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51 Migration and genetic drift in human populationsIn humans and many other species, mortality is concentrated early in the life cycle, and is low during the ages of dispersal and reproduction. Yet precisely the opposite is assumed by classical population-genetics models of migration and genetic drift. We introduce a model in which population regul...Frequencies; Variance; Dynamics1986
52 Social reconstruction of sexual assault by women victims: a comparison of therapeutic experiencesIn this study, the conventionally accepted view of sexual violence against women as manifested by traditional therapy is contrasted with the feminist perspective represented by feminist therapy and feminist self-help groups for victims of sexual assault. The focus of the research is on the ways in ...Sexual violence; Feminist self-help; Feminist counselling1986
53 Population differences in quantitative characters as opposed to gene frequenciesHypotheses about evolution can be tested by comparing genetics differences with those of quantitative characters. Such comparisons are one source of information concerning the forces that maintain variation among natural populations.Genes; Evolution; Anthropology1986-05
54 Culture of gender: socialization, spirituality and sexualityIn this presentation, I hope to take you on a journey through the social landscape which teaches us about spirituality and sexuality. Like any journey, this one will have its ups and downs and in this case both ups and downs come from the same source. That source is the recognition that what we can...1987
55 Intergenerational transmission of relative fertility and life course patternsIn many countries fertility trends over the last century have been characterized by sustained declines and the dissemination of a relatively sophisticated contraceptive knowledge. Many possible avenues for the dissemination of such knowledge exist among contemporary populations. There has, however,...Relative fertility; Intergenerational transmission1987
56 Characteristics of Venezuelan school refusers toward the development of a high-risk profileParent, teacher, and child reports were used to identify situational and personal factors associated with school refusal in 114 3- to 13-year-old Venezuelan children. The sample consisted of 57 school refusers and 57 nonrefusers matched on age, school, and sex. As compared with nonrefusers, the refu...1987
57 Model of kin-structured migrationWhen individuals disperse from one local group to another, they often do so in the company of relatives. This is known as "kin-structured migration," and its effect on genetic population structure is investigated here. It is shown that when migration is kin-structured, the ratio of between- to with...Fission; Mobility; Population1987
58 Women, work and health: some challenges to health promotionWith greater proportions of women spending more of their working' lives outside the home, the worksite may be an excellent place for health education and promotion among women. Building' opportunities into the work day for information and counselling sessions, education about worksite health hazard...Housewives; Working women; Health risk1987
59 Medical culture and health politics: the Ontario debateThe 1986 doctors' strike in Ontario brought into stark relief many of the issues that have been latent in Canadian health politics for several decades. In this paper, an analysis from a sociological perspective is offered of the issues involved in the 1986 doctors' strike. Issues are discussed i...1988
60 Women's roles and reproduction: the changing picture in Canada in the 1980'sThe social roles of women have always been affected by their reproductive roles. Recently in Canada, as well as elsewhere, several challenges to traditional thinking about women's roles and reproduction have emerged. These challenges have called into question the models typically used to analyze wom...Childbearing; Motherhood; Childcare1988
61 Challenges to health promotion among older working womenThe work site, has, been a place of successful health promotion among; certain groups, most notably men in management. The potential of work site health promotion among women, particularly among' older working women, remains unexplored.. Given women's greater longevity and women's likelihood of spen...Workers; Longevity; Aging1988
62 Research in review: the development of nurturance in young childrenAn important, perhaps essential, adult characteristic is the motivation and ability to be a skillful and sensitive caregiver. This ability is the core of effective parenting and is also needed by nonfamily child care providers, caregivers for the handicapped and elderly, loving partners, and even pe...Nurturance1988
