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51 Pioneer personal history, Rufus Garner1934Text
52 Johanna Franke1940-02-15Text
53 Biography, Marriner Stoddard Eccles1937-11-19Text
54 Pioneer personal history, J. Henry Emmett1934Text
55 Our pioneers: Martin L. Ensign1910-09-01; 1939-06-06Text
56 WPA writers project, Fred Evans (born May 27, 1861, Provo, Utah)1934Text
57 Biography of James L. Bunker, founder of Veyo, Utah1941-10Text
58 Dominicus Carter1940-09-19Text
59 Individual family record, Dorothy Knox Corless1938-09-09Text
60 Old timers: Christina Giles, Heber1937; 1941-06-16Text
61 John L. Gunn1939-06-15Text
62 Pioneer personal history questionnaire, Isaac Henry George1936; 1938-08-23Text
63 Pioneer personal history, Henry Grimm1937-06-25Text
64 Pioneer interview, Alice L. (Richardson) Gilson1938-10-07Text
65 Interview with J. P. Griffin1938-08-25Text
66 History of Herbert Samuel Gleave1939-06-17Text
67 John Hanson1940-01-30Text
68 Edwin, Evans, artist1938Text
69 Interview between Mrs. Webb and Harmon Gubler1935-06-30Text
70 Pioneer personal history questionnaire, David W. Evans1941-06-16Text
71 Historical sketch of Alice Ann Langston Dalton's life1934; 1937-09-22Text
72 Life history of Jane L. Sprunt Warner Garner1935-07-14; 1939-08-04Text
73 Pioneer personal history, Rachael A. Brown Brown1939-07-10Text
74 Dalton, Sarah Annie, 1859-19411936Text
75 Pioneer personal history questionnaire, Herbert H. Clark1939-06-02Text
51 - 75 of 865