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26 Eastern Fox Squirrel chuck sounds 110204 (unfiltered)2011-02-04Sound
27 Yellowstone River at Gardiner Montana 0905272009-05-27Sound
28 Northwestern Salamander air expulsion sounds 1102082011-02-08Sound
29 Unidenitified chipmunk chirp 1007292010-07-29Sound
30 Pacific Chorus Frog monophasic call and bullfrogs 0806292008-06-29Sound
31 Blacktail Ponds Yellowstone National Park evening 0905272009-05-27Sound
32 Northwestern Salamander air expulsion sound 1102082011-02-08Sound
33 Centennial Marsh in Idaho spring 2005Sound
34 Domestic Cat purring 1102022011-02-02Sound
35 Interview with Kim Middleton on the subject of silent flight in owlsSound
36 Interview with Tim Brown on the subject of howler monkey soundsSound
37 Strafe 1Sound
38 Strafe 2Sound
39 Northern Red-legged Frog encounter calls 1102012011-02-01Sound
40 Northern Red-legged Frog vocalizations 1102012011-02-01Sound
41 Interviews on the subject of desert heat and related sound1905-06-22Sound
42 Eastern Fox Squirrel chuck sounds 110203 (filtered)2011-02-03Sound
43 National Park Service audio recording - Everglades National Park - Great Egret2008-08-16Sound
44 Northern Hawk Owl 31999-07-18Sound
45 Northern Hawk Owl 22008-06-13Sound
46 Fork-tailed Storm-petrel 1Sound
47 Fork-tailed Storm-petrel 2Sound
48 Fork-tailed Storm-petrel 3Sound
49 Leach's Storm-petrelSound
50 Orange Bishop2000-07-21Sound
26 - 50 of 2,639