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51 Kim, Jin HwanDevelopment of glucose responsive insulin therapeutics2019thesis
52 Bunting, MichaelineDiacylglycerol signaling and metabolismLipids; Proteins1996-12dissertation
53 Bhar, DebjaniDissection of the early and late events in mitocondrial fission in budding yeastFission compleses; Multimeric Complexes2006-08dissertation
54 Rudolph, Guilford G.Early effects of testosterone propionate on the seminal vesicles of castrate ratsSiminal Vesicles; Rats1948thesis
55 Ley, Herbert LeonardEditing of hepatitis delta virus antigenomic RNA by recombinant human adenosine deaminases that act on RNAHepatitis Delta Virus; Saccharomyces Cerevisiae-based Protein2001-05dissertation
56 Risley, Lorelei Kathleen OriannaEditing of the GluR-B site of pre-mRNA by ADAR1 and ADAR2Hairpin Duplex; Substrate Inhibition1999-12thesis
57 Vernadakis, AntoniaEffect of cortisol and deoxycorticosterone acetate on brain amino acid and electrolyte metabolismPhysiology1957-06thesis
58 Perkins, Eugene HafenEffect of immunization on defense mechanisms against infectious disease in irradiated animals1958-08thesis
59 Chen, XinEffect of uracil incorporation on the precision of HIV-1 (+)-strand DNA initiationPhysiology; Genetics2001-05thesis
60 Lu, YanxiangEffects of NOx compounds on heme-containing enzymesPhysiology; Drug Effects1996-06thesis
61 Howell, Ethan BulsEffects of Resistance Mutations in HIV gp41 on the Binding Affinity of D-Peptide InhibitorsBiochemistry; Virology2012-12thesis
62 Judd, David PaulEnhancing the Synthesizability of DP04 PolymeraseBiochemistry2015-08thesis
63 Watson, Eloise JeanEnzymatic hydrolysis of glutamine and glutathione by glutaminaseEnzymatic Hydrolysis1949thesis
64 Plager, John EverettEnzymic reactions of the adrenal gland involved in the hydroxylation of carbons 17 and 21 of the pregnene nucleus.Enzymology;Steroids Synthesis1953thesis
65 Aryal, MadhukarExploring Adipose Biology in Zebrafish2014-12thesis
66 Jariangprasert, SuchaiyaExpression of yeast DNA mismatch repair proteins and DNA binding characteristics of the yeast condensin Smc2/Smc4 heterodimerGenetics; DNA Binding Proteins2000-08thesis
67 Fulcher, James M.From therapeutic discovery to structural biology: applications of chemical protein and peptide synthesis2019dissertation
68 Chen, Yu-ChanFunctionalizing the Mitochondrial Proteome-Mitochondrial Metabolism, Protein Quality Control and Beyond2015-08dissertation
69 Reich, Daniel PhillipFunctions of Double-Stranded RNA and ADAR RNA Editing Enzymes in Caenorhabditis elegansGenetics; Biochemistry; Molecular biology2018dissertation
70 Nolan, ChrisGlycopeptides from gamma globulinsPeptides; Antipneumococcal Antiserum1961-05thesis
71 Carmack, Curtis F.Hormone sensitivity of particulate pineal guanylate cyclaseCyclic guanylic acid; Melatonin; Serotonin; Pineal gland1986-12thesis
72 Tang, WenIdentification and gene-targeting of a novel diacylglycerol kinase highly selective for arachidonate-containing substrates1999-05dissertation
73 Dickson, Erin LuIdentification of a Suppressor Mutant of slc16a6a Deficiency in Zebrafish, and Development of Tools for Studying the Role of slc16a6 in Melanoma2015-08thesis
74 Bringhurst, Mark DilworthImmunological aspects of deoxyribonucleic acid and carcinogenesisTumor antigens; DNA - Immunology1966-06thesis
75 Cahill, James FrederickImmunological response of rats to Mycoplasma arthritidisImmunology1968-06thesis
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