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26 Pounder, Diana G.Theory to practice in administrator preparation: an evaluation studyThe purpose of this paper is to evaluate the effectiveness of a field-based doctoral program in educational administration on linking theory and research to the improvement of practice. Specifically, the study evaluates the degree and ways in which doctoral student field-based projects and studies c...Educational administration; Doctoral programs; Theory-practice programs1995
27 Pounder, Diana G.Theory to practice: a description and multi-dimensional evaluation of the University of Utah's educational administration Ed.D. programThe purpose of this paper is tp describe the University of Utah's recently revised Ed.D. program and to report the results of several program evaluation efforts conducted since i t s implementation. In particular, the most recent evaluation study assesses the effectiveness of the field-based doctora...1995
28 Johnson, Bob L.Where have all the flowers gone? reconnecting leadership preparation with the field of organization theoryGiven the importance of organization theory to our field and the increased absence of a substantive organizational perspective in our dialogue, this essay argues that it is time to revisit how we conceptualize and package the organization theory component of our leadership preparation programs. A j...Organization theory; Leadership preparation2004
29 Ackerman, Susan E.; Myers, Ramon H.; Salamini, Heather Fowler; Tress, MadeleinePeasant Studies Volume 15 number 3 Spring 1988TABLE OF CONTENTS The Role o f the Peasantry in the Palestine Revolt, 1936-1939, Madeleine Tres; The Mexican Revolution: A Peasant Revolution?, Heather Fowler Salamin; The Phenomenology o f Class in Malay Peasant Society, Susan E. Ackerman; State and Peasant in Hunan, China, 1500-1850, Ramon H. Myer...1988
30 Li, MinqiChina: hyper-development and environmental crisisChina's spectacular economic growth has been one of the most dramatic developments in the global economy over the past quarter century. Between 1978 and 2004 the Chinese economy expanded at an annual rate of 9.4 per cent. No other large economy has ever grown so rapidly for so long in the economic h...China; Economic growth; Environmental impacts2007
31 Myntti, JeremyDiscovering Your Family in Digital LibrariesPresentation on using digital libraries in family history research at the RootsTech Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.Family history; Digital libraries2019-02-28
32 Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library, University of UtahIAIMS Newsletter Fall 2000The IAIMS Newsletter provides valuable information about Library activities and resources as well as informative articles related to information technology.IAIMS2000-08-10
33 Wei, Y. H. DennisBeyond new regionalism, beyond global production networks: remaking the Sunan model, ChinaThis paper attempts to advance the research on globalization and regional development in China through a study of Kunshan City. We investigate the restructuring process, the structure of FDI, and the nature of global-local networks to understand trajectories and models of regional development in the...2010
34 Zimmer, ZacharyFamily size and support of older adults in urban and rural China: current effects and future implicationsChina will experience rapid growth in the proportion and number of older people in its population in the near future as a consequence of an extraordinarily rapid decline in fertility over the past several decades. Total fertility rates were as high as 7.5 in the early 1950s, but have fallen to below...Urban China; Rural China; Support; Older adults; One-child policy2003
35 Yu, ZhouInternet Access, Spillover and Regional Development in ChinaAs Internet access grows at different rates across regions, the Internet has had variable effects on regional economies through agglomeration and spillover effects. This paper uses province-level panel data from 2000 to 2013 to study inequality in Internet access, its spatial effect on regional econ...Digital divide; Internet access; spillover effect; regional economic development; China2017-06-03
36 Wei, Y. H. DennisLocation decisions and network configurations of foreign investment in urban ChinaThis article studies location decisions and network configurations of FDI in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, located in the northwest of the Yangtze River Delta (YRD). Built upon the perspective that China?s economic transition can be conceptualized as a triple pr of globalization, market...2010
37 Wei, YehuaRestructuring industrial districts, scaling up regional development: a study of the Wenzhou Model, ChinaThe Wenzhou Municipality in Zhejiang Province is spearheading China's marketization and development of private enterprises. Its successful development trajectory, centered on family-owned small businesses embedded in thick local institutions, resembles Marshallian industrial districts (MIDs). Howeve...China; Marshallian industrial district, regional lock-in; Wenzhou Model, China2007-09-24
38 Wei, Y. H. DennisRestructuring the Sunan model, globalizing regional development: trajectories of development in Kunshan, ChinaThis paper attempts to advance the research on globalization and regional development in China through a study of Kunshan City. We investigate the restructuring process, the structure of FDI, and the nature of global-local networks to understand trajectories and models of regional development in the...Sunan Model; Regional development; Transnational corporations; Kushan City2009
