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26 Cerebral Localisation as discussed by David Ferrier at the Croonian Lectures -- AnnotationsOcular and head movements upon cortical stimulation (pupil dilation).Card Catalog Index Cards
27 Ciliary (Migrainous) Neuralgia and its Treatment by Harris -- AnnotationsStudy of ciliary neuralgia and treatments.Card Catalog Index Cards
28 Clinical Aspects of Cluster Headache by Ekbom -- AnnotationsStudy of cluster headaches.Card Catalog Index Cards
29 Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology by Walsh and Hoyt -- AnnotationsFrom Loewenfeld's "Pupil" index: "Updated, expanded, re-arranged third edition of Walsh's great text, in 3 Volumes. A Colossal work that invariably makes writers in this field feel like beggars by comparison."Card Catalog Index Cards
30 Clinical Sub-types of Cluster Headache and Response to Lithium Therapy -- AnnotationsStudy of cluster headaches and response to lithium therapy.Card Catalog Index Cards
31 Cluster Headache Associated with Primary Hyperlipidemia by Olesen -- AnnotationsStudy of cluster headaches as associated with primary hyperlipidemia, study of two brothers suffering from cluster headache of the chronic variant as well as hyperlipidemia. 11 consecutive cases of cluster headache were studied for lipid abnormality.Card Catalog Index Cards
32 Cluster Headache Syndrome and Migraine. Opthalmological Support for a Two-Entity Theory by Horven and Sjaastad -- AnnotationsStudy of cluster headache syndromes and migraines.Card Catalog Index Cards
33 Cluster Headache. Nomenclature Regarding Horton's or Histamine Headache by Prusinski -- AnnotationsStudy of cluster headaches, Horton's or Histamine headaches.Card Catalog Index Cards
34 Cluster Headaches by Bickerstaff -- AnnotationsStudy of cluster headaches.Card Catalog Index Cards
35 Cluster Migraine--An Unrecognized Common Entity by Nelson -- AnnotationsStudy of the cluster migraine.Card Catalog Index Cards
36 Coexistence of Pupillary and Heart Sympathetic Asymmetries in Cluster Headache by Boccuni et al -- AnnotationsStudy of pupillary and heart sympathetic asymmetries in cluster headache.Card Catalog Index Cards
37 Comparative and Experimental Studies on the Iris in Primates by Rohen -- AnnotationsStudy of iris structure.Card Catalog Index Cards
38 Conditions Determining Adrenaline Secretion by Hartman, McCordock & Loder -- Illustrations and AnnotationsVarious stimuli applied to completely denervated pupil will cause dilation of the pupil. Similar stimuli cause little or no dilation of the completely denervated pupil after the adrenals are removed. The completely denervated pupil, therefore, can be used to indicate increased epinephrine discharge.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
39 Contribution a la etude des phenomenes produits par la faradisation de l'ecorce grise du cerveau. Points sensibles: points qui determinent la diminution de la tension arterielle by Bochfontaine -- AnnotationsBlood pressure, salivation, and contraction of spleen upon cortical stimulation.Card Catalog Index Cards
40 Cyclical Head and Face Pain by Friedman et al -- AnnotationsStudy of cyclical head and face pain.Card Catalog Index Cards
41 De l'influence de l'ecorce grise sur la dilation de la pupille by Mislawsky -- AnnotationsSympathetic ocular triad upon cortical stimulation.Card Catalog Index Cards
42 Denervation supersensitivity in Horner's Syndrome by Korczyn -- AnnotationsStudy of denervation supersensitivity in Horner's Syndrome.Card Catalog Index Cards
43 Der Bau der Regenbogenhaut Beim Menschen und Einigen Säugern by Rohen -- AnnotationsStudy of iris structure.Card Catalog Index Cards
44 Der Feinbau der Iris bei verschiedener Pupillenweite by Böshaar -- AnnotationsStudy of the structure of the iris at different pupil widths.Card Catalog Index Cards
45 Der Hund ohne GrosshirnReduced rage threshold in dog; motor and autonomic functions in a dog without forebrain.Card Catalog Index Cards
46 Der Konstruktive Bau der Regenbogenhaut by Rohen -- AnnotationsStudy of iris structure.Card Catalog Index Cards
47 Des Fibres Pupillaires de la Bandelette Optique by Darkchevitch -- Illustrations and AnnotationsCase study demonstrating complete pupillary immobility to light.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
48 Des centres vasomoteurs et de leur mode d'action by Masius and Vanlair -- AnnotationsVasomotor effects of brain stimulation.Card Catalog Index Cards
49 Details of a Scheme for the Subjective Measurement of the Pupil by Cooke -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy demonstrates pupil size is variable factor in angle of field of vision, 'apparent pupil is larger than real pupil.'Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
50 Diagnostic Importance of Ocular Syndrome due to Disturbance of Sympathetic Innervation by Pavlova-Kaminskaja -- AnnotationsIncludes patient complaints of migraine, Horner's syndrome should be looked for, cases of paratrigeminal sympathalgia where Horner is combined with N5 legion.Card Catalog Index Cards
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