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26 The Nature and Control of Snow Cornices on the Bridger Range, Southwestern Montana1968-10uu_altaavText
27 A Technique for Forecasting the Rate of Snowfall at Alta, Utah1966-11uu_altaavText
28 The Relation of Crystal Riming to Avalanche Formation in New Snow1966-05uu_altaavText
29 The Chemical Modification of Depth Hoar1962-02uu_altaavText
30 Man-Made Nominal Wind Action Area Part II (Winter 1962-63)1963uu_altaavText
31 Introduction to Snow Avalanches1967-12uu_altaavText
32 The Formation Rate of Depth Hoar1961-04uu_altaavText
33 Man-Made Nominal Wind Action Area1962-06uu_altaavText
34 Encounter Probabilities for Avalanche Damage1966-03uu_altaavText
35 Instrumentation for Snow, Weather and Avalanche Observations1970-04uu_altaavText
36 Method of Predicting Avalanche Danger from Snowfall Intensity in the Tien-Shan1969-09uu_altaavText
37 On Glide and Creep of the Snow Cover Among Avalanche Defenses1968-11uu_altaavText
38 Availability of the Ram Penetrometer (Haefeli Rammsonde) in the United States1962uu_altaavText
39 On Snow Cover Ablation1964-11uu_altaavText
40 The Avalanche Zoning Plan1970-07uu_altaavText
41 The Bethel Mountain Avalanche diversion barrier : U.S. Highway 6, Loveland Pass, Colorado1960uu_altaavText
42 Reforestation in the Austrian Alps1966-02uu_altaavText
43 Mechanical Properties of the Soft Slab1967-06uu_altaavText
44 Nitrostarch Slurry As A Blasting Agent For Snow Safety Work1966-03uu_altaavText
45 Critique on Heat and Vapor Transfer in Snow1960-12uu_altaavText
26 - 50 of 45