.2009
63 Taming a Schizophrenic Research Program in Knowledge ManagementStaggers, Nancy2009
64 Research Program Overview Health Communication Beyond Physician TalkEllington, Lee2009
65 A Program of Research in Cancer CommunicationsClayton, Margaret2010
66 Travel, Write, Renew: A Sabbatical JourneyBeck, Susan2009
67 Research and the Future of NursingYoung, Heather2013
68 A Survey of Provider Experience with Management for IUD Insertion and a Cautionary Tale of Adopting Off-Label MedicationsWard, Katie2011
69 Adolescent Health Literacy in a Special Population Juvenile CorrectionsHolstein, Barbara; Clifton, Jennifer2011
70 Aging and Dying in Prison Needs and Implications for Prison HospiceCloyes, Kristin2011
71 Physical Assessment Delivery Innovative Ways of Meeting the Needs of Your AudienceBurton, Shannon; Chase-Cantarini, Sue; Scheese, Carolyn2010
72 A Theoretical Framework and Practical Approaches for a Concept-Based CurriculumHardin, Pam; Richardson, Stephanie2011
73 Clinical Research in Pediatric Critical CareGrant, Mary Jo2010
74 Why the College of Nursing?Rothwell, Erin2009
75 Engaging Diverse Populations in Community-Based Participatory Health Research Building Community, Building ScholarsCartwright, Elizabeth2011
51 - 75 of 165