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51 Hansen, Charles D.Evaluation of depth of field for depth perception in DVRIn this paper we present a user study on the use of Depth of Field for depth perception in Direct Volume Rendering. Direct Volume Rendering with Phong shading and perspective projection is used as the baseline. Depth of Field is then added to see its impact on the correct perception of ordinal depth...2013-01-01
52 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshVisual analysis of uncertainties in ocean forecasts for planning and operation of off-shore structuresWe present a novel integrated visualization system that enables interactive visual analysis of ensemble simulations used in ocean forecasting, i.e, simulations of sea surface elevation. Our system enables the interactive planning of both the placement and operation of off-shore structures. We illust...2013-01-01
53 Berzins, MartinDAG-based software frameworks for PDEsThe task-based approach to software and parallelism is well-known and has been proposed as a potential candidate, named the silver model, for exas-cale software. This approach is not yet widely used in the large-scale multi-core parallel computing of complex systems of partial differential equations...2012-01-01
54 Eide, Eric NormanSecure disk scrubbing in a large-scale automated testbed2010-02-26
55 Flatt, MatthewPLT scheme as an intermediate language2010-02-26
56 Freire, JulianaSiphoning hidden-web data through keyword-based interfacesIn this paper, we study the problem of automating the retrieval of data hidden behind simple search interfaces that accept keyword-based queries. Our goal is to automatically retrieve all available results (or, as many as possible). We propose a new approach to siphon hidden data that automatically ...2004-01-01
57 Brunvand, Erik L.Editorial asynchronous architectureAsynchronous design is enjoying a worldwide resurgence of interest following several decades in obscurity. Many of the early computers employed asynchronous design techniques, but since the mid 1970s almost all digital design has been based around the use of a central clock. The clock simplifies mos...1996-01-01
58 Pascucci, ValerioCombining in-situ and in-transit processing to enable extreme-scale scientific analysisWith the onset of extreme-scale computing, I/O constraints make it increasingly difficult for scientists to save a sufficient amount of raw simulation data to persistent storage. One potential solution is to change the data analysis pipeline from a post-process centric to a concurrent approach based...2012-01-01
59 Pascucci, ValerioMapping applications with collectives over sub-communicators on torus networksThe placement of tasks in a parallel application on specific nodes of a supercomputer can significantly impact performance. Traditionally, this task mapping has focused on reducing the distance between communicating tasks on the physical network. This minimizes the number of hops that point-to-point...2012-01-01
60 Pascucci, ValerioEfficient data restructuring and aggregation for I/O acceleration in PIDXHierarchical, multiresolution data representations enable interactive analysis and visualization of large-scale simulations. One promising application of these techniques is to store high performance computing simulation output in a hierarchical Z (HZ) ordering that translates data from a Cartesian ...2012-01-01
61 Balasubramonian, RajeevLeveraging heterogeneity in DRAM main memories to accelerate critical word accessThe DRAM main memory system in modern servers is largely homogeneous. In recent years, DRAM manufacturers have produced chips with vastly differing latency and energy characteristics. This provides the opportunity to build a heterogeneous main memory system where different parts of the address space...2012-01-01
62 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshMAPPED: Predictive dynamic analysis tool for MPI applicationsAbstract-Formal dynamic analysis of MPI programs is critically important since conventional testing tools for message passing programs do not cover the space of possible non-deterministic communication matches, thus may miss bugs in the unexamined execution scenarios. While modern dynamic verificati...2012-01-01
63 Pascucci, ValerioExploring performance data with boxfishThe growth in size and complexity of scaling applications and the systems on which they run pose challenges in analyzing and improving their overall performance. With metrics coming from thousands or millions of processes, visualization techniques are necessary to make sense of the increasing amount...2012-01-01
64 Berzins, MartinUintah hybrid task-based parallelism algorithmAbstract-Uintah is a software framework that provides an environment for solving large-scale science and engineering problems involving the solution of partial differential equations. Uintah uses a combination of fluid-flow solvers and particle-based methods for solids, together with adaptive meshin...2012-01-01
65 Seyedhosseini Tarzjani, Seyed MojtabaWatershed merge tree classification for electron microscopy image segmentationAutomated segmentation of electron microscopy (EM) images is a challenging problem. In this paper, we present a novel method that utilizes a hierarchical structure and boundary classification for 2D neuron segmentation. With a membrane detection probability map, a watershed merge tree is built for t...2012-01-01
66 Venkatasubramanian, SureshSensor network localization for moving sensorsSensor network localization (SNL) is the problem of determining the locations of the sensors given sparse and usually noisy inter-communication distances among them. In this work we propose an iterative algorithm named PLACEMENT to solve the SNL problem. This iterative algorithm requires an initial ...2012-01-01
67 Wan, YongInteractive extraction of neural structures with user-guided morphological diffusionExtracting neural structures with their fine details fromconfocal volumes is essential to quantitative analysis in neurobiology research. Despite the abundance of various segmentation methods and tools, for complex neural structures, both manual and semi-automatic methods are ineffective either in f...2012-01-01
68 Henderson, Thomas C.Multisensor methods to estimate thermal diffusivitySeveral methods for the estimation of thermal diffusivity are studied in this work. In many application scenarios, the thermal diffusivity is unknown and must be estimated in order to perform other estimation functions (e.g., tracking of the physical phenomenon, or solving other inverse problems lik...2012-01-01
69 Thompson, William B.Evaluating the accuracy of size perception in real and virtual environmentsAccurate perception of the size of 3D objects depicted on 2D desktop displays is important for many applications. Whether users perceive objects depicted on a display to be the same size as comparable real world objects is not well understood. We propose using affordances judgments as a way of measu...2012-01-01
70 Venkatasubramanian, SureshApproximate Bregman near neighbors in sublinear time: beyond the triangle inequalityBregman divergences are important distance measures that are used extensively in data-driven applications such as computer vision, text mining, and speech processing, and are a key focus of interest in machine learning. Answering nearest neighbor (NN) queries under these measures is very important i...2012-01-01
71 Venkatasubramanian, SureshEfficient protocols for distributed classification and optimizationA recent paper [1] proposes a general model for distributed learning that bounds the communication required for learning classifiers with e error on linearly separable data adversarially distributed across nodes. In this work, we develop key improvements and extensions to this basic model. Our first...2012-01-01
72 Kirby, Robert MichaelStochastic collocation for optimal control problems with stochastic pde constraintsWe discuss the use of stochastic collocation for the solution of optimal control problems which are constrained by stochastic partial differential equations (SPDE). Thereby the constraining SPDE depends on data which is not deterministic but random. Assuming a deterministic control, randomness withi...2012-01-01
73 Kirby, Robert MichaelKirby research group2012
74 Pascucci, ValerioThe parallel computation of morse-smale complexesTopology-based techniques are useful for multi-scale exploration of the feature space of scalar-valued functions, such as those derived from the output of large-scale simulations. The Morse-Smale (MS) complex, in particular, allows robust identification of gradient-based features, and therefore is s...2012-01-01
75 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshParameterized verification of GPU kernel programsWe present an automated symbolic verifier for checking the functional correctness of GPGPU kernels parametrically, for an arbitrary number of threads. Our tool PUG checks the functional equivalence of a kernel and its optimized versions, helping debug errors introduced during memory coalescing and b...2012-01-01
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