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51 Grupos funcionales en arbustos deserticos del norte de Chile, definidos sobre la base de las fuentes de agua utilizadasLa productividad primaria y la estructura de la vegetación en ecosistemas áridos están determinadas por la disponibilidad de agua. En un estudio realizado en el secano costero del norte-centro de Chile (29/43'S; 71/14'O, 300 m) se compararon los mecanismos de utilización de distintas fuentes de...Grupos funcionales; Functional groups; Arbustos deserticos; Desert shrubs; Fuentes de agua; Water sources; Water availability; Arid ecosystems; Pastoreo con caprinos; Goat overgrazing1999-01-01
52 Pleistocene rhyolite of the mineral mountains, Utah geothermal and archeological significance1978
53 Vector quantization of images using the L∞ distortion measureThis paper considers vector quantization of signals using the Loo distortion measure. The key contribution is a result that allows one to characterize the centroid of a set of vectors for the Loo distortion measure. A method similar to the LBG algorithm for designing codebooks has been develope...1995
54 Visual Neuroprosthetics: Functional Vision for the BlindResent progress in materials and microfabrication technologies have allowed researchers to reconsider the prospect of providing a useful visual sense to the profoundly blind. This will be accomplished by electrically stimulating their visual systems via an array of implanted microelectrodes. T...Visual Neuroprosthetics; Vision; Blindness1995-01
55 Infrared ultrafast optical probes of photoexcitations in ∏-conjugated organic semiconductorsWe measured the ultrafast dynamics of photoexcitations in a variety of semiconductor ∏-conjugated polymer films and solutions, in the spectral range from 0.13 eV to 1.05 eV and time domain from 100 fs to 800 ps. The measurements were made in the low signal regime, where the relative changes in tra...Infrared ultrafast optical probes; Photoexcitations; Ultrafast dynamics; MEH-PPV2005
56 Versatile integrated circuit for the acquisition of biopotentialsElectrically active cells in the body produce a wide variety of voltage signals that are useful for medical diagnosis and scientific investigation. These biopotentials span a wide range of amplitudes and frequencies. We have developed a versatile front-end integrated circuit that can be used to amp...Biopotential; Neural recording; Electrodes; Amplifier2007-09
57 Visual summary statisticsTraditionally, statistical summaries of categorical data often have been visualized using graphical plots of central moments (e.g., mean and standard deviation), or cumulants (e.g., median and quartiles) by box plots. In this work we reexamine the box plot and its relatives and develop a new hyb...Visual summary statistics; categorical data; box plot; hybrid summary plot2007
58 Housekeeping gene xanthine oxidoreductase is necessary for milk fat droplet enveloping and secretion: gene sharing in the lactating mammary gland.Xanthine oxidoreductase (XOR) is the rate-limiting enzyme in purine catabolism occurring in most cell types. However, this housekeeping gene is expressed at very high levels in a number of mammalian tissues including the lactating mammary epithelium, suggesting additional roles for XOR in these tiss...Body Weight; Cell Differentiation; Cell Membrane; Epithelium2002-12-15
59 Research in brief: Spring 2000Summaries of Selected Research Projects at the University of Utah Health Sciences CenterResearch: School of Medicine, College of Pharmacy;, College of Nursing, College of Health2000-03
60 Neural signal for the intensity of a tactile stimulusThe effect of indenting the skin at different rates on the perceived intensity of the stimulus was studied by indenting the skin of the fingertip with two triangular waveforms, given as a pair. The subjects were asked to judge which member of the pair was more intense. Perceived intensity was foun...Skin; Indentation; Nerve impulses1984
61 Integral electric current method in 3-D electromagnetic modeling for large conductivity contrastAbstract-We introduce a new approach to 3-D electromagnetic (EM) modeling for models with large conductivity contrast. It is based on the equations for integral current within the cells of the discretization grid, instead of the electric field or electric current themselves, which are used in the c...Electromagnetic modeling; Integral electric current method; 3-D modeling; High conductivity contrast; Integral equations2007-05
62 Libraries investing in the future first - some practical suggestionsThis essay offers some practical suggestions for implementing transformative strategies for libraries, with a focus on using the materials budget as an investment fund.Libraries; Acquisitions; Budget; Materials2004-06
63 Characterization of lysozyme messenger and lysozyme synthesized in vitroIn vitro systems for protein systhesis have been in wide use for about 10 years. In most of the early work protein synthesis was measured by following the incorporation of radioactive amino acids into acid precipitable material. This test cannot distinguish between the synthesis of complete, activ...Lysozyme Messenger; Lysozyme Synthesized; Protein Synthesis1969
