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26 Querying the webir_uspaceText
27 Two-photon absorption spectra of luminescent conducting polymers measured over a wide spectral rangeir_uspaceText
28 Growth and change Florida style: 1970 to 2000ir_uspaceText
29 So many meetings so little time: using IP videoconferencing to revitalize statewide committeesir_uspaceText
30 Growth and characterization of TaN/TiN superlattice structuresir_uspaceText
31 Group selection by selective emigration: the effects of migration and kin structureir_uspaceText
32 Pressure-induced hard-to-soft transition of a single carbon nanotubeir_uspaceText
33 Institutions, location, and network of multinational enterprises in China: a case study of Hangzhouir_uspaceText
34 Bridging the XML-relational divide with LegoDB: a demonstrationir_uspaceText
35 Improving communication between man and computers: some recent developmentsir_uspaceText
36 Complexity of computing topological degree of Lipschitz functions in n dimensionsir_uspaceText
37 Efficient verification of hazard-freedom in gate-level timed asynchronous circuitsir_uspaceText
38 Scanning capacitance microscopy on a 25 nm scaleir_uspaceText
39 Building databases for the computer-based memorization systemir_uspaceText
40 Eccentric exercise versus usual-care with older cancer survivors: the impact on muscle and mobility- an exploratory pilot studyir_uspaceText
41 Observation of 238 U photofission productsir_uspaceText
42 An efficient algorithm for lattice filter/predictorir_uspaceText
43 Tiempo norte, tiempo sur (north time, south time)ir_uspaceText
44 Lack of benefit of endoscopic ventriculoperitoneal shunt insertion: a multicenter randomized trialir_uspaceText
45 Geological development of the Omo-Turkana Basin during the pliocene and pleistocene epochsir_uspaceText
46 Effect of sample and incident beam areas on quantitative spectroscopyir_uspaceText
47 Theory of the time-domain measurement of spin-dependent recombination with pulsed electrically detected magnetic resonanceir_uspaceText
48 Scattering of plasmons at the intersection of two metallic nanotubes: implications for tunnelingir_uspaceText
49 Heterostructures in GaInP grown using a change in V/III ratioir_uspaceText
50 Supply-side economics: a skeptical viewir_uspaceText
26 - 50 of 21,725