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26 Central Utah Project Litigation Documents1973; 1974; 1975; 1977; 1978; 1979; 1980Text
27 Bill to direct the Secretary of Agriculture to formulate a plan for the management of natural resources in the Zuni River watershed upstream from the Zuni Indian Reservation, and for other purposes.1990-07-18Text
28 Correspondence on Bonneville Unit of Central Utah Project1965; 1972; 1973; 1974Text
29 Central Utah Water Conservancy District repayment contract, Bonneville Unit, Central Utah Project1969; 1970; 1979; 1980; 1981Text
30 Public Law 98-408, August 28, 1984Text
31 Zuni Land Conservation Act of 19901990Text
32 Outline history of the Glen Canyon region, 1776-1922 [Draft]1959-06-30Text
33 Alternate dams survey: an archaeological sample survey and evaluation of the Burned Timber and Coalmine Dams, Zuni Indian Reservation, McKinley County, New Mexico1980-02Text
34 Thumbnail History of the Shoshone-Bannock Indians1964Text
35 North Boundary of the Hualapai Reservation2009-08-25Text
36 Before the Department of Interior National Park Service In re: Rulemaking on Special Regulations; Areas of the National Park System; Comments of the Hualapai Tribe2009-07-09Text
37 Cultural Resource Investigations Along the Rocky Reach Reservoir: The 1990 Test Excavations1992-02Text
38 Indians of the Terraced Houses [Excerpt]1912Text
39 Zunis: Self-portrayals [Excerpt] The Beginning1972Text
40 Reexamination of the Concept of Hopitutsqwa, A1994-11-11Text
41 Belief of Indians in EvolutionText
42 Indian Office files: Salmon at Kettle Falls, Columbia River: correspondence-1935 19331933; 1935Text
43 Indian fishing on Colville Reservation and Columbia River, Washington1932; 1933; 1934Text
44 Colorado River Basin Management Study: a report to the Bureau of Reclamation1997-04Text
45 Ongtupka: Hopi Sacred Geography of the Grand Canyon1994-10-22Text
46 Hunting, fishing, and trapping on Colville Reservation and Columbia River, Washington: correspondence, 1929-19321927; 1928; 1929; 1932; 1933Text
47 Scalp Ceremonial of Zuni [Excerpt]1924Text
48 Hopi and Zuni Ceremonialism [Excerpt]1933Text
49 Piapaxa 'Uipi (Big River Canyon): Southern Paiute Ethnographic Resource Inventory and assissment for Colorado River Corridor, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Utah and Arizona, and Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona1997-06Text
50 Zuni and the Grand Canyon: Report to the National Research Council, Committee to Review the Glen Canyon Environmental Studies1993-06-24Text
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