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26 Building Reserve: A Pilot Study of Physical Activity and Exercise in Frail Older Adults2015ehsl_conrllVideo
27 Building a Knowledge Base for Health Information Exchange Between Emergency Departments and Poison Control Centers2012ehsl_conrllVideo
28 CCNE Accreditation: What Is It All About?2011ehsl_conrllVideo
29 Case Studies How to Use the Advocate System with Selected Student Conduct Issues2011ehsl_conrllVideo
30 Children Should Be Seen AND Heard: Children's Perspectives of Their Illness-Related Experiences2018ehsl_conrllVideo
31 Clinical Research in Pediatric Critical Care2010ehsl_conrllVideo
32 Concept-Based Curriculum and Conceptual Teaching2010ehsl_conrllVideo
33 Conducting Research in an Inpatient Clinical Setting2013ehsl_conrllVideo
34 Creating Effective Posters Redux2015ehsl_conrllVideo
35 Cultivating Community Partnerships for Developing Cultures of Health and Well Being2015ehsl_conrllVideo
36 Current Health Issues Among Veteran Population2014ehsl_conrllVideo
37 Dealing with Chronic Pain and Grief Caused by Death: Suggestions for Clinical Practice2011ehsl_conrllVideo
38 Developing Hybrid Courses Balancing Fact to Face and Online Learning2010ehsl_conrllVideo
39 Diabetes2013ehsl_conrllVideo
40 Distance Learning Communities: What We Know About PhD Nursing Education2011ehsl_conrllVideo
41 Diversity in the College of Nursing: Whats Up?2013ehsl_conrllVideo
42 Doing Research: Research Career Trajectory, 19782010ehsl_conrllVideo
43 Emma Eccles Jones Nursing Research Center Update2013ehsl_conrllVideo
44 Engaging Diverse Populations in Community-Based Participatory Health Research Building Community, Building Scholars2011ehsl_conrllVideo
45 Enhancing Research Through the Power of Social Media2016ehsl_conrllVideo
46 Evaluating Impact2014ehsl_conrllVideo
47 Evidence-Based Practices in Clinical Evaluation of Grief Status and Research in Promising Interventions for Complicated Grief2017ehsl_conrllVideo
48 Faith Community Nursing Evolving Specialty2010ehsl_conrllVideo
49 Finding Evidence for Practice2011ehsl_conrllVideo
50 Five Ways to Find and Reclaim Your Passion for Teaching2014ehsl_conrllVideo
26 - 50 of 159