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51 A FORTRAN V Interactive Graphical SystemThe system described provides the capability of transforming an ordinary FORTRAN 5 program into a highly interactive program. The converted program makes the user, the display scope, and teletype console all an integral part of the execution of the program. At present, the system allows the user to ...1968-04-03
52 Performance Directed SimulationThe overall scientific objective of this research was to develop techniques for speeding up discrete event simulation (DES) programs in applications such as simulation of computer architectures, communication networks, battlefield scenarios, etc. Such simulations often require prohibitive amounts of...1989-01-26
53 An Analytical Approach to Computer Systems SchedulingThe report examines some aspects of the problem of allocating resources in a multi-programmed computer system. It first investigates to what extent the users might participate in resource allocation decisions; a system that dynamically determines the prices of services is advocated. A model is studi...1970-06
54 Syntax Directed on-Line Recognition of Cursive WritingA syntax organization for recognition of handwritten connected-word is studied in the work. Each writing is cut into strokes at the middle point of every down cave of the writing, and the strokes are named using their directional characteristics and relative size among the strokes. A syntax is organ...1968-07
55 A Multiprocessor Implementation of CSP (Communicating Sequential Processes)Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP) is a well known paradigm for communication and synchronization of a parallel computation. A CSP program consists of a collection of processes P(1), P(2),....., P(N) that interact by exchanging message. These message passing primitives, called input and output...1988-03
56 Three-Dimensional Input for Computer GraphicsThe paper states the need for three-dimensional input for architectural work using computer graphics. The paper consists of two sections. The first section deals with laser Examples are given comparing old methods of ground survey with photogrammetry.1968-06
57 HOP: (Hardware Viewed as Objects and Processes). A Process Model for Synchronous Hardware SystemsA new Hardware Specification Language (HSL) called HOP is presented. HOP stands for Hardware viewed as Objects and Processes. It can be used for specifying the structure, behavior, and timing of digital systems. HOP was designed for several reasons. It integrates well-tested ideas from past work tha...1988
58 A Constant Percentage Bandwidth Transform for Acoustic Signal ProcessingThis paper describes a constant percentage bandwidth transform for acoustic signal processing. Such a transform is shown to emulate behavior found in the human auditory system. A synthesis transformation is developed which, when cascaded with the absence of spectral modification. The effects of spec...1980-01
59 A Parametric Model for Human FacesThis report presents a computer model for the representation of human faces. This three-dimensional, parametric model produces shaded facial images. The face, constructed of polygonal surfaces, is manipulated through the use of parameters which control interpolation, translation, rotation and scalin...1974-12
60 Digital Image Deblurring by Nonlinear Homomorphic FilteringThis report is concerned with the digital estimation of the frequency response of a two-dimensional linear system through which images have been passed and blurred. Almost no a priori knowledge concerning the system is required, and only one blurred image is necessary for a successful estimation. Fo...1974-08
61 Fixed Point Computation and Parallel Algorithms for Solving Wave EquationsThis dissertation is concerned with two problems: fixed-point computation and parallel algorithms for solving wave equations. Many problems can be formulated as fixed-point problems, which is to solve the equations of the form f(x) - x = 0. We develop efficient algorithms and establish complexity re...fixed point computation; parallel algorithm; fixed point envelope; fixed point ellipsoid; wave equation; processor array; transputer; linear array1994
62 Consistent Geometric Modeling ApproachesBoolean set operations are important in solid modeling; however making them robust is problematic. This thesis summarizes the problems with robustness of geometric algorithms caused by approximated data and numerical computation and provides two different approaches to build a robust geometric model...geometric model; boolean set; adaptive single tolerance1993
63 A Saddle Point Strategy for Path PlanningThis thesis explores a new strategy for addressing the local minimum problem. As a prerequisite, a smooth potential function with a well-defined analytical gradient is devised. The availability of exact derivatives permits the use of more sophisticated optimization methods than those typically emplo...robots; robotics; motion planning, path planning; saddle point; c-space; quasi-newton1993
