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51 Miller, Joel StevenInterpenetrating three-dimensional rutile-like frameworks. Crystal structure and magnetic properties of MnII[C(CN)3]2The interpenetrating double-density rutile-like structure and magnetic properties of MnII[C(CN)3]2 are determined.Spin; Bond; Coupling1998
52 Mathews, V. JohnAdaptive realizations of the maximum likelihood processor for time delay estimationAbstract-This correspondence introduces an adaptive realization of the maximum likelihood (ML) processor for time delay estimation (TDE). Also presented is a modified ML processor, which requires less computations but still performs better than the other when implemented in an adaptive way. Widrow'...1984
53 Carter, John B.Design alternatives for shared memory multiprocessorsIn this paper. we consider the design alternatives available for building the next generation DSM machine (e.g., the choice of memory architecture, network technology, and amount and location of per-node remote data cache). To investigate this design space, we have simulated six applications on a wi...Shared memory multiprocessors1998
54 Sanchez, Thomas W.Residential location, transportation, and welfare-to-work in the United States: a case study of MilwaukeeThis article addresses two questions about spatial barriers to welfare-to-work transition in the United States. First, what residential and transportation adjustments do welfare recipients tend to make as they try to become economically self-sufficient? Second, do these adjustments actually incre...Employment issues; Neighborhood; Transportation2006
55 Griffiths, Marie M.; Sawitzke, Allen D.; Cannon, Grant W.Exacerbation of collagen-induced arthritis in rats by rat cytomegalovirus is antigen-specific.Collagen-Induced Arthritis (CIA) is an experimentally induced and genetically controlled animal model of chronic joint inflammation. In rats, there are informative strain differences in susceptibility to CIA. DA rats (RT1avl) develop severe CIA after immunization with bovine (BII), chick (CII), or h...Autoimmunity; Flow Cytometry; Rats, Inbred Strains; Sex Factors1994
56 Miller, Jan D.Selectivity considerations in the amine extraction of gold from alkaline cyanide solutionsIt has been discovered that gold can be extracted from alkaline cyanide solution with primary, secondary, and tertiary amines by adding certain Lewis base modifiers, such as organic phosphorus oxides. Under these circumstances, gold can be extracted at about pH 10, commensurate with the pH of cyani...Gold; Amines; Alkaline cyanide; Extraction1984
57 Hansen, Charles D.Constrained inverse volume rendering for planetary nebulaeDetermining the three-dimensional structure of distant astronomical objects is a challenging task, given that terrestrial observations provide only one viewpoint. For this task, bipolar planetary nebulae are interesting objects of study because of their pronounced axial symmetry due to fundamental p...Volume rendering; Axial symmetry2004
58 Ogburn, Joyce L.Bit by bit: CAUSE, The Association for the Management of Information Technology in Higher EducationBit by Bit column: "A few columns ago we wrote about EDUCOM, an important player in the education and computing arenas. This column describes CAUSE, another player in this arena, which is probably less well known than EDUCOM."Information Technology, management; Academic Libraries, information technology; Computing and information technologies, evaluation1991-11
59 Diamond, LisaIntimate same-sex relationshps of sexual minoritiesThis chapter provides an overview of current research on same-sex intimate relationships, emphasizing the most central and well-researched domains: relationship initiation, maintenance, satisfaction, and dissolution, gender-related dynamics, sexuality and sexual exclusivity, and violence and ab...Same-sex relationships; Partnering; Sexual minorities; Domestic relationships2006
60 Gesteland, Raymond F.; Ives, Jeffrey T.; Stockham, Thomas G.Automated film reader for DNA sequencing based on homomorphic deconvolutionAn automated reader for electrophoresis based DNA sequencing methods is described that provides fast and accurate sequence determination. Digitized sequencing lanes are processed with homomorphic blind deconvolution in preparation for peak detection, interlane alignment, peak refinement and base cal...Sequence Analysis; Electrophoresis; Automated Film Reader; Homomorphic Deconvolution1994
61 Capecchi, Mario R.Removing the vertebrate-specific TBP N terminus disrupts placental beta2m-dependent interactions with the maternal immune systemMammalian TBP consists of a 180 amino acid core that is common to all eukaryotes, fused to a vertebrate-specific N-terminal domain. We generated mice having a modified tbp allele, tbp(DeltaN), that produces a version of TBP lacking 111 of the 135 vertebrate-specific amino acids. Most tbp(DeltaN/Delt...Alleles; Animals, Genetically Modified; Binding Sites; Embryonic and Fetal Development; Evolution, Molecular; Female; Fetus; Immune Tolerance; Male; Mice; Mutation; ATA-Box Binding Protein2002-07-12
62 Liu, FengInterplay of stress, structure, and stoichiometry in Ge-covered Si(001)By calculating the evolution of surface energies and surface stress tensors of Ge-covered Si(001) with increasing Ge coverage, we derive the most probable Ge stoichiometry in the subsurface regions beyond 1 monolayer coverage. We compare the calculated surface reconstruction and surface stress at th...Ge-covered; Si(001); Stress; Structure; Surface stress tensors1996-04
