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26 Yahagi, Masahiro; Hase, KojiA Study on Flame Stabilization of a Perforated Porous Plate Burner1994
27 Fangmeier, Bruce A.; Himes, Richard M.; McDannel, Mark D.; Lott, Robert A.; Toole-O'Neil, BarbaraA Summary of Air Toxic Emissions from Natural Gas-Fired Combustion Turbines1994
28 Smith, Philip J.A technology for measuring combustion efficiency of industrial & field flares (integrating measurements and simulations)2011-08-12Flare research over the past decade has increasingly illustrated that there is likely no one simple operational parameter (or even a few parameters) that will characterize the combustion behavior of flare flames.i Simple correlations are unobtainable because of the complexity of the nonlinear mixing...
29 Taylor, Philip H.; Dellinger, BarryA Thermal Stability Based Ranking of Hazardous Organic Compound Incinerability1987
30 Jatale, Anchal; Smith, Philip; Thornock, Jeremy; Smith, SeanA Validation of Flare Combustion Efficiency Simulations2012-09-05
31 Oscar H. Diaz-IbarraA Validation/Uncertainty Quantification (V/UQ) Analysis for a 1.5 MW Oxy-coal Fired L1500 Furnace using a Swirling Boundary Condition2016-09-12Conference Paper
32 Shaw, Henry; Yang, Chen-LuAbsorption of NOx Induced by Sodium Chlorite Oxidation1991
33 Acceptable operating parameters for steam assisted flares at Purge RatesFlare vendors recommend that cooling steam should always be supplied to the steam injection equipment on steam assisted flare tips. However, the nomenclature of "cooling steam" properly describes only one aspect of this steam flow. Not only does this steam provide thermal protection to the steam inj...
34 Kodesh, Zachary; Fox, Scott; Franklin, JamesAccurate and reliable flare testing methods2011-08-30Recently the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), through The University of Texas (UT) initiated a project utilizing John Zink facilities to better understand the operating envelope of varying flare technologies across various process conditions. A large scale flare testing environment ...
35 Brown, Lynn D.Achieving Ultra-Low Sulfur Levels in Refinery Fuel Gas1991
36 Spellicy, Robert L.Active and passive FTIR monitoring of flare combustion efficiency
37 Industrial Monitor & Control CorporationActive and passive monitoring of flare combustion efficiency2011-09-19
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43 Nutcher, Peter B.; Kolczynski, JoeAdvanced Fluid Bed Combustor for Thermal Disposal of Industrial Wastes1990
44 Advanced Models for Predicting Carbon Burn Out and NOx Formation in Coal Combustion1997
45 Rehmat, Amir ; Khinkis, MarkAdvanced Multipurpose Incinerator1990
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50 Moyeda, D.; Sheldon, M.; Koppang, R.; Lanyi, M.; Li, X.; Eleazer, B.Advanced Steel Reheat Furnace1997
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