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26 On life history evolution (a comment on Chisholm)1994-01-01ir_uspaceText
27 On optimal foraging models and subsistence transitions1992-01-01ir_uspaceText
28 On why male foragers hunt and share food: Reply to Hill and Kaplan1993-01-01ir_uspaceText
29 Hadza children's foraging: juvenile dependency, social arrangement and mobility among hunter-gatherers1995ir_uspaceText
30 Prestige and piety in the Iranian synagogue1978ir_uspaceText
31 Can females gain additional paternal investment by mating with multiple males? a game theoretic approach2001-11ir_uspaceText
32 Competition between foragers and food producers on the Botletli River, Botswana1986ir_uspaceText
33 Genetic relatedness to sisters children has been underestimated2013-01-01ir_uspaceText
34 Territoriality among human foragers: ecological models and an application to four Bushman Groups1983-02ir_uspaceText
35 Modeling the amplification dynamics of human Alu retrotransposons2005ir_uspaceText
36 Waist-to-hip ratio across cultures: trade-offs between androgen- and estrogen-dependent traits2008ir_uspaceText
37 Global process and local ecology: how should we explain differences between the Hadza and the !Kung?1996ir_uspaceText
38 Genetic evidence on modern human origins1995ir_uspaceText
39 Relatedness and kin-structured migration in a founding population: Plymouth colony, 1620-16331991ir_uspaceText
40 Why hunter-gatherers work: An ancient version of the problem of public goods2001-08ir_uspaceText
41 Food sharing among Ache hunter-gatherers of Eastern Paraguay1988-02ir_uspaceText
42 Some current ideas about the evolution of the human life history1999ir_uspaceText
43 Genetic structure of the Utah Mormons: comparison of results based on RFLPs, blood groups, migration matrices, isonymy, and pedigrees1994ir_uspaceText
44 Waist-to hip ratio across cultures: trade-offs between androgen-and estrogen-dependent traits2008ir_uspaceText
45 J. P. Rushtons theory of ethnic nepotism2012-01-01ir_uspaceText
46 Technological change and child behavior among the !Kung1988ir_uspaceText
47 Human life histories: primate trade-offs, grandmothering socioecology, and the fossil record2003ir_uspaceText
48 When natural selection favors imitation of parents2008ir_uspaceText
49 On network analysis: the potential for understanding (and misunderstanding) !Kung Hxaro1998-08ir_uspaceText
50 Hunting and the evolution of egalitarian societies: lessons from the Hadza2000ir_uspaceText
26 - 50 of 149