63 Hanna, Patricia LeeSummaries and comments on Lappin, S. Sorts, ontology and metaphor: the semantics of sortal structureIn this interesting study, Shalom Lappin argues that any adequate theory of sortal incorrectness must meet four requirements. First, it must account for the truth valuelessness of sortally incorrect sentences. Second, it must provide a means of distinguishing truth valuelessness arising from sortal...Valuelessness; Incorrectness1983
64 Johnson, Christopher R.; Parker, Steven G.; Whitaker, Ross T.; Hansen, Charles D.Computational field visualizationToday, scientists, engineers, and medical researchers routinely use computers to simulate complex physical phenomena. Such simulations present new challenges for computational scientists, including the need to effectively analyze and visualize complex three-dimensional data. As simulations become mo...Volume rendering; Isosurface extraction; Ray tracing; Multi-field visualizations2001
65 Drews, FrankNegative priming and stimulus repetition: a reply to Neill and JoordensNegative priming is reliably obtained with repeated items, but not with novel items. Here, we review why these stimulus repetition effects raise problems for memory based theories of negative priming. Furthermore, we provide empirical evidence casting doubt on Neill and Joordens's (2002) claimthat...Negative priming; Stimuli; Perception2002
66 Landesman, Bruce M.Violence, terrorism and justice (Book Review)Reviews the book `Violence, Terrorism and Justice,' edited by R.G. Frey and Christopher W. Morris.Books; Philosophy;; Terrorism; Justice; Violence1993-07
67 Christensen, Douglas A.; Herron, James N.Rapid single nucleotide polymorphism detection for personalized medicine applications using planar waveguide fluorescence sensorsPersonalized medicine is an emerging field in which clinical diagnostics information about a patient's genotype or phenotype is used to optimize his/her pharmacotherapy. This article evaluates whether planar waveguide fluorescent sensors are suitable for determining such information from patient tes...Personalized medicine; Planar waveguides; Fluorescence sensors; Evanescent excitation; Fluorescence; Hybridization; Molecular diagnostics; Peptide nucleic acid; Point of care; Single base extension; Single nucleotide polymorphism2006
68 Couldwell, William T.Thrombosed basilar apex aneurysm presenting as a third ventricular mass and hydrocephalusAneurysms presenting as third ventricular masses are uncommon; most are giant aneurysms arising from the basilar apex. We present a case of a thrombosed basilar apex aneurysm presenting as a third ventricular mass and hydrocephalus in a 55-year-old man. The case is unique in the literature as the an...Basilar apex aneurysm; Ventricular mass; Third ventriculostomy2005
69 Evans, DavidGraphical man/machine communications: May 1969Semi-Annual Technical Report 1 December 1968 - 30 May 19691969-05
70 Ehleringer, James R.Carbon isotope discrimination in the C4 shrub Atriplex confertifolia along a salinity gradientCarbon isotope discrimination (∆) was measured for leaves of Atriplex confertifolia along a salinity gradi~ ent in northern Utah. Over this gradient, the variation of ∆ values was high for a C4 species, and the ∆ values were positively correlated with salinity in both years of the study. Of th...Carbon isotope ratio; Salt stress; Bundle sheath leakiness; Halophyte; Atriplex confertifolia; Salinity gradient1995
71 Battin, Margaret P.False dichotomy versus genuine choice the argument over physician-assisted dyingDespite a growing consensus that palliative care should be a core part of the treatment offered to all severely ill patients who potentially face death,1 challenging questions remain. How broad a choice should patients have in guiding the course of their own dying? What limitations should be placed ...2004
72 Hillman, Nicholas WThe ethical dimensions of awarding financial aidAbstract In countries charging tuition fees, and those that are considering adopting tuition fee policies, recent economic conditions are making education less affordable and accessible for students (Johnstone & Marcucci, 2010; Schwarzenberger & Opheim, 2009). To combat these challenges, nations, ...2011
73 Fuchs, HenryThe automatic sensing and analysis of 3-D surface points from visual scenesDescribed are the design and implementation of a new range-measuring sensing device and an associated software algorithm for constructing surface descriptions of arbitrary three-dimensional objects from single or multiple views. The sensing device, which measures surface points from objects in its ...Range-measuring; Sensing device1976
74 Bromley, Benjamin C.Periodic standing-wave approximation: nonlinear scalar fields, adapted corrdinates, and the eigenspectral methodThe periodic standing wave (PSW) method for the binary inspiral of black holes and neutron stars computes exact numerical solutions for periodic standing-wave spacetimes and then extracts approximate solutions of the physical problem, with outgoing waves. The method requires solution of a boundary-...Periodic standing wave method; Black holes; Neutron stars2005
75 Vardeny, Zeev ValentineOrganic spin-valves: physics and applicationsSpin-valve devices of organic semiconductors in the vertical configuration using a variety of exotic and regular ferromagnetic electrodes were fabricated and studied as a function of applied magnetic field, temperature and applied bias voltage. These devices show that spin polarized carriers can be ...Organic spin-valves; Spin-polarized transport; Spin-polarized carrier injection; Spin polarization2005
51 - 75 of 10,829