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26 Biomedical telemetry: today's opportunities and challengesir_uspaceText
27 Semantics of networks containing indeterminate operatorsir_uspaceText
28 A communication-ordered task graph allocation algorithmir_uspaceText
29 Photophysics of excitons in quasi-one-dimensional organic semiconductors: single-walled carbon nanotubes and ∏-conjugated polymersir_uspaceText
30 Decision making in videotaped selection interviews: age and position effects retestedir_uspaceText
31 On the use of adjoint-based sensitivity estimates to control local mesh refinementir_uspaceText
32 Modeling of solids for three-dimensional finite element analysisir_uspaceText
33 Interchain photogeneration of charged solitons in trans-(CH)xir_uspaceText
34 Zones of approach for craniofacial resection: minimizing facial incisions for resection of anterior cranial base and paranasal sinus tumorsir_uspaceText
35 Ecophysiology of riparian cottonwood and willow before, during, and after two years of soil water removalir_uspaceText
36 Quest for a polymeric ferromagnet: a new polymorph of 1,4-bis(2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-oxy-4-piperidyl-1-oxy)butadiyne (invited)ir_uspaceText
37 Graphical man/machine communications: June 1972ir_uspaceText
38 Data distributed, parallel algorithm for ray-traced volume renderingir_uspaceText
39 War power of Congress and revision of the war powers resolutionir_uspaceText
40 Instrumented sensor system architectureir_uspaceText
41 Composable consistency for large-scale peer replicationir_uspaceText
42 Irving S. Cooper (1922-1985): a pioneer in functional neurosurgeryir_uspaceText
43 Apparent vibrational side bands in rr-conjugated systems: the case of distyrylbenzeneir_uspaceText
44 Does immigration induce urban sprawl? A dynamic demographic analysis for the U. S.ir_uspaceText
45 35Cl spin-lattice relaxation in incommensurate bis(4-chlorophenyl)sulfoneir_uspaceText
46 Dynamic CPU management for real-time, middleware-based systemsir_uspaceText
47 Course in modern physics for Colombiair_uspaceText
48 Review of Kim Sterelny, Evolution of Agency and Other Essaysir_uspaceText
49 DRAFT: work in progress - - - comments solicited evolving Mach 3.0 to use migrating threadsir_uspaceText
50 A pair potentials study of matrix-isolated atomic zinc. II. Intersystem crossing in rare-gas clusters and matricesir_uspaceText
26 - 50 of 21,719