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51 Piapaxa 'Uipi (Big River Canyon): Southern Paiute Ethnographic Resource Inventory and assissment for Colorado River Corridor, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Utah and Arizona, and Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona1997-06wwdl_nehText
52 Zuni and the Grand Canyon: Report to the National Research Council, Committee to Review the Glen Canyon Environmental Studies1993-06-24wwdl_nehText
53 Cultural Resource Investigations Along the Rocky Reach Reservoir: The 1990 Test Excavations1992-02wwdl_nehText
54 Indians of the Terraced Houses [Excerpt]1912wwdl_nehText
55 Zunis: Self-portrayals [Excerpt] The Beginning1972wwdl_nehText
56 Hualapai North Boundary Exhibitswwdl_nehText
57 1251-184-3-88wwdl_nehText
58 Southern trails to California in 1849 [Excerpt]1974wwdl_nehText
59 Agriculture under irrigation in the basin of Virgin River1903wwdl_nehText
60 Indian's Portion1923-09-26wwdl_nehText
61 Public Law 98-408: An act to convey certain lands to the Zuni Indian Tribe for religious purposes1984-08-28wwdl_nehText
62 Zuni Indian Tribe Lands bill: Hearings before the Select Committee on Indian Affairs, United States Senate, 98th Congress, 2nd Session, on S. 2201 to convey certain lands to the Zuni Indian Tribe for religious purposes1984-04-09wwdl_nehText
63 Zia Pueblo Agriculture and Water Use Through the Centuries1987-02wwdl_nehText
64 Agricultural History of Jemez Pueblo: the American period, 1846 to 19461987-02wwdl_nehText
65 Pueblo of Zuni Land Status [Excerpt]1979-02-01wwdl_nehText
66 Relicensing writing guidelines, Lake Chelan Hydroelectric Project, FERC NO. 6371997-11; 2000-12-15wwdl_nehText
67 Santa Ana Pueblo,1846-1896 [Excerpt]1987-02wwdl_nehText
68 Santa Ana Pueblo_1846-1896_Plaintiff's Exhibits Footnotes_1-81987-02wwdl_nehText
69 Research Notes on John Collier's Book From Every Zenithwwdl_nehText
70 Take up your mission : Mormon colonizing along the Little Colorado River, 1870-1900 [Excerpt]1973wwdl_nehText
71 Agricultural History of Zia Pueblo: the American period, 1846-1936, Plantiff's Exhibits1848; 1855; 1865; 1872; 1874; 1892; 1903; 1932; 1962; 1987; 1980wwdl_nehText
72 Brief History of the Zuni Nation1983wwdl_nehText
73 Pueblos' Last Stand1923-02wwdl_nehText
74 Persecuting the Pueblos [Excerpt]1924-07wwdl_nehText
75 Zuni Atlas [Excerpt]1985wwdl_nehText
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