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51 Celebration of the naming of Fr. A.F. Giovannoni as a Monsignor. First Row (left to right): Adloph Giovannoni, Ancilla Giovannoni, Josephine Giovannoni, Msgr. A.F. Giovannoni, Ray Demming, Clarence H. Stephenson. Second Row: Victor Litizzette, Dominic Bergera, Frank Bombino, Fortunato Anselmo, Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Sam Scalzo, R Scalzo, R.R. Kirkpatrick, Mrs. J.E. Flynn, Mrs. Henry Ruggeri, Henry Ruggeri, Carl Marcusen. Third Row: Frank Capitolo, Dr. Bash (?), Mrs. Harvey, Neal Powers, Mrs. Joseph Barboglio, M. Harvey, Joseph Barboglio. Price, Utah, December 24, 1925.P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_04_52
52 Christopher Columbus Lodge float, Salt Lake City, utah, July 24, 1924.P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_04_53
53 The Burascano familyP0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_04_54
54 Members of the Burascano family in St. George, Utah.P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_04_56
55 Italian wedding celebration, Carbon County, UtahP0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_04_57
56 Italian Wedding celebration, Carbon County, UtahP0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_04_58
57 Italian family prior to leaving Italy, 1920P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_05_59
58 Italian family portrait, Helper, Utah, 1928P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_05_60
59 Italian wedding celebration, Spring Canyon, UtahP0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_05_61
60 Helper Power Plant and crew, ca. 1925P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n01_05_62
61 Members of the Aragona Burascano family in Santa Lucia, Messina, Italy, before coming to America. Relatives of Mrs. Louis Lingos, Salt Lake City, Utah.P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0086n55
62 All-State Italian Day, Lagoon Resort, ca. 1953P0086 Italian Photograph Collectionp0096n01_04_49
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