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26 Anomalous optical and ESR properties of doped polydiethynylsilanesThe optical, transport, and ESR properties of soluble conducting four-membered polydiethynylsilane heterocycles are described. The undoped one-dimensional gap is 2.0 eV in both films and solutions; no photoluminescence is observed. I2 doping induces a single absorption band at -1.05 eV in solutions...Polydiethynylsilane; Doped polydiethynylsilanes1991-09
27 Hadronic spectrum of the quark plasmaWe have carried out a numerical simulation in SU(3) lattice gauge theory with four flavors of low-mass staggered fermions at zero baryon-number density in the vicinity of the high-temperature phase transition on 6x 103 and 6x 102x20 lattices. Static screening masses (static susceptibilities) were m...Hadronic matter; Quark plasma; Chiral symmetry; Phase transitions1987-07
28 Anisotropic diffusion of surface normals for feature preserving surface reconstructionFor 3D surface reconstruction problems with noisy and incomplete range data measure d from complex scenes with arbitrary topologies, a low-level representation, such as level set surfaces, is used. Such surface reconstruction is typically accomplished by minimizing a weighted sum of data-model discr...2003
29 Scaling tests of the improved Kogut-Susskind quark actionImproved lattice actions for Kogut-Susskind quarks have been shown to improve rotational symmetry and flavor symmetry. In this work we find improved scaling behavior of the r and nucleon masses expressed in units of a length scale obtained from the static quark potential, and better behavior of the ...Instantons; Static potential2000-04
30 Optical bias control of dispersive relaxations in α-SI:HRelaxation of the photoinduced ir absorption band in a-Si:H was studied in the microsecond time domain as a function of cw bias illumination. The decays follow a power law t-a where the dispersion parameter a increases with bias illumination. At low temperatures, a increases linearly with the stead...Optical bias; Dispersive relaxations; Amorphous silicon; a-Si:H; Photoinduced absorption; Bias-controlled tunneling; Multiple trapping1984-01
31 Adaptive gain processing to improve feedback cancellation in digital hearing aidsAdaptive filters are commonly used to cancel acoustic feedback in hearing aids. The sound quality of hearing aids deteriorates as the hearing aid gain is increased. This paper presents a method to alter the gain function in digital hearing aids to provide additional amplification and better output ...2008
32 Automatic synthesis of fast compact self-timed control circuitsWe present a tool called MEAT which has been designed to automatically synthesize transistor level. CMOS, self-timed control circuits. MEAT has been used to specify and synthesize self-timed circuits for a fully self-timed 300,000 transistor communication coprocessor. The design is specified using f...1993
33 Microchannel fluid behavior using micropolar fluid theoryIn this paper, we describe microchannel fluid behavior using a numerical model based on micropolar fluid theory and experimentally verify the model using micromachined channels. The micropolar fluid theory augments the laws of classical continuum mechanics by incorporating the effects of fluid ...1998
34 Synthesis and atomic-level characterization of Ni nanoparticles in Al2O3 matrixSingle domain magnetic nickel nanocrystals were embedded in alumina matrix using a pulsed-laser deposition technique. Structural characterization carried out at the atomic level using scanning transmission electron microscopy with atomic number contrast (STEM-Z) in conjunction with electron energy ...Nanophase magnetic materials; Alumina2002
35 Three dimensional analysis of particulates in mineral processing systems by cone beam X-ray microtomographyIn general, X-ray-computed tomographic (CT) techniques are capable of providing three-dimensional images of the internal structure of opaque materials in a nondestructive manner. The unique cone beam geometry allows acquisition of all two-dimensional projections with only one rotation of the sample,...Cone beam CT; X-ray microtomography; Liberation analysis; Particle shape; Heap leaching; Exposure analysis; Coal washability2004
36 Conus peptides as tools for the neuroscientistRecombinant DNA technology has had a powerful impact on understanding receptors and ion channels, the key components in the nervous system that are involved in intercellular communication. Cloning genes encoding these proteins has revealed that for every receptor and ion channel type, multiple molec...Conus peptides; Conotoxins1993
37 Influence of fuel composition and flame temperature on the formation of thermal and fuel NOx in residual oil flamesA 900 kw model package boiler and a 20 kw laboratory tunnel furnace were used to study fuel and thermal NO, formation during heavy oil combustion. Package boiler results indicated that atomizer design, spray/ flow field interactions, and fuel composition were significant, dependent parameters. These...Residual oil flames1979
38 Power, clock, and data recovery in a wireless neural recording deviceFor many medical applications, neural recording systems should be fully implantable. Transcutaneous wires must be compleley eliminated, and this necessitates the wireless transfer of power, clock and configuration data to the device. We have developed, fabricated, and tested cirucits that recover po...2006
