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26 Ben Whitehorse (1968)1968-07-30Text; Sound
27 Benjamin Lee (1/21/72)1972-01-21Text; Sound
28 Benjamin Lee (1/24/72)1972-01-24Text; Sound
29 Benjamin Lee (Navajo), Virginia Anberson (Ute) (5/26/71)1971-05-26Text; Sound
30 Benton Keith (7/29/71)1971-07-29Text; Sound
31 Blanche Mackelprang, Non-Indian associated with Southern Paiute (1967)1967Text; Sound
32 Bonnie Atine (1968)1968-08-07Text; Sound
33 Boots Siruch, Edeeth Siruch, Katheleen Chegup (1968)1968Text; Sound
34 Brother Juniper (1968)1968-08-03Text; Sound
35 Brother Juniper (1968)1968-08-03Text; Sound
36 Bruce Shumway (1968)1968-08-07Text; Sound
37 Bruce Shumway (1968)1968-08-07Text; Sound
38 Bruce Shumway (1968)1968-08-07Text; Sound
39 Bruce Shumway (1968)1968-08-06Text; Sound
40 Bruce Shumway (1968)1968-08-07Text; Sound
41 Calvin Connell, Milt Daily ; F.C. Van Buren, Zella Matheson (Non-Natives Associated with Paiute) (1968)1968Text; Sound
42 Carl Jake (Paiute),F.C. Van Buren (1968)1968Text; Sound
43 Carl Jake, Roy Tom and Ernestine Jake, Paiute (1967)1967Text; Sound
44 Cecelia P. Lambeth (Apache) (1968)1968-03-05Text; Sound
45 Charles Keith, Navajo (1968)1968Text; Sound
46 Charlie Boy, Atsitty Atsosie Begay, Bill Jones (Navajo) (1/23/61)1961-01-23Text; Sound
47 Charlie Boy, Atsitty Atsosie Begay, Bill Jones (Navajo) (1/23/61)1961-01-23Text; Sound
48 Clarice Chapoose (Half Ute, Half Shoshoni) (1970)1970-07Text; Sound
49 Connor Chapoose (Northern Ute) (1960)1960Text; Sound
50 Deschiini Biye', Asdzaan Hooyani or"Mabel Navajo", Asdzaan Chii'i or "May Tallman" (Navajo) (2/19/61)1961-02-19Text; Sound
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