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51 Operation Health BabyAs an individual going into a career in the healthcare system, I have put a great deal of thought into the population that I would like to serve. I chose my center of focus to be on women and children. The purpose of my Integrative Service Learning Project was to educate women in the community about...2013-04-13
52 Discovering the self within: One piece at a timeGrowing up in the community of Rose Park as a child, the one thing that I always wished for was to learn different ways to positively express myself. I picked up on some from mentors that I had, but was never sat down and taught specific ways to positively express what was going on in my life. Knowi...2011-03-14
53 Integrated Service Project Final PaperThe Summer Youth Program at the Indian Walk-In Center is program intended to help youth develop various skills to improve their lives. One such skill is to understand healthy lifestyles through physical fitness and nutrition education. For my Integrated Service Project I worked with this program dev...2014-04-01
54 Fitness hour with seniorsThe goal of this Fitness Hour with Seniors Integrated Service Project was to connect University of Utah students with the local senior population. This served many purposes, one being to act as a stepping-stone towards breaking the barriers that these students have towards the elderly population and...2012
55 Reusable sanitary padsThe struggles and needs of the teenage girls attending Kwa Watoto School in Nairobi, Kenya was determined by the needs assessment completed in December 2011. Most teenage girls miss out on education and are isolated from activities while they are on their period. The reason why they miss school is b...2013-04-01
56 Slow food's in schoolThis program was designed to teach and engage elementary students, as well as parents, in a better understanding of nutrition, cooking, and physical fitness by teaching and involving the student's in proper cooking skills, awareness of nutrition, and how we can better ourselves by what we eat and do...2013-04-01
57 Community garden passive solar systemAs a culmination of activity in the Service Learning Scholars Program, the Integrated Service Project described herein blended my academic coursework at the University of Utah with service dedicated toward meeting a community need. Working with Wasatch Community Gardens, a local non-profit organizat...2011-04
58 An engineering curriculum for 4th through 6th gradersThe project that was completed was an engineering curriculum for 4th - 6th graders at Monroe Elementary School. The purpose of this program is to introduce the students to the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. In addition to encouraging participation in these fields, the prog...2013-11-25
59 Decreasing absenteeism in Elementary schoolsChronic absenteeism is an issue that greatly affects Utah schools (AttendanceWorks, 2010; Research Brief: Chronic Absenteeism, 2012). Students being in school each day is becoming increasingly important in education. There is a growing relationship between attendance and academic performance (Balfan...2014-04-01
60 "A guide to vision care"For underserved populations, breaking down barriers in order to seek quality healthcare may be a difficult task. Studies have concluded that minorities and multiethnic populations are among the highest risk of populations in the United States. Among the populations most at risk include Latinos, Afri...2013-03-26
61 Cookbook and Community BuildingCommunity gardens are becoming more common every year. Many communities come together over shared land to grow food for their families, especially low-income communities. However, how do these people build community if they do not know each other? How does a group of people work together to sustain ...2014-04-01
62 Recycle Rice-EcclesRecycle Rice-Eccles was founded in 2010 to meet the need for recycling at the Rice-Eccles Football Stadium. What started out as a few students with garbage bags is now a 300 strong volunteer effort recycling over 12 tons per season. Through effective marketing, strong leadership, and a dedicated vol...2014-02-22
63 Affirming equity: Creating access to college careers among first generation students and students of color in elementary schoolStudents of color and first-generation students across the country encounter substantial barriers to higher education with regard to access and preparation. This project focused on increasing awareness of college professions and interest in pursuing a college degree among elementary school students ...2008-02
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