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51 Narus, Scott P.Birth of identity: Understanding changes to birth certificates and their value for identity resolutionIntroduction Identity information is often used to link records within or among information systems in public health and clinical settings. The quality and stability of birth certificate identifiers impacts both the success of linkage efforts and the value of birth certificate registries for identit...2014-01-01
52 Gardner, Reed M.Blood Pressure Monitoring: Sharing Common Elements, ProblemsBiomedical Informatics1982
53 Warner, Homer R.Bringing HELP to the Clinical Laboratory - Use of an Expert System to Provide Automatic Interpretation of Laboratory DataBiomedical Informatics1987
54 Blumenthal, Donald K.C subunits binding to the protein kinase A RI alpha dimer induce a large conformational change.We present structural data on the RI alpha isoform of the cAMP-dependent protein kinase A that reveal, for the first time, a large scale conformational change within the RI alpha homodimer upon catalytic subunit binding. This result infers that the inhibition of catalytic subunit activity is not the...Protein Kinase; cAMP2004-04-30
55 Gardner, Reed M.Calibration and Quality Control in the Pulmonary Laboratory - Why? (Editorial)Biomedical Informatics1983
56 Warner, Homer R.Can Automation Make Interactive Medical History Taking Feasbile and Acceptable?Biomedical Informatics1974
57 Warner, Homer R.Cardiovascular Effects of Glucagon Following Cardiac SurgeryBiomedical Informatics1970
58 Warner, Homer R.The Central Arterial Pressure Pulse Contour as an Index to Left Ventricular Stroke Volume in ManBiomedical Informatics1953
59 Mitchell, Joyce A.Challenges and strategies of the Genetics Home ReferenceObjective: This paper focuses on the first two years of operation of Genetics Home Reference (GHR), a Web-based resource for the general public that helps to explain the health implications of findings from the Human Genome Project. Methods and Findings: Key challenges o...2006-01-01
60 Huser, VojtechChapter 5: RetroGuide EvaluationThis chapter presents a RetroGuide (RG) evaluation study which was conducted to assess the flowchart-based modeling approach. This study complements the previously presented case studies in an overall effort to evaluate the RG project. The evaluation was targeted at informatics users with small to m...Retroguide, Evaluation study, Analysis of data, Structured query language, Biomedical informatics, EHR, RetroGuide2008-03-28
61 Warner, Homer R.The Characteristic Sequence for the Onset of Contraction in the Normal Human Left VentricleBiomedical Informatics1979
62 Blumenthal, Donald K.Characterization of the calmodulin-binding and catalytic domains in skeletal muscle myosin light chain kinase.Limited proteolysis has been utilized to study the structural organization of rabbit skeletal muscle myosin light chain kinase. The enzyme (Mr approximately 89,000 by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis) consists of an amino-terminal, protease-susceptible region of unidentified...Enzymology; Skeletal Muscle; Proteolysis, Peptide Fragments1995-09-15
63 Blumenthal, Donald K.Characterization of the phosphotyrosyl protein phosphatase activity of calmodulin-dependent protein phosphatase.Calmodulin-dependent protein phosphatase from bovine brain and heart was assayed for phosphotyrosine and phosphoserine phosphatase activity using several substrates: 1) smooth muscle myosin light chain (LC20) phosphorylated on tyrosine or serine residues, 2) angiotensin I phosphorylated on tyrosine,...Metabolism; Phosphatase Activity1986-07-25
64 Blumenthal, Donald K.Characterization of the regulatory domain of the gamma-subunit of phosphorylase kinase. The two noncontiguous calmodulin-binding subdomains are also autoinhibitory.Phosphorylase kinase is a multimeric protein kinase (alpha 4 beta 4 gamma 4 delta 4) whose enzymatic activity is conferred by its gamma-subunit. A library of 18 overlapping synthetic peptides spanning residues 277-386 of the gamma-subunit has been prepared to use in identifying important regulatory ...Metabolism; Phosphorylase Kinase1995-09-22
65 Gardner, Reed M.Clinical Comparison of Pressure-Pulse and Indicator-Dilution Cardiac Output DeterminationBiomedical Informatics1980
66 Warner, Homer R.Clinical Data Collection With a PurposeBiomedical Informatics1968
67 Warner, Homer R.Clinical Linkages: IAIMS at the University of UtahBiomedical Informatics1988
68 Del Fiol, GuilhermeClinical questions raised by providers in the care of older adults: a prospective observational studyObjective: To characterise clinical questions raised by providers in the care of complex older adults in order to guide the design of interventions that can help providers answer these questions. Materials and methods: To elicit clinical questions, we observed and audio recorded outpatient visits at...2014-01-01
69 Warner, Homer R.Clustered Disease Findings: Aspects of Experts SystemsBiomedical Informatics1989
70 Warner, Homer R.Clustered Knowledge Representation: Increasing the Reliability of Computerized Expert SystemsBiomedical Informatics1988
71 Mitchell, Joyce A.The columbia registry of controlled clinical computer trialsNumerous reports on randomized controlled clinical trials of comnputer-based interventions have been published. These trials provide useful evaluations of the impact of information technology on patient care. Unfortunately, several obstacles make access to the trial reports difficult. Barriers inclu...1992-01-01
72 Warner, Homer R.Comparison of Different Information Content Models by Using Two Strategies: Development of the Best Information Algorithm for IliadBiomedical Informatics1992
73 Warner, Homer R.Comparison of Different Information Content Models by Using Two Strategies: Development of the Best Information Algorithm for ILIADBiomedical Informatics1992
74 Mitchell, Joyce A.Computational Feature of Selection and Classification of RET Phenotypic SeverityAlthough many reported mutations in the RET oncogene have been directly associated with hereditary thyroid carcinoma, other mutations are labelled as uncertain gene variants because they have not been clearly associated with a clinical phenotype. The process of determining the severity of a mutation...2010-01-01
75 Warner, Homer R.Computer Analysis of Phase Parameters in Left Ventricular ContractionBiomedical Informatics1976
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