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26 Note on envelope postmarked Oct. 28, 1902, from Lucy apologizing for opening it1902-10uum_sbtsText
27 Letter from Ruth E. Van Kirk in Lintsing, January of (1933?)1933-01uum_sbtsText
28 The story of Thomas the Seconduum_sbtsText
29 Letter dated 18 July 1936 from Valley Nelson to Grace, page 41936-07-18uum_sbtsText
30 Wang Ching Yuuum_sbtsText
31 Report of medical work of Lintsingchow Station of the North China Mission of the American Board, April 1st 1907 to June 1st, 1908uum_sbtsText
32 Letter dated 15 November 1936 from Emma Boose Tucker to her children1936-11-15uum_sbtsText
33 Note dated 3 January 1922 from Sung Chi ta Yeang (?) to Dr. Tallmon1922-01-03uum_sbtsText
34 Autographs and signatures of Susan Tallmon Sargent's friends and associates: Set 3uum_sbtsText
35 Letter dated 21 March 1937 from Myrtie H. Wagner to Susan Tallmon Sargent1937-03-21uum_sbtsText
36 Letter dated 26 February 1945 from W. B. Pettus, conveying news from son, Dr. W. Winston Pettus in China1945-02-26; 1944-12-20; 1944-12-30uum_sbtsText
37 Letter dated 18 September 1908 from Susan Tallmon to her family1908-09-18uum_sbtsText
38 How to deal with soulsuum_sbtsText
39 Class of '92 Herald, volume 1, number 1, Grinnell High School student newspaper1889-12-24uum_sbtsText
40 Letters from July and August 1907, some from Minie Case Ellis to Dr. Tallmon, others from Dr. Tallmon to friends and family1907-07; 1907-08uum_sbtsImage
41 Letter dated 18 February 1912 from Dr Susan Tallmon to her sister Edith1912-02-18uum_sbtsText
42 Letter begun 13 September 1911 from Dr Susan Tallmon to her sister Clara Jones1911-09uum_sbtsText
43 Letter dated 10 April 1930 from Grace M. Breck in Lintsing to American friends1930-04-10uum_sbtsText
44 Letter dated 19 August 1930 from Mrs. H. E. Meilicke to Edith (Tallmon) Park1930-08-19uum_sbtsText
45 Letter dated 29 October 1930 from Isabelle Phelps to Edith (Tallmon) Park1930-10-29uum_sbtsText
46 Letter begun 28 June 1908 from Susan Tallmon to her family1908-06-28uum_sbtsText
47 Letter (undated but 1939-1941) from Myra L. Sawyer at Chengtu, western Chinauum_sbtsText
48 Congregational Church group to convene at Grove:1935uum_sbtsText
49 Letter dated 23 July 1905 from Edith Tallmon to Hester Tallmon1905-07-23uum_sbtsText
50 Lintsing Memorial Hospital, Annual report 19281928uum_sbtsText
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