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51 Abstract semantics for functional constraint programmingA denotational semantics is given for a lazy functional language with monotonic side-effects arising from the unification of singly-bound logical variables. The semantics is based on a Scott-style information system, which elegantly captures the notion of "constraint additin" inherent in unificati...Abstract semantics1989
52 Augmented CPU reservations: towards predictable execution on general-purpose operating systemsOne problem with performing soft real-time computations on general-purpose operating systems is that these OSs may spend significant amounts of time in the kernel instead of performing work on behalf of the application that is nominally scheduled: the OS effectively steals time from the running appl...2001-01-01
53 Case studies in symbolic model checkingThe need to formally verify hardware and software systems before they are deployed the real world has been recognized for several decades now. This is especially true of concurrent systems that are even more difficult to debug than sequential systems. For example, many of the protocols that get emp...Symbolic model checking; Hardware verification; Software verification1994
54 Combining scheduling strategies in tabled evaluationsTabled evaluations ensure termination for Datalog programs by distinguishing calls to tabled subgoals. Given several variant subgoals in an evaluation, only the first (the generator) will use program clause resolution, the rest (consumers) must perform answer resolution using answers computed by th...SLG; SLG-WAM; Tabling; Local scheduling; Batched scheduling1997
55 Dynamic reordering of high latency transactions in time-warp simulation using a modified micropipelineTime warp based simulation of discrete-event systems is an efficient way to overcome the synchronization overhead during distributed simulation. As computations may proceed beyond synchronization barriers in time warp, multiple checkpoints of state need to be maintained to be able to rollback inva...Asynchronous design; Micropipelines; Dynamic instruction reordering; Time warp simulations1992
56 Dynamically tuning processor resources with adaptive processingUsing adaptive processing to dynamically tune major microprocessor resources, developers can achieve greater energy efficiency with reasonable hardware and software overhead while avoiding undue performance loss.Adaptive processing; Energy efficiency; DRI-cache2003-12
57 Explicit-enumeration based verification made memory-efficientWe investigate techniques for reducing the memory requirements of a model checking tool employing explicit enumeration. Two techniques are studied in depth: (1) exploiting symmetries in the model, and (2) exploiting sequential regions in the model. The first technique resulted in a significant reduc...Verification; Model checking tool; Memory-efficient1995
58 Interactive simulation and visualizationMost of us perform data analysis and visualization only after everything else is finished, which often means that we don't discover errors invalidating the results of our simulation until postprocessing. A better approach would be to improve the integration of simulation and visualization into the...Computational steering; Interactive simulation; Isosurfaces1999
59 Microarchitectural techniques to reduce interconnect power in clustered processorsThe paper presents a preliminary evaluation of novel techniques that address a growing problem - power dissipation in on-chip interconnects. Recent studies have shown that around 50% of the dynamic power consumption in modern processors is within on-chip interconnects. The contribution of interc...Microarchitectural techniques; Interconnect power; Clustered processors; On-chip2004
60 Nemos: a framework for axiomatic and executable specifications of memory consistency modelsConforming to the underlying memory consistency rules is a fundamental require- ment for implementing shared memory systems and writing multiprocessor programs. In order to promote understanding and enable automated verification, it is highly desir- able that a memory model specification be both ...Nemos; Shared memory systems2003
61 Supporting persistent C++ objects in a distributed storage systemWe have designed and implemented a C++ object layer for Khazana, a distributed persistent storage system that exports a flat shared address space as its basic abstraction. The C++ layer described herein lets programmers use familiar C++ idioms to allocate, manipulate, and deallocate persistent share...persistent C++ objects; distributed storage; Khazana; flat shared address space1999
62 Systolic array synthesis by static analysis of program dependenciesWe present a technique for mapping recurrence equations to systolic arrays. While this problem has been studied in fairly great detail, the recurrence equations that are analysed here are a generalization of those studied previously. In a n earlier paper (14] we have showed how systolic arrays can b...Systolic array synthesis; static analysis; program dependencies; recurrence equations1986