64 Gender makes a differenceGender makes a difference when it comes to diet. Diet is much more individualized than originally thought. Men tend to lose weight more easily than women because they have more lean tissue, which is metabolically active. However some of the most important determinants of success or failure may turn ...Diet; Gender2000-03
65 NMR relaxation study of molecular motions between unequal potential wells in solid trans, trans- muconodinitrileWe report observations of extremely unusual proton NMR relaxation rates in solid trans, transmuconodinitrile (TMD, N=C-CH = CH-CH = CH-C = N). In particular we measured, over the temperature range 77-423 °K, proton dipolar relaxation times Tw and spin lattice relaxation times Tt (at 24 and 58 MH...NMR; Nuclear magnetic resonance; Lattices; Relaxation time1977
66 Cataract surgery complications in 1 year at an academic institutionPURPOSE: To delineate all complication rates of cataract surgery and define normative rates, trends, and outliers as part of continuous quality management. SETTING: John A. Moran Eye Center, University of Utah Health Sciences Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. METHODS: All cataract surgeries done at...Intraoperative Complications/Epidemiology; Adverse Effects; Cataract Surgery1999-05
67 Subband particle filtering for speech enhancementABSTRACT Particle filters have recently been applied to speech enhancement when the input speech signal is modeled as a time-varying autoregressive process with stochastically evolving parameters. This type of modeling results in a nonlinear and conditionally Gaussian statespace system that is not ...2006
68 Using the stochastic collocation method for the uncertainty quantification of drug concentration due to depot shape variabilityNumerical simulations entail modeling assumptions that impact outcomes. Therefore, characterizing, in a probabilistic sense, the relationship between the variability of model selection and the variability of outcomes is important. Under certain assumptions, the stochastic collocation method offers ...2009
69 Computational sensor networksWe propose Computational Sensor Networks as a methodology to exploit models of physical phenomena in order to better understand the structure of the sensor network. To do so, it is necessary to relate changes in the sensed variables (e.g., temperature) to the aspect of interest in the sensor netw...Computational sensor networks2007
70 Guidelines for the performance of fusion procedures for degenerative disease of the lumbar spine. Part 12: pedicle screw fixation as an adjunct to posterolateral fusion for low-back painStandard. There is insufficient evidence to recommend a treatment standard. Guidelines. There is insufficient evidence to recommend a treatment guideline. Options. 1) Pedicle screw fixation is recommended as a treatment option for patients with low-back pain treated with PLF who are at high risk...Fusion procedures; Degenerative disease; Lumbar spine; Pedicle screw fixation; Posterolateral fusion; Low-back pain2005
71 Perspectives on new electrode technology for stimulating peripheral nerves with implantable motor prosthesesAbstract-The limits of present electrode technology are being reached in current motor prostheses for restoring functional movement in paralyzed people. Improved devices require electrodes and stimulation methods that will activate muscles selectively and independently with less implanted hardwa...Paralysis; Prostheses; Electrodes1995
72 Parameters influencing the evolution and oxidation of sulfur in suspension phase coal combustionStoker coal-fired boiler furnaces are significant in terms of coal consumption and environmental impact; however, they have received relatively little research attention. This paper describes the results of a two-year study on the formation of sulfur oxides in the suspension phase of a coal-fired s...Stoker coal-fired furnaces1983
73 Maya: multiple-dispatch syntax extension in JavaWe have designed and implemented Maya, a version of Java that allows programmers to extend and reinterpret its syntax. Maya generalizes macro systems by treating grammar productions as generic functions, and semantic actions on productions as multimethods on the corresponding generic functions. P...Maya; Syntax extension2001-12-11
74 Hydroxamate vs. fatty acid flotation of iron oxideData were obtained with hematite with octyl hydroxamate and oleate as collectors to determine the mechanism of collector adsorption and also to establish the roles that conditioning time and temperature assume in this system. The presence of hydroxy complexes of iron are apparently necessary for che...Iron ore; Iron; Fatty acid; Hydroxy complexes1970
75 An analog light scattering experiment of hexagonal icelike particles. part I: experimental apparatus and test measurementsAn experimental apparatus to measure the scattering properties of hexagonal icelike particles in the analog manner at the helium neon laser wavelength of 0.633 mm has been designed and built. The instrument consists of an array of 36 highly sensitive and linear photodiode detectors that are positi...1999
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