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51 Sayegh: United Nations 1950-1954: Bannerman Clark, March 19, 19531953-03-19uum_fascText
52 Unfinished Manuscript by Sayegh: "A Refutation of Israeli Arguments and Zionist Ideology Concerning the Legality of the Establishment of Settlements (undated): Jerusalem Post, July 13, 1967 [Excerpt]uum_fascText
53 Correspondence with Elmer Berger 1954-1977: Tele France Telegram (undated)uum_fascText
54 "Camp David and Palestine" Manuscript and Correspondence 1947-1970: Correspondence with the Vermont Press and Dr. Cragg1952uum_fascText
55 Responses to Sayegh's Performance on "Face the Nation" on CBS-TV in Washington, D.C. 1957: Correspondence with Marie Nassiff, April 30, 1957 to May 2, 19571957uum_fascText
56 Research Connected with the Manuscript on Arab Property (undated): Palestine - Area, Ownership and Description [Excerpt 7]uum_fascText
57 Correspondance, letter to Fayez Sayegh from his mother Afifah Sayegh.uum_fascText
58 Draft Manuscript Concerning Property in Palestine (undated): Chapter IX Appendices; Chapter X Referencesuum_fascText
59 Sayegh: United Nations 1950-1954: Contract, April 27, 19511951-04-27uum_fascText
60 Academic Correspondence, Stanford and Other Universities 1959-1960: Gulf Oil Corporation, February 4 to May 16, 19601960uum_fascText
61 Sayegh Academic Records, Articles, and Correspondence: Resumeuum_fascText
62 Correspondence and Phone Messages: D.Susskind 1967-1968: Letter from Carl A. Scharpf, December 5, 19671967-12-05uum_fascText
63 Academic Correspondence, Stanford and Other Universities 1959-1960: Devin Garrity, March 7, 19601960-03-07uum_fascText
64 Sayegh Doctoral Dissertation: "Existential Philosophy," Georgetown University 1949: Copy, Dr. Mercier's Critical Notes on Mr. Sayegh's Thesis1949-06-17uum_fascText
65 Correspondence, Fayez Sayegh to Abd Allah.1971uum_fascText
66 Correspondence, letter to Fayez Sayegh from his brother Yusuf Sayegh.1949-03uum_fascText
67 Correspondence: Praeger Publications Regarding the Book Islam and International Relations 1963-1965: Louis Barron, August 26-27, 19641964-08uum_fascText
68 Nass al-kamil li-hadith al-Ra'is Jamal Abd al-Nasir ma'a mudir tahrir jaridat al-Nyu Yurk Taymz wa-idha'at al-tilifizyun al-ahli al-Amriki.1969uum_fascText
69 Draft Manuscript Concerning Arab Property in Palestine (undated): Chapter I "Arab Refugee Property in Palestine"uum_fascText
70 Sayegh: Immigration and Naturalization 1948-1952: October 2, 19501950-10-02uum_fascText
71 Correspondence with Chandler Publishing on book Dynamics of Neutralism: Second letter to Kovner, March 19641964-03-23uum_fascText
72 Sayegh's Comments on his Publications 1953-1964: Correspondence with J. Harris Proctor, July 20-25, 19631963-07uum_fascText
73 Sayegh Correspondence: Appreciation and Congratulations on Marriage (1960-1961): George Haddad1960-12-01uum_fascText
74 Sayegh: American University of Beirut 1947-1954: Letter to George W. Saleeby August 5, 19541954-08-05uum_fascText
75 Sayegh Academic Records, Articles, and Correspondence: Report Card, 1939-19401940-06-25uum_fascText
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