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26 A vocabulary of the Snake or Shoshone dialect/by Joseph A. Gebow, interpreter1859uaida_mainText
27 A.G. Cownover land claim at Spanish Fork dated September 1, 18651865-09-01uaida_mainText
28 Abram Hatch to Brigham Young, July 5, 18541854-07-05uaida_mainText
29 Abstract of disbursement made by Superintendent A.M. Robinson dated September 30, 18601860-09-30uaida_mainText
30 Abstract of disbursement made by Superintendent Benjamin Davis dated 18601860uaida_mainText
31 Abstract of disbursement made by Superintendent Henry Martin dated September 30, 18611860-09-30uaida_mainText
32 Abstract of disbursements made by Indian Agent William H. Rogers dated November 22, 18601860-11-22uaida_mainText
33 Account Informationuaida_mainText
34 Account of Joe Wilson's shootinguaida_mainText
35 Account of P Boyer dated March 30, 18591859-03-30uaida_mainText
36 Account summary dated November 30, 18621862-11-30uaida_mainText
37 Acres Under Cultivation (Part 1)1914uaida_mainText
38 Acres Under Cultivation (Part 3)1914uaida_mainText
39 Acres under cultivation (Part 2)1914uaida_mainText
40 Act for the Relief of Confederated Bands of Ute Indians May 24, 1935 and message to Gentlemen of Conferenceuaida_mainText
41 Act of Congress Authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to Purchase Indian Lands1910-04-04uaida_mainText
42 Act of Congress dated May 1, 18881888-05-01uaida_mainText
43 Acting agent Captain Geo. Cornish to Commissioner of Indian Affairs dated April 19, 18981898-04-19uaida_mainText
44 Acts, Resolutions and memorials of passed by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Utah1862-01-06uaida_mainText
45 Affidavit against Tse-ge-nat, otherwise Everett Hatch Sept. 5, 19141914-09-05uaida_mainText
46 Agent (Capt.) Beck to Commissioner1897-09-09uaida_mainText
47 Agent Armstrong to Brigham Young dated June 20, 18531855-06-20uaida_mainText
48 Agent Beck to Commissioner1897-09-09uaida_mainText
49 Agent Beck to Commissioner dated Aug. 2, 18971897-08-02uaida_mainText
50 Agent Beck to Commissioner of Indian Affairs dated Dec. 29, 18971897-12-29uaida_mainText
26 - 50 of 2,188