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26 Ptolemy's view of the universe1661uum_rbcImage
27 Second hemisphere with the Christian constellations.1661uum_rbcImage
28 Selenographic diagram of phases and appearances of the Moon.1661uum_rbcImage
29 The sizes of the celestial bodies.1661uum_rbcImage
30 The southern constellations with the earth underneath.1661uum_rbcImage
31 Southern Hemisphere with constellations in equal proportion to the globes.1661uum_rbcImage
32 Spherical view of the celestial and terrestrial northern hemispheres.1661uum_rbcImage
33 The spiral revolution of the Sun around the Earth.1661uum_rbcImage
34 Sun in an eccentric orbit without epicycles.1661uum_rbcImage
35 Tycho Brahe's calculation of the planets' orbits and distances.1661uum_rbcImage
36 Image of the aspects, oppositions, conjunctions, etc. among the planets.1661uum_rbcImage
37 Skin Lodge of an Assiniboinuum_rbcImage
38 Skin Lodge of an Assiniboin Chief1840-06-01uum_rbcImage
39 White Castles on the Upper Missouriuum_rbcImage
40 White Castles on the Upper Missouriuum_rbcImage
41 Winter Village of the Minatarres1841-05-01uum_rbcImage
42 Travellers Meeting with Minatarre Indians, Near Fort Clark1842-07-01uum_rbcImage
43 Abdih-Hiddisch, A Minatarre Chief1841-07-01uum_rbcImage
44 Assiniboin Indians1839-11-15uum_rbcImage
45 Mato-Tope, Adorned with the Insignia of his Warlike Deeds1839-01-01uum_rbcImage
46 Pehriska-Ruhpa, A Minatarre or big-bellied Indian1839-01-01uum_rbcImage
47 Beaver Hut on the Missouriuum_rbcImage
48 Bellvue, Mr. Dougherty's Agency on the Missouri1840-09-01uum_rbcImage
49 Bison Dance of the Mandan Indians1842-07-01uum_rbcImage
50 Blackfoot Indian on Horseback1840-02-01uum_rbcImage
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