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26 A History of the Uintah-Ouray Ute Lands1979uaida_mainText
27 A Message from Father Liebler, Helen Sturges, Brother Juniper, and Joan Eskell dated Septmber 19661966uaida_mainText
28 A Precarious Balance: The Northern Utes And The Black Hawk War1989uaida_mainText
29 A Qualitative Case Study of Developing Teacher Identity among American Indian Secondary Teachers from the Ute Teacher Training Program2008uaida_mainText
30 A Study of Personal Problems of Male Students in the Special Program Department of Intermountain School1960uaida_mainText
31 A Study of the Reasons for Failure on the Job of Some Graduates of Intermountain School1960uaida_mainText
32 A Telegram about the upcoming Sun Dance1914-07-03uaida_mainText
33 A Voice in the Desert: St. Christopher's Newsletter, 19621962uaida_mainText
34 A Washakie Anecdote1928; 1929; 1930; 1931; 1932; 1933uaida_mainText
35 A few words in the Shoshone or snak dialect]/[collected by Dimick Huntington1853uaida_mainText
36 A few words in the Utah dialect alphabetically arranged1854uaida_mainText
37 A few words in the Utah dialect alphabetically arranged1853uaida_mainText
38 A letter to JH Irish dated January 20, 18651865-01-20uaida_mainText
39 A transcribed letter from Arrowpine for Brigham Young, February 29, 18561856-02-29uaida_mainText
40 A vocabulary of the Snake or Shoshone dialect/by Joseph A. Gebow, interpreter1859uaida_mainText
41 A.G. Cownover land claim at Spanish Fork dated September 1, 18651865-09-01uaida_mainText
42 Abram Hatch to Brigham Young, July 5, 18541854-07-05uaida_mainText
43 Abstract of disbursement made by Superintendent A.M. Robinson dated September 30, 18601860-09-30uaida_mainText
44 Abstract of disbursement made by Superintendent Benjamin Davis dated 18601860uaida_mainText
45 Abstract of disbursement made by Superintendent Henry Martin dated September 30, 18611860-09-30uaida_mainText
46 Abstract of disbursements made by Indian Agent William H. Rogers dated November 22, 18601860-11-22uaida_mainText
47 Abstracting Sound1966; 1967; 1968; 1969; 1970; 1971; 1972uaida_mainText
48 Account Informationuaida_mainText
49 Account of Joe Wilson's shootinguaida_mainText
50 Account of P Boyer dated March 30, 18591859-03-30uaida_mainText
26 - 50 of 2,699