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26 Influence of self-esteem on the subjective well-being of older divorced and widowed adultsir_etdText
27 Polymeric anticancer drugs: design, characterization and activity against human ovarian carcinoma in nude miceir_etdText
28 Foucauldian analysis of power in nursing educationir_etdText
29 Adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate in highly purified and mixed primary cultures of neurons and non-neuronal cells from embryonic chick sympathetic gangliair_etdText
30 Pharmacy leaders and the entry-level Doctor of Pharmacyir_etdText
31 DNA vaccination of SJL/J mice against Theiler's murine encephalomyelitis virusir_etdText
32 Evaluation of hypoxic-ischemic brain damage in the neonatal rat using magnetic resonance imagingir_etdText
33 Study of nurses' attitudes and anxieties toward death and dyingir_etdText
34 The role of nerve growth factor in the regulation of collateral axon sproutingir_etdText
35 Elephant sex pheromone transport and recognitionir_etdText
36 Antithrombin III residue tyrosine-131 serves as a molecular switch during heparinmediated conformational activation of its anticoagulant activityir_etdText
37 Sensory descriptions in recalling a recent bone marrow transplant experienceir_etdText
38 Assessing advanced practice psychiatric nurses' boundary violations in psychotherapy : survey results with the exploitation indexir_etdText
39 Effect of cortisol and deoxycorticosterone acetate on brain amino acid and electrolyte metabolismir_etdText
40 Adult daughters' perspectives on admission of a parent to a nursing home: directions for nursing practicir_etdText
41 Importance of bitumen viscosity control in the hot water processing of Utah tar sandsir_etdText
42 Physician information networkir_etdText
43 Triplex-forming branched obligonucleotides: sythesis and interactions with ribo- and deoxyribo-oligonucleotidesir_etdText
44 Regulation of ligand release and receptor signaling by the membrane-anchoring domains of epidermal growth factor receptor ligandsir_etdText
45 Head nurse fit with staff, administration, and situation : impact on unit performance and staff satisfactionir_etdText
46 Membrane marker movement on sympathetic axons in tissue cultureir_etdText
47 Geostatistical evaluation of the mahogany oil shale zone in the eastern Uinta Basin of Utah using a rotating cartesian coordinate systemir_etdText
48 Mechanistic studies of iontophoresis with human skinir_etdText
49 Separation and characterization of polymers by thermal field-flow fractionationir_etdText
50 Characterization of the yeast Sin3 repressor complexir_etdText
26 - 50 of 21,717