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51 Des centres vasomoteurs et de leur mode d'action by Masius and Vanlair -- AnnotationsVasomotor effects of brain stimulation.Card Catalog Index Cards
52 Details of a Scheme for the Subjective Measurement of the Pupil by Cooke -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy demonstrates pupil size is variable factor in angle of field of vision, 'apparent pupil is larger than real pupil.'Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
53 Diagnostic Importance of Ocular Syndrome due to Disturbance of Sympathetic Innervation by Pavlova-Kaminskaja -- AnnotationsIncludes patient complaints of migraine, Horner's syndrome should be looked for, cases of paratrigeminal sympathalgia where Horner is combined with N5 legion.Card Catalog Index Cards
54 Die Feinstruktur des M. Sphincter und Dilatator und die Innervation der Menschlichen Iris by Dieterich -- AnnotationsStudy of the structure of the sphincter and dilator and the innervation of the iris.Card Catalog Index Cards
55 Die Funktionelle Gestalt des Auges und Seiner Hilfsorgane by Rohen -- AnnotationsStudy of the functional shape of the eye and its auxiliary organs.Card Catalog Index Cards
56 Die Funktionen der Nervencentra by von Bechterew -- AnnotationsAutonomic effects of thalamic stimulation, including pupillary dilation.Card Catalog Index Cards
57 Die Migraine by Mobius -- AnnotationsStudy of migraines.Card Catalog Index Cards
58 Die Pupillenenge im Schlafe und bei RueckenmarkskrankheitenDoctoral dissertation on pupil dilation upon brain stimulation.Print References
59 Die Pupillenenge im Schlafe und bei Rueckenmarkskrankheiten -- AnnotationsAnnotations on pupil dilation upon brain stimulation as discussed by Georg Bessau in Die Pupillenenge im Schlafe und bei Rueckenmarkskrankheiten (Dissertation Albertus-Universitaet zu Koenigsberg).Card Catalog Index Cards
60 Die Pupillenweite beim Uebergang ins Hochgebirge by Wiesinger & Pluss -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy of pupil width, investigations using a photographic method.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
61 Drug Testing in Horner's Syndrome by Grimson and Thompson -- AnnotationsStudy of Horner's Syndrome.Card Catalog Index Cards
62 Drug testing in Horner's Syndrome by Grimson and Thompson -- AnnotationsStudy of Horner's Syndrome.Card Catalog Index Cards
63 Dual Mechanism of Eye Signs of Headache in Cluster Pattern by Cogan -- AnnotationsDiscussion of a paper by E.C. Kunkle on the dual mechanism of eye signs of headache in cluster pattern.Card Catalog Index Cards
64 Dual Mechanism of Eye Signs of Headache in Cluster Pattern by Kunkle and Anderson -- AnnotationsStudy of eye signs in cluster headaches.Card Catalog Index Cards
65 Effect of Alcohol on Headaches in Chronic Form of Horton's Cephalgia by Klimek -- AnnotationsStudy of the effect of alcohol on headaches in Horton's Cephalgia.Card Catalog Index Cards
66 Effets de l'ablation totale des lobes occipitaux sur la vision, chez le chienAblation of the hemisphere; "very fine paper"; pupils reactive in blind field; also describes partial decussation in the optic chiasm.Print References
67 Ein binoculares Pupillometer by Ohm -- Illustrations and AnnotationsDescription of creation of a pupillometer that enables pictures of both pupils to be close to each other, to be accurately measured by a system of tangents under varying conditions. A system of mirrors is also used for getting light reflexes, and could be used to obtain the hemianopic pupillary resp...Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
68 Eine Bemerkung ueber Pupillenerweiterung durch Reizung der GrosshirnrindeLocalized deficit after cortical lesions.Print References
69 Eine Neue Methode zur Stetigan Registrierung der Konsensuellen Pupillenreaktion by Cuppers -- Illustrations and AnnotationsA new method for steady registrations of the consensual pupil reaction. (trans.)Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
70 Electron Microscopic Studies on the Iris and Ciliary Body by Mizuno -- AnnotationsStudy of the iris and ciliary body by electron microscope.Card Catalog Index Cards
71 Electron Microscopy of the Uveal Tract by Taniguchi -- AnnotationsStudy of the uveal tract and iris epithelium.Card Catalog Index Cards
72 Electrophysiological Investigations of the Pigeon Iris Neuromuscular Junctions by Pilar and Vaughan -- AnnotationsStudy of the iris neuromuscular junctions.Card Catalog Index Cards
73 Elektronenmikroskopische Untersuchungen zur Unterscheidung der Gefassadventitia von der Gefassscheide in der menschlichen Iris by Purtscher -- AnnotationsElectronmicroscopic investigations of the vascular sheath in the iris.Card Catalog Index Cards
74 Ergotamine Tartrate Orally in Horton's Histamine Cephalgia by Ekbom -- AnnotationsStudy of Horton's histaminic cephalgia.Card Catalog Index Cards
75 Etude experimentale de l'influence exercee par la faradisation de l'ecorce grise du cerveau sur quelques fonctions de la vie organiqueCardiovascular effects of cortical stimulation; pupillary dilation upon stimulation of the cortex.Print References
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