39 Critical behavior in Nt=4 staggered fermion thermodynamicsQuantum chromodynamics with two zero mass flavors is expected to exhibit a phase transition with O(4) critical behavior. Fixing the universality class is important for phenomenology and for facilitating the extrapolation of simulation data to physical quark mass values. Other groups have reported r...Staggered fermions; Phase transitions2000-01
40 IMHBCO (In my humble but correct opinion): on knowing the value of everything and the price of nothingAre libraries ever guilty of wasting time and money (neither of which is ours to waste) on practices simply because they're "valuable" without considering whether there's a reasonable balance between what they're worth and what they cost?Evaluation; Task management; Value; Cost2006
41 Expression levels influence ribosomal frameshifting at the tandem rare arginine codons AGG_AGG and AGA_AGA in Escherichia coliABSTRACT: The rare codons AGG and AGA comprise 2% and 4%, respectively, of the arginine codons of Escherichia coli K-12, and their cognate tRNAs are sparse. At tandem occurrences of either rare codon, the paucity of cognate aminoacyl tRNAs for the second codon of the pair facilitates peptidyl-tRNA...Gene expression; Frameshifting; E. coli; Arginine codons2005
42 Walkable route perceptions and physical features: converging evidence for en-route walking experiencesGuided walks near a light rail stop in downtown Salt Lake City, UT, were examined using a 2 (gender) x 3 (route walkability: low, mixed, or high walkability features) design. Trained raters confirmed that more walkable segments had more traffic, environmental and social safety; pleasing aesthetics;...Guided walks; Walkability; Environmental aesthetics; Urban environment; Incivilities; Salt Lake City2007-01-01
43 Open syntaxin docks synaptic vesiclesSynaptic vesicles dock to the plasma membrane at synapses to facilitate rapid exocytosis. Docking was originally proposed to require the soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive fusion attachment protein receptor (SNARE) proteins; however, perturbation studies suggested that docking was independent of the...2007
44 Crystallization of the MS2 translational repressor alone and complexed to bromouridineThe coat protein from the MS2 bacteriophage plays a dual role by encapsidating viral RNA and also by binding RNA as a translational repressor. In order to study the isolated dimer in a conformation not influenced by capsid interactions, a mutant molecule was crystallized that is defective in capsid ...Crystallization; RNA Bacteriophage; RNA Hairpin; Translational Repressor1995
45 Seeing the atomic orbital: first-principles study of the effect of tip termination on atomic force microscopyWe perform extensive first-principles calculations to simulate the topographical atomic-force-microscope image of an adatom on the Si(111)-(7 X 7) surface, demonstrating the feasibility of imaging not only the atoms but also the atomic orbitals. Our comparative study of tip terminations shows that ...First-principles; Tip termination; Adatoms2003-06
46 IMHBCO (in my humble but correct opinion): Preservation, yes - but what shall we preserve?Our work as librarians has always been the work of making difficult choices, but sometimes it seems like the choices we have to make are getting harder and harder. In this column, I'd like to talk about one that's so tough we don't even talk about it: how do we decide what information is not worth t...2008
47 Average-case optimized technology mapping of one-hot domino circuits*This paper presents a technology mapping technique for optimizing the average-case delay of asynchronous combinational circuits implemented using domino logic and one-hot encoded outputs. The technique minimizes the critical path for common input patterns at the possible expense of making less commo...1998
48 Time variation of Newton's gravitational constant in superstring theoriesThe present time variation of coupling constants in superstring theories with currently favorable internal backgrounds critically depends on the shape of the potential for the size of the internal space. If the potential is almost flat, as in perturbation theory to all orders, the value of G/G for N...Gravitational constant; Time variation1986-10
49 Acquiring minds want to know: digital scholarship, a new scholarly enterpriseA new form of scholarship has emerged in recent years that can be called digital scholarship. I have seen it defined as online publishing or digitized material presented online, or, in other words, scholarship that appears in a digital form. However, a more compelling definition treats it as scholar...Born digital; Libraries; Electronic publishing2003
50 An introduction to the Sundance and AutoSlog systemsThis document describes the Sundance natural language processing system that has been developed at the University of Utah, as well as the AutoSlog and AutoSlog-TS extraction pattern learners that have been implemented on top of Sundance. Sundance is a shallow parser that also includes clause hand...Sundance system; AutoSlog system; Extraction pattern learners2004-11-08
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