39 Battin, Margaret P.Applied professional ethics and institutional religion: the methodological issuesIn the last several years, philosophical enthusiasm for applied professional ethics has spread from medicine to law, education, government, engineering, business, and to other professional and semiprofessional fields. Each involves an institutional structure within which professional practitioners p...Professional ethics; Religion; Applied ethics1984
40 Zimmer, ZacharyChanges in functional limitations and survival among the elderly in Taiwan: 1993, 1996, and 1999This paper focuses on changes in the prevalence of functional limitations among nationally representative samples of adults aged 65 and older in Taiwan as measured in 1993, 1996, and 1999. Using data from the Survey of Health and Living Status of the Elderly in Taiwan, we investigate changes in diff...Functional limitation; Climbing stairs2002
41 Fan, Jessie Xiaojing; Wen, MingDisparities in healthcare utilization in China: do gender and migration status matter?Using a multi-stage cluster sampling approach, we collected healthcare and demographic data from 531migrants and 529 local urban residents aged 16-64 in Shanghai, China. Logistic regressions were used to analyze the relationship between gender-migration status and healthcare utilization while contr...2012
42 Jameson, Kenneth P.Dollarization in Latin America: wave of the future or flight to the past?Ecuador undertook official dollarization in 2000 when it destroyed its own currency, the sucre, and adopted the dollar. El Salvador converted all financial instruments to dollars, and Guatemala now allows transactions to be carried out in any currency. Both assumed that the dollar would soon displac...Domestic currencies; Latin America; Dollarization2003
43 Zimmer, ZacharyEducation of adult children and mortality of their elderly parents in TaiwanResearch shows an older adult's education is strongly associated with mortality. But in societies such as Taiwan, where families are highly integrated, the education of family members may be linked to survival. Such may be the case in settings where there are large gaps in levels of education acros...Education; Mortality2005
44 Bohs, Lynn A.Ethnobotany of the genus Cyphomandra (Solanaceae)Plants of the genus Cyphomandra (Solanaceae) have long been utilized for their edible fruits in their native Latin America. The best-known species is the domesticated tree tomato or tamarillo, Cyphomandra betacea. This species, popular as a raw or cooked fruit, is widely cultivated in Andean South ...Cyphomandra; Cyphomandra betacea; Alkaloids1989
45 Ehleringer, James R.Fuentes de aqua utilizadas por las plantas desérticas y su importancia en planes de manejo y restauración ecológicaEl agua es el factor más importante que afecta a la productividad primaria y la estructura de la vegetación en ecosistemas áridos. Dado que las especies de plantas pueden diferir en sus capacidades de utilizar distintas fuentes de agua, el conocimiento de estos aspectos es fundamental para los ...Fuentes de agua; Isótopos estables; 8-H; 5 l sO; Zonas áridas; Plantas desérticas; Relaciones hídricas; Restauración ecológica; Desierto de Atacama; Atacama Desert; Stable isotopes; Water sources; Arid regions; Ecological restoration; Water relations; Water supplies2000
46 Carrier, David R.Functional tradeoffs in specialization for fighting versus runningBoth locomotion and fighting are critical to survival and reproductive fitness in many vertebrate species. Yet, characters that make an individual good at fighting may, in many cases, limit locomotor performance and vice versa. Here I describe tests of three functional tradeoffs in the limb muscles ...Greyhounds; Pit Bulls; Australopithecus; Homo; Fighting; Running; Male-male aggression; Limb muscles; Functional tradeoff2002
47 Rogers, Alan R.Genetic evidence for a Pleistocene population explosionExpansions of population size leave characteristic signatures in mitochondrial "mismatch distributions." Consequently, these distributions can inform us about the history of changes in population size. Here, I study a simple model of population history that assumes that, t generations before the pr...1995
48 Ehleringer, James R.Grupos funcionales en arbustos deserticos del norte de Chile, definidos sobre la base de las fuentes de agua utilizadasLa productividad primaria y la estructura de la vegetación en ecosistemas áridos están determinadas por la disponibilidad de agua. En un estudio realizado en el secano costero del norte-centro de Chile (29/43'S; 71/14'O, 300 m) se compararon los mecanismos de utilización de distintas fuentes de...Grupos funcionales; Functional groups; Arbustos deserticos; Desert shrubs; Fuentes de agua; Water sources; Water availability; Arid ecosystems; Pastoreo con caprinos; Goat overgrazing1999-01-01
49 Diener, Marissa L.Kindergarten readiness and performance of Latino children participating in Reach Out and ReadBackground: Literacy is a vital skill that forms the basis for academic, occupational, and social success. Minority populations, especially immigrant Latinos in the US, have achievement gaps in literacy when compared to the White population. The Reach Out and Read (ROR) program is a pediatric, prima...2012-01-01
50 Rogers, Alan R.Model of kin-structured migrationWhen individuals disperse from one local group to another, they often do so in the company of relatives. This is known as "kin-structured migration," and its effect on genetic population structure is investigated here. It is shown that when migration is kin-structured, the ratio of between- to with...Fission; Mobility; Population1987
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