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51 McDaniel, SusanBorn at the right time?: gendered generations and webs of entitlement and responsibilityAnalyses of social change and challenge in sociologies for women often start with some attention to generation. Yet, generation per se has been an underconceptualized sociological construct as a structural dimension of stratification, particularly gender stratification, or as a lens through which...Generation; Gender; Women2001
52 Salari, Sonia LynneSocial and environmental infantilization of aged persons: observations in two adult day care centersThis study examines the social environments, staff behavior, and social interaction of elderly clients in two adult day care centers. Goffman's (1961) description of the psycho-social effects of the "total institution" is used as a framework for conceptualizing the effects of "partial institutions" ...Infantilization2001
53 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Reexamining the economic costs of marital disruption for womenChanges in labor force participation and returns may have lessened divorce's traditionally severe economic consequences for women. Method. We use recent data from the National Survey of Families and Households (NSFH) to analyze the economic well-being of women whose marriages ended between the firs...2001
54 Smith, Ken R.; Bean, Lee Lawrence; Mineau, Geraldine Page; Fraser, Alison M.; Lane, DianaInfant deaths in Utah, 1850-1939Of all the health revolutions that have taken place in the United States since 1850, the reduction of infant mortality is arguably the most dramatic and far-reaching. Because of the incompleteness and unreliability of surviving vital records,, we will probably never know precisely the rate of infan...Death; Utah; Infant mortality2002
55 Smith, Ken R.Fertility and post-reproductive longevityWe examine the effects of reproduction on longevity among mothers and fathers after age 60. This study is motivated by evolutionary theories of aging and theories predicting social benefits and costs of children to older parents. We use the Utah Population Database, that includes a large genealogic...Fertility; Post-reproductiivity; Longevity2002
56 Yu, ZhouDoes immigration induce urban sprawl? A dynamic demographic analysis for the U. S.This article, utilizing U.S. Census data from 1980 and 1990, probes the relationship between immigration and urban sprawl. The preliminary findings reveal that native-born and foreign-born populations are very different regarding their household behaviors. Population growth caused by immigration is...Urban sprawl; Immigration; Household growth; Population growth2002
57 McDaniel, SusanContinuities and transformations: challenges to capturing information about the 'Information Society'Continuous change and radical transformations are intrinsic and often contradictory in the 'Information Society.' If the 'Information Society' marks a radical social shift, i.e. discontinuous change, then theorizing what the phenomenon is becomes crucial in capturing useful information about it. Yet...Social process; Information; Computer technologies2002
58 McDaniel, SusanGenerational consciousness of and for womenRelying and building on an analytical framework of gendered generation, the question is posed of whether there is a greater or lesser interconnected consciousness among generations of women. Generational consciousness for women may be both thicker and more britte than it is for men. Both patriarchy...Gendered generations; Feminism; Generational consciousness2002
59 McDaniel, SusanInformation and communications technologies: bugs in the generational ointment?The uses and impacts of information and communications technologies IICTsl. are not smooth, linear or fairy-tale like in dusting society with benefits. In development, adoption, uses and impacts. technologies shape. and are shaped by social relations and social structures. Generational relations a...Information; Communication; Technologies; Social relations2002
60 McDaniel, SusanPolitiques sociales, changements économiques et démographiques et vieillissement de la population canadienne : leurs interactionsNecessaire à la decision politique, la prévision des effets qu'aura le vieillissement demographique sur la société doit débrouiller un écheveau de changements économiques, démographiques, politiques et sociaux. Pour comprendre le jeu de ces facteurs, l'auteur analyse, à partir de faits conc...2003
61 Yu, ZhouHeterogeneity in Asian American homeownership: the impact of household endowments and immigrant statusRecently, research has begun to investigate the reasons for differences in homeownership rates between Asian and whites. This paper extends this research by examining the heterogeneity that exists across Asian groups in the United States. We find that there are important differences across geog...Immigrants; Homeownership2003
62 Diener, Marissa L.; Wright, CherylAttachment security among mothers and their young children living in poverty: associations with maternal, child, and contextual characteristicsIn order to extend previous research and inform intervention programs, the goal of the present study was to further understand variability in mother-child attachment security among high-risk families living in poverty. Mothers (65% Hispanic) and their young children who were in a home visitor progr...Attachment security2003
63 McDaniel, SusanSocial cohesion and gender: reflections on tendencies and tensionsSocial cohesion, in various guises, has become a topic of great interest in recent years -- to policy, to sociologists and other social scientists, and to the public. The knit of social fabric is dependent on relationality, on social caring and connectedness, on a sense of social cohesion. Questio...Social cohesion; Gender; Diversity; Inequality2003
