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26 Fired Heater Flooding2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
27 Forced Draft Firing vs Induced Draft2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
28 Industrial-Scale Development and Testing of an Elevated Flare Tip2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
29 Industrial Boiler Troubleshooting Discussion2017-12-13uu_afrcEvent
30 Alkaline Hydrolysis Resistant and Durable Refractory Linings for Fired Process Heaters2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
31 Biomass Gasification Diagnostics with Flame Spectroscopy in an Oxy-fired Pressurized Gasification Facility2017-12-11uu_afrcEvent
32 Emission Reduction with Innovative Oxygen Injection2017-12-11uu_afrcEvent
33 Estimating Fired Heater Coils Safety Time using Transient Analysis2017-12-11uu_afrcEvent
34 Achieving Heater Resiliency: The Role of Radiant Tube Support and Stack Damper Performance2017-12-11uu_afrcEvent
35 Combustion Flame Safeguarding2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
36 Using CFD to Optimize Flow Distribution in Gas Flare Piping2017-12-11uu_afrcEvent
37 RANS vs LES CFD for Gas-Fired Combustion Equipment2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
38 Thermoacoustic Vibrations in Industrial Furnaces and Boilers2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
39 The IFRF- Past, Present, and Future2017-12-11uu_afrcEvent
40 Regulatory Update for Refinery and Chemical Sector Flares2017-12-11uu_afrcEvent
41 New Direct Flame Monitoring Technology to Help Operators Comply with Increasingly Stringent Flaring Regulations2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
42 Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Based Flare Emissions Monitoring2017-12-11uu_afrcEvent
43 New Damper Design Improves Draft Control in Fired Heaters2017-12-11uu_afrcEvent
44 Industrial Boiler Troubleshooting2017-12-13uu_afrcEvent
45 Off-Stoichiometry Partial-Premix Process Burner Applications2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
46 Recent Developments and Current Insights in Ethylene Flare Technology: The Impact of Burner Design Vent Gas Variability and Ancillary Equipment2016-09-13uu_afrcEvent
47 Part II. Deployment of Continuous Online Monitoring of Local Tube Metal Temperature of a Refinery Depropanizer Reboiler2016-09-13uu_afrcEvent
48 Heater Recirculation Pattern Analysis and Burner Spacing Optimization2016-09-12uu_afrcEvent
49 Duplex-A Creative Innovation In Industrial Combustion Technology2016-09-12uu_afrcEvent
50 New Approach to Improving Reliability of Crude Heaters2016-09-12uu_afrcEvent
26 - 50 of 172