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51 Comparative effectiveness of the three-maneuver enema and regular cleansing enemas1968-06ir_etdText
52 Nursing procedure for fetal heart rate auscultation during labor1968-08ir_etdText
53 Physiologic weight loss in breast-fed newborn infants1969-06ir_etdText
54 Discharge problems of long-term hospitalized psychiatric patients1969-06ir_etdText
55 Anxiety levels of psychiatric patients during a course of electroconvulsive therapy1969-06ir_etdText
56 Emergency room experiences of suicide attempters1969-06ir_etdText
57 Umbilical cord as affected by two methods of bathing the newborn1969-06ir_etdText
58 Effects of oxygen therapy via nasal cannula on the oral-rectal temperature relationship of afebrile adult patients1969-06ir_etdText
59 Effect of hot and cold fluids on oral temperatures1969-06ir_etdText
60 Developmental phases of the short-interaction, short-term nurse-patient relationship.1969-06ir_etdText
61 Patient knowledge and source of knowledge concerning medicines1969-06ir_etdText
62 Second specimen testing in diabetes mellitus1969-06ir_etdText
63 Study of factors involved in a five-week nursing intervention with emergency-room patients with emotional complaints1969-06ir_etdText
64 Nursing intervention of mothers with premature infants1969-08ir_etdText
65 Study of two definitive methods of fetoscopic ausculation1969-08ir_etdText
66 The effect of two preoperative nurse-patient communications on postoperative patient welfare.1969-08ir_etdText
67 Nurses' knowledge of positioning of the acute-stroke patient for the prevention of contractures1969-08ir_etdText
68 A Comparative study of attitudes and anxieties concerning death and dying.1970-05ir_etdText
69 The influence of a birth film on attitudes toward labor and delivery1970-06ir_etdText
70 Relationship of postoperative exercises to recovery of radical mastectomy patients.1970-06ir_etdText
71 Healing of the perineum1970-06ir_etdText
72 Effects of length of hospitalization in a state hospital on concept of self and others1970-06ir_etdText
73 Parental acceptance of nursing participation in well-baby care1970-06ir_etdText
74 Effectiveness of sensory stimulation in producing voiding in hemorrhoidectomy patients with postoperative urinary retention1970-06ir_etdText
75 Relationship of an intensive preoperative nursing program to the anxiety level and postoperative outcomes in patients with cholecystectomy surgery1970-06ir_etdText
51 - 75 of 810