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26 Jan Tyler Oral History Interview (2)1980-09-22Text; Sounddha_mwi
27 Kathryn Mackay Oral History Interview1979-09-19Text; Sounddha_mwi
28 Loneta Murphy Oral History Interview1979-10-26Text; Sounddha_mwi
29 Marilyn Warenski Oral History Interview1979-07-01Text; Sounddha_mwi
30 Maureen Ursenbach Beecher Oral History Interview1978-09-14Text; Sounddha_mwi
31 Norma Matheson Oral History Interview1978-07-26Text; Sounddha_mwi
32 Retrenchment Society Oral History Interview1975-05-29Text; Sounddha_mwi
33 Teddy Wood Oral History Interview1979Text; Sounddha_mwi
34 Thelma Weight Oral History Interview1980-05-06Text; Sounddha_mwi
35 Vicky Burgess-Olson Oral History Interview1979-08-18Text; Sounddha_mwi
36 Wanda Scott Oral History Interview1980-05-06Text; Sounddha_mwi
37 O.L. Tapp, Whispering Sands Music, 19561959Sounduum_oltc
38 O.L. Tapp, Whispering Sands Audio, 19561959Sounduum_oltc
39 O.L. Tapp, Those Other Years Audio A, 19591959Sounduum_oltc
40 O.L. Tapp, Those Other Years Audio B, 19591959Sounduum_oltc
41 O.L. Tapp, Whispering Sands Wind Sound, 19561959Sounduum_oltc
42 Barbara interviewSoundir_mdpa
43 Alain interviewSoundir_mdpa
44 Dipika interviewSoundir_mdpa
45 Ligia interviewSoundir_mdpa
46 Angelina inteviewSoundir_mdpa
47 Oral history interview of Kirsten Cantrell, conducted by Ami Chopine (audio)2020-10-17Sounduum_uc19
48 Oral history interview of Amber Beck, conducted by Ami Chopine (audio)2020-10-13Sounduum_uc19
49 Christina interviewSoundir_mdpa
50 Fawn McKay Brodie: Recording of Henry Kissinger Dictation, April 4, 1968, part one (unintelligible)1968-04-04Sounduum_fbav
26 - 50 of 3,687