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51 Managing provenance for knowledge discovery and reuseServing as a record of what happened during a scientific process, often computational, provenance has become an important piece of computing. The importance of archiving not only data and results but also the lineage of these entities has led to a variety of systems that capture provenance as well a...Provenance; VisTrails; Workflow2012-05
52 Manyvis: multiple applications in an integrated visualization environmentAs the visualization field matures, an increasing number of general toolkits are developed to cover a broad range of applications. However, no general tool can incorporate the latest capabilities for all possible applications, nor can the user interfaces and workflows be easily adjusted to accommoda...2015-05
53 Mathematical and graphical tools for the creation of computational arraysImprovement in fabrication technology leads to the increase in capability to create large complex integrated circuits. Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) electronics presents a challenge for the design and fabrication of high performance, complex, special purpose circuits. However, new design metho...1981
54 Modular radiance transferReal-time global illumination is the next frontier in real-time rendering. In an attempt to generate realistic images, games have followed the film industry into physically based shading and will soon begin integrating global illumination techniques. Traditional methods require too much memory and t...Global illumination; Graphics2015-05
55 Multivariate regression of shapes via deformation momenta: application to quantifying brain atrophy in aging and dementiaAn important aspect of medical research is the understanding of anatomy and its relation to function in the human body. For instance, identifying changes in the brain associated with cognitive decline helps in understanding the process of aging and age-related neurological disorders. The field of co...Alzheimer's disease; Computational anatomy; Diffeomorphisms; Hierarchical geodesic models; Longitudinal; Partial least squares2013-12
56 Multivariate transfer function designVisualization and exploration of volumetric datasets has been an active area of research for over two decades. During this period, volumetric datasets used by domain users have evolved from univariate to multivariate. The volume datasets are typically explored and classified via transfer function de...Transfer function design; User interaction; Volume visualization2014-08
57 Numerical study and improvement of the methods in Uintah framework: the Material Point Method and the Implicit Continuous-fluid Eulerian methodThe Material Point Method (MPM) and the Implicit Continuous-fluid Eulerian method (ICE) have been used to simulate and solve many challenging problems in engineering applications, especially those involving large deformations in materials and multimaterial interactions. These methods were implemente...Adjoint-based Error Estimate, IMPICE, IMPICE's Error Estimate, Implicit Continuous-fluid Eulerian Method, Improved ICE Method, Material Point Method2012-12
58 On Frequent Directions, A Streaming Matrix Sketching AlgorithmMatrices are essential data representations for many large-scale problems in data analytics; for example, in text analysis under the bag-of-words model, a large corpus of documents are often represented as a matrix. Many data analytic tasks rely on obtaining a summary (a.k.a sketch) of the data matr...Computer science; Computer engineering; Engineering2017
59 Opportunities for near data computing in mapreduce workloadsIn-memory big data applications are growing in popularity, including in-memory versions of the MapReduce framework. The move away from disk-based datasets shifts the performance bottleneck from slow disk accesses to memory bandwidth. MapReduce is a data-parallel application, and is therefore amenabl...Big data; Computer architecture; Hardware accelerators; Memory systems2015-05
60 Parallel ray tracing in scientific visualizationRay tracing presents an efficient rendering algorithm for scientific visualization using common visualization tools and scales with increasingly large geometry counts while allowing for accurate physically-based visualization and analysis, which enables enhanced rendering and new visualization techn...Ray tracing algorithms; Parallel programming (Computer science); Visualization2012-12
61 Parallel-streaming algorithms for solving partial differential equations on unstructured meshesPartial differential equations (PDEs) are widely used in science and engineering to model phenomena such as sound, heat, and electrostatics. In many practical science and engineering applications, the solutions of PDEs require the tessellation of computational domains into unstructured meshes and en...GPU; PDE; Unstructured meshes2013-12
62 Performance modeling for architectural and program analysisTo address the need of understanding and optimizing the performance of complex applications and achieving sustained application performance across different architectures, we need performance models and tools that could quantify the theoretical performance and the resultant gap between theoretical a...CUDA unified memory; Memory Bandwidth; Roofline2015-05
