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51 Rapid Number Naming and Quantitative Eye Movements May Reflect Contact Sport Exposure in a Collegiate Ice Hockey CohortLisena Hasanaj; Sujata P. Thawani; Nikki Webb; Julia D. Drattell; Liliana Serrano; Rachel C. Nolan; Jenelle Raynowska; Todd E. Hudson; John-Ross Rizzo; Weiwei Dai; Bryan McComb; Judith D. Goldberg; Janet C. Rucker; Steven L. Galetta; Laura J. Balcer2018-03
52 Literature CommentaryM. Tariq Bhatti; Mark L. Moster2018-03
53 Weighing the Risks and Benefits of Antidepressants in Idiopathic Intracranial HypertensionAnna M. Gruener; Alexander D. Jolly; James M. A. Ellison; Michael A. Burdon2018-03
54 Advanced Neuroimaging Techniques: Basic Principles and Clinical ApplicationsJulius Griauzde; Ashok Srinivasan2018-03
55 Invited Commentary Evaluation of Horner Syndrome in the MRI EraAki Kawasaki2018-03
56 Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy Due to CalciphylaxisMagne S. Sivertsen; Erik H. Strøm; Kim M. A. Endre; Øystein Kalsnes Jørstad2018-03
57 Impact of the Elimination of Consultation Codes on Neuro-Ophthalmology in the United StatesPrem S. Subramanian; Larry P. Frohman; Valérie Biousse2018-03
58 Case of Bilateral Sequential Nonarteritic Ischemic Optic Neuropathy After Rechallenge With SildenafilAnastasia Neufeld; Judith Warner2018-03
59 Horizontal Gaze Palsy With Progressive Scoliosis: Two Novel ROBO3 Mutations in a Compound Heterozygous Sporadic Case.Carmine Ungaro; Sergio; Valentini; Antonio Cerasa; Pier Luigi Lanza; Rosalucia Mazzei2018-03
60 An Evaluation of Educational Neurological Eye Movement Disorder Video Posted on Internet Video Sharing Sites: CommentGriffin Jardine; Nancy T. Lombardo; Christy Jarvis; Kathleen; Digre2018-03
61 Case of Bilateral Sequential Nonarteritic Ishemic Optic Neuropathy After Rechallenge With Sildenafil: CommentJoshua Kruger2018-03
62 New Ways of "Seeing" the Mechanistic Heterogeneity of Multiple Sclerosis Plaque PathogenesisEthan I. Meltzer; Fiona E. Costello; Elliot M. Frohman; Teresa C. Frohman2018-03
63 Should Oral Corticosteroids Be Used to Treat Demyelinating Optic Neuritis?Mark J Morrow; Melissa W Ko2017-12
64 Relative Frequencies of Arteritic and Nonarteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy in an Arab PopulationAnna M Gruener; Jessica R Chang; Thomas M Bosley; Zakeya M Al-Sadah; Clarissa Kum; Timothy J McCulley2017-12
65 Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography in Nonarteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic NeuropathyEmily Wright Mayes; Emily D; Cole; Sabin Dang; Eduardo A; Novais; Laurel; Vuong; Carlos Mendoza-Santiesteban; Jay S Duker; Thomas R Hedges2017-12
66 Treatment Response in Pediatric Patients With Pseudotumor Cerebri SyndromeEliel Tovia; Shimon Reif; Asaf Oren; Alexis Mitelpunkt; Aviva Fattal-Valevski2017-12
67 Vertical Head Thrusting in Acquired Supranuclear Vertical OphthalmoplegiaYeon-Hee Lee; Seong-Hae Jeong; Hyo-Jung Kim; Jeong-Min Hwang; Woohyuk Lee; Ji-Soo Kim2017-12
68 Type I Dural Arteriovenous Fistula Mimicking Dural Venous Thrombosis-Related Intracranial HypertensionHang Pham; Sangeeta Khanna2017-12
69 Vision Loss and Symmetric Basal Ganglia Lesions in Leber Hereditary Optic NeuropathyMatthew A Mercuri; Halina White; Cristiano Oliveira2017-12
70 Sleep-Induced Apraxia of Eyelid OpeningSara N Reggie; John J Chen; Michael S Lee; Sophia M Chung2017-12
71 Why a One-Way Ticket to Mars May Result in One-Way Directional Glymphatic Flow to the Eye: ResponseThomas H Mader; C Robert Gibson; Christian A Otto; Ashot E Sargsyan; Neil R Miller; Prem S Subramanian; Stephen F Hart; William Lipsky; Nimesh B Patel; Andrew G Lee2017-12
72 Why a One-Way Ticket to Mars May Result in a One-Way Directional Glymphatic Flow to the Eye.Peter Wostyn; Hanspeter Esriel Killer; Peter Paul De Deyn2017-12
73 Jaw Claudication and Temporal Artery Abnormalities in Giant Cell Arteritis: Take Advantage of Clinical CluesCourtney E Francis; Christine A Petersen2017-12
74 Comparing Hypertropia in Upgaze and Downgaze Distinguishes Congenital From Acquired Fourth Nerve PalsiesYair Ivanir; Jonathan D Trobe2017-12
75 Extraocular Muscle Findings in Myasthenia Gravis Associated Treatment-Resistant OphthalmoplegiaRobyn M Rautenbach; Komala Pillay; Anthony D N Murray; Jeannine M Heckmann2017-12
51 - 75 of 670