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26 Letters of Luna Young Thatcher to George W. Thatcher, 1862-18691862; 1869uum_ptbfText
27 Letters of Brigham Young, Jr.1862; 1880uum_ptbfText
28 Letters of George W. Thatcher to Luna Young Thatcher, 1862-18701862; 1870uum_ptbfText
29 Three letters of George A. Smith to Seth M. Blair1862-05-28; 1863-02-07; 1863-09-01uum_ptbfText
30 Letters to Brigham Young, 1863-18741863-06-15uum_ptbfText
31 Miscellaneous notes and receipts of Brigham Young1864; 1875uum_ptbfText
32 Letter to Brigham Young from John Ashworth, Thomas Cartwright, and Ebenezer Gillies. March 1, 18641864-03-01uum_ptbfText
33 Land deed of Orrin Porter Rockwell1866-12-19uum_ptbfText
34 Letters of H.B. Clawson and John T. Caine to Brigham Young and George Cannon1867-01-21; 1867-06-07; 1869-01-01uum_ptbfText
35 Letter of Catherine Spencer Young, 18671867-02-25uum_ptbfText
36 Letter from Andrew Cahoon to Brigham Young, received June 5, 18671867-06-05uum_ptbfText
37 Two letters of Augusta Cobb to Brigham Young1867-08-01; 1868-04-11uum_ptbfText
38 Letter of Alice Young Clawon to her mother1868-05-11uum_ptbfText
39 Correspondence between Joseph A. Young and George W. Thatcher1868-06-17; 1868-06-18uum_ptbfText
40 Business and railroad correspondence to Brigham Young1869; 1876uum_ptbfText
41 Letters of Luna Young Thatcher to George W. Thatcher, 1869-18701869; 1870uum_ptbfText
42 Legal documents, 1869-18841869-01-22; 1869-06-15; 1873-05-23; 1884-05-31uum_ptbfText
43 Letter of T.F. Carlisle to Brigham Young, 18691869-02-22uum_ptbfText
44 Letter of Fannie Young Thatcher to George W. Thatcher1869-03-05uum_ptbfText
45 Letter from F.A. Brown to Brigham Young, dated July 10, 18691869-07-10uum_ptbfText
46 Letter from David O. Calder to Brigham Young, dated July 16, 18691869-07-16uum_ptbfText
47 Letter from A.L. Chetlain to Brigham Young, 18691869-08-01uum_ptbfText
48 Letter from Joseph Birch to Brigham Young, dated September 7, 18691869-09-07uum_ptbfText
49 Letters of Joseph Young, Sr. to Brigham Young1870; 1872uum_ptbfText
50 Letters of Luna Young Thatcher to George W. Thatcher, 1870-18721870; 1872uum_ptbfText
26 - 50 of 159