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51 Effects of reservoir installation, San Juan-Chama Project water, and reservoir operations on streamflow and water quality in the Rio Chama and Rio Grande, northern and central New Mexico, 1938-20002004wwdl_erText
52 Effects of water quality and habitat on composition of fish communities in the Upper Colorado River Basin1997wwdl_erText
53 Environmental Contaminants and their effects on fish in the Colorado River Basin2004wwdl_erText
54 Environmental setting of the Willamette Basin, Oregon1997wwdl_erText
55 Estimated Use of Water in the United States in 19951998wwdl_erText
56 Estimated Use of Water in the United States in 19951998wwdl_erText
57 Estimated domestic, irrigation, and industrial water use in Washington, 20002004wwdl_erText
58 Estimated use of water in the United States in 20002004wwdl_erText
59 Estimates of ground-water recharge, base flow, and stream reach gains and losses in the Willamette River Basin, Oregon2002wwdl_erText
60 Estimating the probability of elevated nitrate (NO2+NO3-N) concentrations in ground water in the Columbia Basin Ground Water Management Area, Washington2000wwdl_erText
61 Estimating water temperatures in small streams in western Oregon using neural network models2003wwdl_erText
62 Fish communities in the plains region of the South Platte River, August 1993 and 19941994wwdl_erText
63 Fraser River watershed, Colorado : assessment of available water-quantity and water-quality data through water year 19971999wwdl_erText
64 Generalized hydrogeology and ground-water budget for the C Aquifer, Little Colorado River basin and parts of the Verde and Salt River basins, Arizona and New Mexico2002wwdl_erText
65 Geochemical Characterization of Ground-water Flow in the Santa Fe Group Aquifer System, Middle Rio Grande Basin, New Mexico2004wwdl_erText
66 Geologic framework of the regional ground-water flow system in the Upper Deschutes Basin, Oregon2002wwdl_erText
67 Geologic studies of the Platte River, south-central Nebraska and adjacent areas--geologic maps, subsurface study, and geologic history2005wwdl_erText
68 Ground - water hydrology of the Upper Deschutes Basin, Oregon2001wwdl_erText
69 Ground Water Atlas of the United States; Oklahoma, Texas1996wwdl_erText
70 Ground Water Atlas of the United States; Oklahoma, Texas1996wwdl_erText
71 Ground Water and Surface Water A Single Resource1998wwdl_erText
72 Ground displacements caused by aquifer-system water-level variations observed using interferometric synthetic aperture radar near Albuquerque, New Mexico2002wwdl_erText
73 Ground water atlas of the United States: Segment 2, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah1995wwdl_erText
74 Ground-Water and Water-Chemistry Data for the Willamette Basin, Oregon2000wwdl_erText
75 Ground-water and water-chemistry data for the Upper Deschutes Basin, Oregon1997wwdl_erText
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