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51 Social Support: A Structure, Process and Outcome of CareWallace, Andrea2017
52 Seeds of Remembrance, 20162016
53 Seeds of Remembrance, 20172017
54 Seeds of Remembrance, 20112011
55 Scaling Up Qualitative Methods for Translational ResearchTavernier, Susan2013
56 Screening Treatment and Referral for Depression and Anxiety at the Student Health CenterKilgore, Tek2016
57 Teaching Materials Should Be Referenced Like Scholarly PapersPepper, Ginette2014
58 The Future of Nursing Advancing Nursing and the Nations HealthCipriano, Pamela2014
59 STI Screening: Utah Juvenile Justice Services and National StandardsClifton, Jennifer2014
60 Responding to Reviewers and Editors CritiqueMorton, Patricia2015
61 The Self Evaluation StatementClark, Lauren2012
62 The Strengths and Opportunities of the Future - Identified in Interdisciplinary Gerontology Education Through the Self-Study and Program Review ProcessFelsted, Katerina2013
63 Telephone-Linked Care to Monitor and Improve Patient-Reported Symptom Outcomes: A Tale of Two TrialsMooney, Kathi; Beck, Susan2013
64 Small Group Assignment Examples, Problems, SolutionsRichardson, Stephanie2013
65 The Process of Coding Communication Research by Distance Coders: Taking Advantage of TechnologySolis, Guilermina; Kehinde, Julius2013
66 Meeting CCNE Essentials: Master Evaluation Plan for the CoN or A Cure for InsomniaWilson, Barbara; Ward, Katie; Barnett, Gerrie2014
67 Becoming a Peer Reviewer for a Referred JournalMurphy, Patricia2014
68 Lets Get You Published!: Basic Steps for the Novice WriterMurphy, Patricia2014
69 Linkages Between the Safety of the Hospital Bed: Patient Falls and ImmobilityMorse, Jan2015
70 One Nurse Practitioners Experience with a Rare DiagnosisMaruri, Anna2013
71 Occupational and Family Hazards of Living Off the LandReed, Deborah2010
72 Research Program Overview: Knowledge Acquisition for Decision SupportPoynton, Mollie2010
73 Psychosocial Care for Cancer Patients as Identified by Nurses in the EHR in an Acute SettingTseng, Huichen2013
74 Qualitative Research Addressing Somali Bantu Resettlement ExperiencePenney, Debra; Smith, Yda2011
75 Medication Safety Molecular to Health System and Birth to SenescencePepper, Ginette2009
51 - 75 of 165