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26 Waste and water management2004; 2005Text
27 State of Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources: Division of Water Resources2003-02Text
28 Nebraska Department of Environmental QualityText
29 Colorado Water Science Center2005-07-12Text
30 USGS Nebraska Water Science Center2005-04-25Image; InteractiveResource
31 Activities in Nevada2005-06-06Text; Image
32 Oregon Water Science Center2005Text; Image
33 Utah water science center2005-08-22Text; Image
34 Water Resources of Washington State2005-05-18Text; Image
35 Water Resources of New Mexico2005-08-09Text; Image
36 Water Resources of the United States2005-06-09Text; InteractiveResource
37 Summary of flow loss between selected cross sections on the Rio Grande in and near Albuquerque, New Mexico2002Text
38 Shallow ground-water quality in the Platte River Valley alluvium, Nebraska, October-November 19972000Text
39 Organochlorine compounds and trace elements in streambed sediment and fish tissue, South Platte River Basin; Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming1997Text
40 Ground Water Atlas of the United States; Oklahoma, Texas1996Text
41 Monitoring and Assessing our Nation's Water Quality2002
42 Fish communities in the plains region of the South Platte River, August 1993 and 19941994Text
43 Water in storage and approaches to ground-water management, High Plains aquifer, 20002003Text
44 Simulation of ground-water flow in the Middle Rio Grande Basin between Cochiti and San Acacia, New Mexico2002Text
45 Simulated effects of ground-water management scenarios on the Santa Fe group aquifer system, Middle Rio Grande Basin, New Mexico, 2001-402003Text
46 Merged digital aeromagnetic data for the middle Rio Grande and southern Espanola basins, New Mexico2002Text
47 Geochemical Characterization of Ground-water Flow in the Santa Fe Group Aquifer System, Middle Rio Grande Basin, New Mexico2004Text
48 Monitoring and Assessing our Nation's Water Quality2002Text
49 Ground-water resources of the middle Rio Grande basin, New Mexico2002Text
50 Ground Water Atlas of the United States; Oklahoma, Texas1996Text
26 - 50 of 270