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26 Understanding of the tricarboxylic acid cycle metabolon as an efficient biocatalystir_etdText
27 Remembering dismembrance: a critical compendiumir_etdText
28 The human versus the supernatural: intervallic, motivic, and harmonic connections in stravinsky's the firebirdir_etdText
29 Oxygen supply and demand in humans: cardiovascular and metabolic implicationsir_etdText
30 Recent ice sheet snow accumulation and firn storage of meltwater inferred by ground and airborne radarsir_etdText
31 The impact of oxidative stress on oxygen transport and utilization in health and diseaseir_etdText
32 Noninvasive ultrasound measurement of temperature distribution in refractories of coal and biomass gasifiersir_etdText
33 Towards a decided body and choreographyir_etdText
34 A small low-power wireless integrated microsystemir_etdText
35 Ash deposition and ash aerosol formation mechanisms during oxy-coal combustionir_etdText
36 Climate change, asymmetric costs, and the challenge to the capitalist system of production: a macroeconomic perspectiveir_etdText
37 An exploratory study of chinese college students' autonomy development and parental influenceir_etdText
38 Plant architecture and the allometry of hydraulic transport, light interception and growthir_etdText
39 The influence of ethnic newspaper consumption on cancer prevention behaviors: a test of the cognitive mediation modelir_etdText
40 Oxidation and condensation of zinc fume in steelmaking off-gas systemsir_etdText
41 Application of subspace methods to detect and characterize coal mine related seismicity in the western united statesir_etdText
42 Icelandic quirky agreement restrictions: evidence for phi-defective t in quirky subject constructionsir_etdText
43 Structure-function studies of sagebrush farnesyl diphosphate synthase and chrysanthemyl diphosphate synthase by chimeragenesisir_etdText
44 Improving the image and quantitative data of magnetic resonance imaging through hardware and physics techniquesir_etdText
45 Particulate formation from pulverized coal under oxy-fuel combustion conditionsir_etdText
46 Liquid metal-based terahertz metamaterialsir_etdText
47 Essays in financial marketsir_etdText
48 The synthesis of the c-ring subunit of bryostatin 1, and the synthesis and biological evaluation of fluorescent bryostatin analogsir_etdText
49 Development of a new colloid filtration theory in the presence of energy barriers via discrete nanoscale heterogeneityir_etdText
50 The morphology of the "well-designed campus": campus design for a sustainable and livable learning environmentir_etdText
26 - 50 of 21,726