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26 O.L. Tapp, Gulls Great Salt Lake, circa 19551955Image/MovingImage
27 O.L. Tapp, Little Red Riding Hood Scrap, 19551955Image/MovingImage
28 O.L. Tapp, Bear Lake Beauties, circa 19541954Image/MovingImage
29 O.L. Tapp, I Walked a Crooked Trail, 19501950Image/MovingImage
30 O.L. Tapp, Whispering Sands, 19561956Image/MovingImage
31 O.L. Tapp, I Walked a Crooked Trail Scrap, 19501950Image/MovingImage
32 O.L. Tapp, Whispering Sands Footage, 19561956Image/MovingImage
33 O.L. Tapp, Glen Canyon Scrap, circa 19561956Image/MovingImage
34 O.L. Tapp, Glen Canyon Sound, circa 19561956Image/MovingImage
35 O.L. Tapp, Whispering Sands Alternate Print, 19561956Image/MovingImage
36 O.L. Tapp, Whispering Sands Clip - Coyote, 19561956Image/MovingImage
37 O.L. Tapp, Whispering Sands Beginning Wind Music Titles, 19561956Image/MovingImage
38 O.L. Tapp, Whispering Sands Footage, 19561956Image/MovingImage
39 O.L. Tapp, Whispering Sands Bones, 19561956Image/MovingImage
40 O.L. Tapp, Whispering Sand Clips, 19561956Image/MovingImage
41 O.L. Tapp, All In a Day Master, 19521952Image/MovingImage
42 O.L. Tapp, Autumn Scenes, circa 19581958Image/MovingImage
43 O.L. Tapp, Capitol Reef, circa 19581958Image/MovingImage
44 O.L. Tapp, The Best of the West Titles, 19591959Image/MovingImage
45 O.L. Tapp, Those Other Years, Pioneer Village Scrap, 19591959Image/MovingImage
46 O.L. Tapp, Salt Lake City Temple Titles, 19591959Image/MovingImage
47 O.L. Tapp, Those Other Years Scrap, 19591959Image/MovingImage
48 O.L. Tapp, Mexican Hat, Glen Canyon Dam, circa 19591959Image/MovingImage
49 O.L. Tapp, Whispering Sands Music, 19561959Sound
50 O.L. Tapp, Whispering Sands Audio, 19561959Sound
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