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26 Andreae Vesalii Bruxellensis, invictissimi Caroli V. Imperatoris medici, : de humani corporis fabrica libri septem1555Text
27 Animal Kingdom V.11831Text
28 Animal Kingdom V.21831Text
29 Animal Kingdom V.31831Text
30 Animal Kingdom v.41831Text
31 Apostolicos Afanes1754Text
32 Ariettes de Ninette a la cour1755Text
33 Armonia del nvdo parlare con ragione di nvmeri Pitagorici1637Text
34 Arte de lengva mexicana, dispvesto.1673Text
35 Arte Mexicana1595Text
36 Aspects of Nature in Different Lands and Different Climates with Scientific Elucidations1850Text
37 Atrocious Judges: Lives of Judges Infamous as...1856Text
38 Autographs for Freedom1854Text
39 B.d.S. opera posthuma : quorum series post praefationem exhibetur1677Text
40 Barbary Sheep: a novel1907Text
41 Belgique de demain : la question du Luxembourg nécessité d'une barrière rhénane les Pays-Bas1916Text
42 Bibliorum Hebraicorum.1587Text
43 Bibliorum Hebraicorum.1587Text
44 Bloudy Tenent Washed and Made White in the Bloud of the Lambe1647Text
45 Bohemienne, comedie en deux actes en vers, mêlée d'ariettes,1756Text
46 Book M, or Masonry Triumphant1736Text
47 Botanic Garden, v. 11795Text
48 Botanic Garden, v. 11795Text
49 Botanic Garden, v. 21795Text
50 British herbal : an history of plants and trees, natives of Britain, cultivated for use, or raised for beauty1756Text
26 - 50 of 602