63 Older women: their quest for justice and peaceMyths, misconceptions and stereotypes about women and about older people combine in ways that prevent us from noticing some promising new developments in the quest for justice and peace. A popular stereotype sees the person working toward peace and justice as youthful, and significantly, often male....Women; Peace; Justice1988
64 Technological change and child behavior among the !KungHow does change in one part of a social system affect other parts? This is the central question that must be answered in order to understand the process through which culture changes. This paper is about a small piece of the problem. It investigates how changes in subsistence economy affect child be...Child behavior; Technological change; Foraging groups; Settled groups1988
65 On Human fertility: Individual or group benefit?Caldwell et al. (CA 28:25-43) have pointed to the pervasive influence of Carr-Saunders's (1922) concept of population regulation throughout two-thirds of a century of anthropology and demography.1988-01-01
66 Food sharing among Ache hunter-gatherers of Eastern ParaguayEmpirical research on food sharing among hunter-gatherers should provide critical data for evaluating both the possible role of food sharing in hominid evolution and the question of how such behavior could be selected.Hunter-gatherers; Ache; Paraguay; Anthropology1988-02
67 Hadza scavenging: implications for Plio/Pleistocene Hominid subsistenceThe frequent association of stone tools and large animal bones in African Plio/Pleistocene archaeological sites has long been taken as evidence of the importance of hunting in early hominid diets. Many now argue that it reflects hominid scavenging, not hunting.Hadza; Scavenging; Plio/Pleistocene; Hominid Diet1988-04
68 New stork rising? Women's roles and reproductive changesAnyone who has not been living in a remote cave will know that reproduction in the past decade has been changing rather dramatically. These changes have occurred on several fronts. Writing as a sociologist, I shall emphasize the social aspects of these changes, looking first at some of the changes ...In vitro; Birth rate; Artificial insemination1989
69 Women inventors in Canada: research and interventionWhat is an inventor or an invention? In this essay, we use the definition of the Canadian Patent Act, which considers a patentable invention to be a new or improved product or process or a new application of an existing product or process. An invention must be technically feasible - it must -"work" ...Patent; Inventions; Creativity1989
70 Reconceptualizing the nuptiality/fertility relationship in Canada in a new ageFirst comes love; then comes marriage; along comes Joanie with a baby carriage. This straightforward temporal sequence so long taken for granted in North America may no longer be valid. With marriage rates declining, birth rates at an historic low, births occurring outside legal marriage, and dramat...Marriage; Family; Feminist1989
71 Les femmes dans un Canada en voie de vieillissement: une approche f√©ministeLe vieillessement de la population est un des thèmes majeurs de discussion en cette fin de XXe siècle, tous les pays développés étant engagés dans le processus. Certains redoutent l'insuffisance des ressources requises pour le bien-être des personnes âgées; d'autres considèrent le vieilli...1989
72 Social dynamics of early human developmentI present the outlines of theory of social dynamics that combines a dynamic systems perspective and a Gibsonian ecological perspective to an understanding of the development of action (Fogel, in press). Different physical and social environments afford different opportunities for action. A rattle af...Social dynamics; Early human development1990
73 Becoming inventors: women who aspire to inventDespite growing awareness of women's contributions to technological advances in the past, almost nothing is known about contemporary women inventors and the challenges they face. Although greater attention has been given recently to women's contributions to technology and innovation, understanding...Inventions; Inventing; Technology1990
74 Maternal speech to three-month-old infants in the United States and JapanAn American-Japanese comparison of maternal speech to 3-month-old infants is presented. Mother-infant dyads were videotaped in the laboratory, and the maternal speech was analysed by function and syntactic form. US mothers were more information-oriented than were Japanese mothers; they also used mor...Maternal speech; Information-oriented; Affect-oriented; Prelinguistic infants; Baby talk1990
75 Individual differences in script reports: implications for language assessmentWhen individuals are asked to describe routine events, their descriptions often exhibit characteristics of script reports (Schank & Abelson, 1977). A script has been defined as a set of expectations individuals have about routine events that is organized in a temporal-causal sequence of acts or sing...Script reports; Language assessment1990
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