63 Physics-based animation of large-scale splashing liquids, elastoplastic solids, and model-reduced flowPhysical simulation has become an essential tool in computer animation. As the use of visual effects increases, the need for simulating real-world materials increases. In this dissertation, we consider three problems in physics-based animation: large-scale splashing liquids, elastoplastic material s...Computer graphics; Liquid simulation; Model reduction; Physically based modeling; Physics-based animation; Point-based simulation2014-08
64 Places: parallelism for racketPlaces and distributed places bring new support for message-passing parallelism to Racket. This dissertation describes the programming model and how Racket's sequential runtime-system was modified to support places and distributed places. The freedom to design the places programming model helped mak...Message passing; Parallelism; Programming languages; Racket2013-08
65 Practical symbolic execution analysis and methodology for GPU programsGraphics processing units (GPUs) are highly parallel processors that are now commonly used in the acceleration of a wide range of computationally intensive tasks. GPU programs often suffer from data races and deadlocks, necessitating systematic testing. Conventional GPU debuggers are ineffective at ...2015-05
66 Predictive analysis of message passing applicationsMessage passing (MP) has gained a widespread adoption over the years, so much so, that even heterogeneous embedded multicore systems are running programs that are developed using message passing libraries. Such a phenomenon is a shift in computing practices, since, traditionally MP programs have bee...Dynamic verification; MPI; Predictive analysis2013-08
67 Radial basis function-based numerical methods for the simulation of platelet aggregationPlatelet aggregation, an important part of the development of blood clots, is a complex process involving both mechanical interaction between platelets and blood, and chemical transport on and o the surfaces of those platelets. Radial Basis Function (RBF) interpolation is a meshfree method for the i...Forcing method; Immersed boundary method; Meshfree methods; Platelet aggregation; Radial basis Functions (RBFs)2014-08
68 Random testing of open source C compilersCompilers are indispensable tools to developers. We expect them to be correct. However, compiler correctness is very hard to be reasoned about. This can be partly explained by the daunting complexity of compilers. In this dissertation, I will explain how we constructed a random program generator, Cs...Compiler bugs; Compilers; Csmith; Gcc; llvm; Random testing2014-12
69 Resting state functional magnetic resonance imaging analysis by graphical modelFunctional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) measures the change of oxygen consumption level in the blood vessels of the human brain, hence indirectly detecting the neuronal activity. Resting-state fMRI (rs-fMRI) is used to identify the intrinsic functional patterns of the brain when there is no ext...Brain connectivity; Functional MRI; Graphical models2014-08
70 Shape analysis of defect-laden dataShape analysis is a well-established tool for processing surfaces. It is often a first step in performing tasks such as segmentation, symmetry detection, and finding correspondences between shapes. Shape analysis is traditionally employed on well-sampled surfaces where the geometry and topology is p...geometry processing; shape analysis; surface reconstruction2013-05
71 Smoothness-increasing accuracy-conserving filters (SIAC) for discontinuous Galerkin solutionsSmoothness-increasing accuracy-conserving (SIAC) filters were introduced as a class of postprocessing techniques to ameliorate the quality of numerical solutions of discontinuous Galerkin (DG) simulations. SIAC filtering works to eliminate the oscillations in the error by introducing smoothness back...Discontinous Galerkin; Oscillation; Partial differential euqation; Postprocessing; SIAC; Smoothness2013-05
72 Some models and measures for learning on a budgetMachine learning is the science of building predictive models from data that automatically improve based on past experience. To learn these models, traditional learning algorithms require labeled data. They also require that the entire dataset fits in the memory of a single machine. Labeled data are...Active learning; Distributed learning; Online learning; Transfer learning2012-12
73 Spatiotemporal modeling of anatomical shape complexesStatistical analysis of time dependent imaging data is crucial for understanding normal anatomical development as well as disease progression. The most promising studies are of longitudinal design, where repeated observations are obtained from the same subjects. Analysis in this case is challenging ...Shape analysis; Shape regression; Spatiotemporal2015-05
74 Static analysis of android applicationsToday's smartphones house private and confidential data ubiquitously. Mobile apps running on the devices can leak sensitive information by accident or intentionally. To understand application behaviors before running a program, we need to statically analyze it, tracking what data are accessed, where...Android; Malware; Static analysis2014-08
75 Streaming algorithms for matrix approximationMatrices are ubiquitous in data analysis. Most real-world datasets are formulated as n x d matrix A, where n represents the number of data points and d represents the number of features. In addition, matrices are also used to store pairwise similarities between data points. Performing any large-scal...Algorithmas; Fregquent; Directions; Matrix appoximation; Random projections; Sampling; Streaming2014-12
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