64 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.; Kowaleski-Jones, Lori; Smith, Ken R.Double impact: what sibling data can tell us about the long-term negative effects of parental divorceMost prior research on the adverse consequences of parental divorce has analyzed only one child per family. As a result, it is not known whether the same divorce affects siblings differently. We address this issue by analyzing paired sibling data from the 1994 General Social Survey (GSS) and 1994 Su...Siblings; Marital stability; Educational attainment2003
65 Smith, Ken R.Double impact: what sibling data can tell us about the long-term negative effects of parental divorceMost prior research on the adverse consequences of parental divorce has analyzed only one child per family. As a result, it is not known whether the same divorce affects siblings differently. We address this issue by analyzing paired sibling data from the 1994 General Social Survey (GSS) and 1994 Su...Divorce; Siblings; Educational attainment; Marital stability2003
66 Kowaleski-Jones, LoriInfluence of participation in the national school lunch program and food insecurity on child well-beingThis study examines two research questions: the child- and family-specific factors that predict food insecurity and participation in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and the effects on school-age children of food insecurity and participating in the NSLP. Results show that factors representin...Children's nutrition; Children's diet; Child development2003-03
67 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Shifting fortunes in a changing economy: trends in the economic well-being of divorced women*Income losses resulting from marital disruption have traditionally contributed to high rates of poverty for single women. This paper explores trends in the economic consequences of divorce using data from the 1980-2001 Current Population Survey March Demographic Supplement. Divorce still adversel...Divorce; Separation; Finances; Financial independence2003-10-01
68 Kowaleski-Jones, LoriFamily structure and child well-being: examining the role of parental social connectionsThis paper examines the role of parental social connections in accounting for subgroup differences in the influence of family structure on children. Our previous work found that white, but not black, children were negatively influenced by living in a singleparent family (Dunifon and Kowaleski-Jon...Sociology; Parenting; Offspring2003-10-03
69 Brown, Barbara B.Methods for preparing dry, partially articulated skeletons of osteichthyans, with notes on making ridewood dissections of the cranial skeletonWe describe methods for preparing dry skeletons of virtually any osteichthyan species with a well-ossified skeleton, including very large specimens (e.g., > 1 m Megalops atlanticus). Our approach differs from those conventionally used to prepare skeletons of tetrapods in that (1) fairly complete di...Skeleton preparation; Study specimens; Partially articulated skeletons; Osteichthyans; Ridewood dissections; Cranial skeleton2004
70 Smith, Ken R.Fertility intentions following testing for a BRCA1 gene mutationObjective: To test whether fertility intentions differed among persons who tested positive, tested negative, or did not know their genetic status for a mutation of the BRCA1 gene. Method: Participants were members of a large Utah-based kindred with an identified mutation at the BRCA1 locus. Particip...Genetic testing; Fertility; Risk notification: BRCA12004
71 Brown, Barbara B.Crime, new housing, and housing incivilities in a first-ring suburb: multilevel relationships across timeConcepts deriving from criminology, housing policy, and environmental psychology are integrated to test two ways that housing conditions could relate to crime in a declining first-ring suburb of Salt Lake City. For existing housing, we use a model to test whether housing incivilities, such as litte...Community development; Community revitalization; Crime; Urban policy2004
72 Yu, ZhouHomeownership determinants for Chinese Americans: assimilation, ethnic concentration, and nativityChinese homeownership rates in the Los Angeles CMSA adjusted by socioeconomic and housing market characteristics are on average 18 percentage points higher than those of native white households Painter et al. (2003). This finding runs contrary to most of immigration literature, which suggests that i...Chinese Americans; homeownership2004
73 Wolfinger, Nicholas H.Mixed blessings of no-fault divorceBetween the mid-1960s and 1979 the crude divorce rate in the United States more than doubled.1 Although divorce had increased at a steady rate for more than the previous 100 years, the mid-1960s marked the beginning of an unprecedented boom.2 Despite modest declines over the last twenty years,3 th...Divorce reform2005
74 Yu, ZhouRegional disparities in homeownership trajectories: impacts of affordability, new construction, and immigrationIn contrast to the 1980s, we find substantial increases in the homeownership rates of young adults in the 1990s. Focusing on the younger half of the baby boom generation, aged 35 to 44 in 2000, we explore the factors that caused steeper trajectories into homeownership in some ...Demographics; Homeownership; Immigration2005
75 Smith, Ken R.; Mineau, Geraldine Page; Kerber, Richard A.Effects of childhood and middle-adulthood family conditions on later-life mortality: evidence from the Utah population database, 1850-2002How do parents affect the health and longevity of their children? Parents can affect their children's life chances by transmitting a genetic endowment (or liability) for a long life while also providing resources and an environment that enhances (or limits) their children's longevity. Recently, m...Growth; Death; Adolescence; Geriatrics2005-01-05
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