64 Static Analysis of Multiparadigm LanguagesWe contribute to the state of the art in static analysis of declarative languages with multiparadigms. The language paradigms under consideration include normal order evaluation, higher-order functions, polymorphic typing, and logical variables. Our static analysis integrates strictness analysis, ty...multiparadigm; declarative language; language paradigm1990
65 An Empirical Study of Persistent Object StoresPersistent object stores support the creation, manipulation, storage, and retrieval of objects. Other desirable features of persistent stores are protection, transaction management, version control and concurrency control. Due to a lack of complete understanding of the demands of applications, there...persistent object stores; CAGD; Alpha_1; ESM; Postgres; data clustering; object identifier1993-06
66 On Representation and Discretization of Finite Element AnalysesThe use of B-spline geometric representation and subdivision mechanism is explored for use in finite element analysis. On the representation issue, an attribute modelling technique is introduced to model the problem specification and the result interpretation. This modelling technique relies on the ...finite element; b-spline; geometric representation; subdivision mechanism; planar domain; shell domain; solid domain1985
67 A Visual Programming Environment for the Construction of Block DiagramsVisual programming is a broad term which is used to describe those languages which use graphics to construct visual representations of algorithms, documentation, and program execution. This thesis discusses the benefits and disadvantages of using a visual approach to programming. VIPER, the visual i...visual programming; viper; programming environment; block diagram1989-04
68 Geometric Hashing for Processing Complex ScenesThis work presents a new technique for handling many object interaction schemes developed using a graph theoretic approach. The interaction can be optical, as in ray tracing, or geometric, as in many body collision. Other problems solved by ray tracing, such as mass and volume calculation and viewin...geometric hashing; object interaction; graph theory; ray tracing; many body collision1985
69 First-Order Unification in Equational Theories and its Application to Logic ProgrammingThis thesis studies first-order unification in equational theories, called E-unification, paying particular attention to complete unification algorithms for classes of equational theories. It also investigates how results and notions of E-unification can be applied to logic programming systems that ...first-order unification; equational theory; logic programming; e-unification; semantic unification; dec-20; prolog1985
70 Elastic and Plastic Surfaces for Modeling and AnimationThis thesis presents eplastics, a modeling and animation tool developed to represent elastic and plastic surfaces under the B-spline representation. Eplastics derives its model from concepts found in physically based modeling of articulated motion, rigid bodies and deformable models. Eplastics works...animation; modeling; eplastics; articulated motion; deformable; alpha_1; b-spline1990
71 Automated Detection of DeliriumThis dissertation developed computerized decision support for the recognition of delirium, a condition resulting in high morbidity and cost. The decision support required the development of pen-based graphical user interfaces and client server databases for nursing data and clinical studies, the exe...delirium; dhcp; graphical user interface1994-12
72 Persistent Immutable Shared Abstractions for Concurrent SchemeA write-once, read-many persistent store has been developed for Concurrent Scheme, a distributed-memory parallel Lisp for the Mayfly multicomputer. The prototype implementation supports the explicit store, and implicit retrieval, of instances of the Scheme data types. Items are stored into per node ...concurrent scheme; lisp, mayfly; multicomputer; persistent store; ray tracer1994
73 Design and implementation of a portable shared memory serverProcesses communicate between one another using mechanisms like message passing, files, shared memory, etc. In current systems, shared memory is not commonly used even though it has many advantages over message passing and file sharing such as simplicity, efficiency, and lower space overhead. This t...memory management; portable shared memory server1994-12
74 TICL : a Type Inference System for Common LispMost current Common Lisp compilers generate more efficient code when supplied with data type information. However, in keeping with standard Lisp programming style, most programmers are reluctant to provide type information; they simply allow the run-time type system to manage the data types accordin...compilers; LISP; type interface; TICL1989-03
75 Moped (a portable debugger)Moped is a portable debugger that uses enhanced tracing facilities and backtracing to discover unusual or undesirable program behaviors. It is based upon two modules - Program Probes and Program. History, each providing different abilities. Program Probes is a forward tracing utility which allows Mo...debugging in computer science; computer science1988-06
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