63 Two case studies in predictable application scheduling using Rialto/NTThis paper analyzes the results of two case studies in applying the Rialto/NT scheduler to real Windows 2000 applications. The first study is of a soft modem-a modem whose signal processing work is performed on the host CPU, rather than on a dedicated signal processing chip. The second is of an audi...2001-01-01
64 Type-safe composition of object modulesWe describe a facility that enables routine type-checking during the linkage of external declarations and definitions of separately compiled programs in ANSI C. The primary advantage of our server-style type-checked linkage facility is the ability to program the combination of object modules via a s...object modules; ANSI C; Type-safe; type-checking1994
65 A characterization of parallel systemsa taxonomy for parallel processing systems is presented which has some advantages over previous taxonomies. The taxonomy characterizes parallel processing systems using four parameters: topology, communication, granularity, and operation. These parameters and used repetitively in a hierarchical fash...Parallel systems1980
66 DRAFT: work in progress - - - comments solicited evolving Mach 3.0 to use migrating threadsLike most operating systems, Mach 3.0 views threads as statically associated with a single task. An alternative model is that of migrating threads, in which a single thread abstraction moves between tasks with the logical flow of control, and "server" code is passively executed. We have compatibly r...DRAFT1993
67 Fast structured design of VLSI circuitsWe believe that a structured, user-friendly, cost-effective tool for rapid implementation of VLSI circuits which encourages students to participate directly in research projects are the key components in digital integrated circuit (IC) education. In this paper, we introduce our VLSI education activ...VLSI circuits; Rapid implementation1988
68 Inferring scheduling behavior with hourglassAlthough computer programs explicitly represent data values, time values are usually implicit. This makes it difficult to analyze and debug real-time programs whose correctness depends partially on the time at which results are computed. This paper shows how to use Hourglass, an instrumented, synthe...2002-01-01
69 Microkernels meet recursive virtual machines (draft. May 10, 1996))This paper describes a novel approach to providing modular and extensible operating system functionality, and encapsulated environments, based on a synthesis of micro-kernel and virtual machine concepts. We have developed a virtualizable architecture that allows recursive virtual machines (virtual m...Microkernels; Virtual machines; Operating system functionality1996
70 Semantic definition of a subset of the structured query language (SQL)SQL is a relational database definition and manipulation language. Portions of the manipulation language are readily described in terms of relational algebra. The semantics of a subset of the SQL select statement is described. The select statement allows the user to query the database. The select st...1991
71 System performance advisor user guideThe usage of the System Performance Advisor (SPA) expert system is described. Documentation of SPA system commands, system variables, diagnostic rules is given. Information on how to run the SPA system is discussed. In addition, an overview of how SPA searches for problems is supplied. The purpose o...System Performance Advisor; SPA; User guide1991
72 Using khazana to support distributed application developmentOne of the most important services required by most distributed applications is some form of shared data management, e.g., a directory service manages shared directory entries while groupware manages shared documents. Each such application currently must implement its own data management mechanisms,...Khazana; Distributed applications; Development1999
73 A comparison of modular self-timed design stylesState-machine sequencing methods in modular 2-phase and 4-phase asynchronous handshake control are compared. Design styles are discussed, and the sequencers are tested against each other using a medium-scale minicomputer test design implemented in FPGAs. Seven 4-phase sequencers are tested. In these...Self-timed; State-machine sequencing; Asynchronous handshake control1995
74 A comparison of online superpage promotion mechanismsThe amount of data that a typical translation lookaside buffer (TLB) can map has not kept pace with the growth in cache sizes and application footprints. As a result, the cost of handling TLB misses limits the performance of an increasing number of applications. The use of superpages, multiple adjac...Superpages; Translation lookaside buffer; TLB1999
75 A Gaussian probability accelerator for SPHINX 3Accurate real-time speech recognition is not currently possible in the mobile embedded space where the need for natural voice interfaces is clearly important. The continuous nature of speech recognition coupled with an inherently large working set creates significant cache interference with other...Speech recognition; SPHINX 3; Speech recognizers2003-07-22
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