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26 Getting Started with Publishing: Selecting a Topic and JournalMorton, Patricia2014
27 Applying Adult Learning Theory to Nursing EducationClifton, Jennifer2013
28 HPV Vaccination and Cancer Prevention Among Vulnerable Populations in Utah2015
29 Responding to Reviewers and Editors CritiqueMorton, Patricia2015
30 NINR Bootcamp on Fatigue and Sleep Methodologies: 2013 Symptom ClustersBeck, Susan2015
31 Women Interested in Nursing, 2015: Call the Midwife: Today's Birthing Options2015
32 Older Adults and Injuries Risks Access to Care and OutcomesEdelman, Linda2013
33 Interprofessional Research in the CPCCRNSward, Katherine2013
34 Unique Challenges and Great Rewards Conducting Research within the Somali CommunityDyer, Jane2015
35 Information Flow and Using Paper2McFarland, Mary; Jones, Peter2013
36 What's New in Community Engaged Learning at the U of U?Winemiller-Basinger, Nancy2012
37 Writing Effective Professional Letters of EvaluationWildermuth, Amy2012
38 The Self Evaluation StatementClark, Lauren2012
39 The Strengths and Opportunities of the Future - Identified in Interdisciplinary Gerontology Education Through the Self-Study and Program Review ProcessFelsted, Katerina2013
40 Telephone-Linked Care to Monitor and Improve Patient-Reported Symptom Outcomes: A Tale of Two TrialsMooney, Kathi; Beck, Susan2013
41 From Idea to Intervention Technology for Children with Autism and or ADHDMorstein, Jodi2014
42 Small Group Assignment Examples, Problems, SolutionsRichardson, Stephanie2013
43 Diversity in the College of Nursing: Whats Up?Tom-Orme, Lillian2013
44 Bed Bath and Beyond the Undergraduate ExperienceBarnett, Gerrie; Hollister, Lynn2013
45 Conducting Research in an Inpatient Clinical SettingGrant, Mary Jo2013
46 A Net of Wonder Lessons for Nurse Scientists from Exploring the SeaBeck, Susan2013
47 Emma Eccles Jones Nursing Research Center UpdatePepper, Ginette; Wong, Bob2013
48 Evidence-Based Practices in Clinical Evaluation of Grief Status and Research in Promising Interventions for Complicated GriefSupiano, Kathie2017
49 The Process of Coding Communication Research by Distance Coders: Taking Advantage of TechnologySolis, Guilermina; Kehinde, Julius2013
50 Assessment of HPV Vaccination in Utah: Reaching Out To Latino FamiliesKepka, Deanna2014
26 - 50 of 165